Top 9 Best Wireless Dancing Water Speakers 2021 Reviews

Water speakers have become a massive hit in the last few years. These eye-catching devices have water columns, jets, or fountains that are lighted by colorful LEDs, and are designed to “dance” to the rhythm of the music being played.

Having a wireless water speaker is a must if you love going to parties or entertaining guests. It is also a perfect way to set the mood for a special date or event and everyday enjoyment and decoration for any room, office, or other environment.

These speakers offer Bluetooth connectivity, so you can pair them to your phone or another device wirelessly and enjoy the sound and sight whenever you want to.

We have chosen the most recommended wireless water speakers for 2021 for you, so you can go ahead and read on to find out more about these attractive and fun-filled devices.

Wireless Water Speakers

ICEWATER 3-in-1 Smart Water Bottle+Bluetooth Speaker+ Dancing Lights

So, this isn’t exactly a water speaker, but it is very similar and is a highly functional and useful product. The glowing water bottle will illuminate to remind you to take a sip of water, and thus stay hydrated.

It has built-in Bluetooth and can be paired to your phone or other device and used as a speaker as well. Plus, it has a fun-filled light dancing mode so that you can keep yourself and your friends entertained with your water bottle too.

With this 3-in-1 Icewater bottle, you will never forget to drink the recommended amount of water per day.


  • A versatile product with 3 functions in 1
  • The bottle is BPA-free and made of safe Tritan
  • Its LED lights will remind you to drink water every hour
  • The built-in speaker offers a 360 degree sound output
  • The speaker is water-resistant
  • The bottle is slip-resistant and will provide you with a comfortable and safe grip
  • You can pair it to a Bluetooth device, and use the bottle as a wireless speaker
  • There is a Dancing Lights Mode which will pulsate and change colors to the beat of the music you are listening to
  • It has a surprisingly strong bass thanks to the resonance function
  • It comes in blue, black, red, and pink color options

BeFree Sound BFS-33X 2.1 Channel Wireless Dancing Water Bluetooth System

The BeFree Sound BFS-33X 2.1 channel system is among the greatest wireless water speakers on the market.

It looks absolutely stunning and will become the accent point of every party and an excellent conversation starter for your guests.

The set of wireless, Bluetooth enabled speakers includes a subwoofer and two satellite speakers, which you can pair to any smartphone, tablet, laptop or any other Bluetooth enabled device for an audiovisual show which will impress just about everyone.


  • This is a 2.1 channel system for high-quality surround sound
  • It has built-in Bluetooth allowing for wireless pairing and streaming of music and audio from any device with Bluetooth
  • Superb for parties as well as for a romantic or relaxing mood
  • The speakers also have an Aux-in port to connect non-Bluetooth enabled devices
  • The subwoofer is 8.5 x 12.5 inches and weighs 4.5 lbs., and the two satellite speakers are 3.5 x 10.5 inches each and weigh only 1 lb.
  • They have an output power of 5 watts for the subwoofer and 3 watts for the speakers, so it is pretty good sound quality for the size and price of the set
  • The speaker system will be detected automatically by your phone or another device for seamless connectivity
  • The speakers do not need batteries

Water Dance Bluetooth Speaker, Colorful Night Light, and Water Fountain Show

These two water speakers have both Bluetooth connectivity, and the option to connect them to a non-Bluetooth device via the Aux input port.

The hi-fi stereo speakers are perfect as computer speakers, or for easy pairing to your phone or any other device.

They are beautifully made and will add an unforgettable mood to any party, date, or other events.


  • The set includes two hi-fi stereo speakers
  • They are Bluetooth enabled, and also have an alternative 3mm Aux-in audio line port
  • They are compatible with just about any Android or iOS phone or device
  • They have a built-in amplifier and an option for volume control
  • Each speaker has three columns of water which will be illuminated in different colors and will beat and dance to the music of your choice
  • Each speaker is 10.5 inches high
  • They come pre-filled with water and are ready to use out of the box
  • They are sold at a very reasonable price for the value offered

BeFree Sound Bluetooth Wireless Multimedia LED Dancing Water Speakers

These wireless water speakers are completely cable-free, as they have rechargeable batteries and do not need to be plugged in a power outlet or another device.

Each of the speakers has 5 water jets that light up in bright colors and dance to the beat of the music you are playing.

They look great and are truly portable, so you can take them with you to an outdoor party, or anywhere you want, and simply pair them to your phone to enjoy a high-quality sound with some memorable lighting and color effects.


  • The set of two speakers is entirely wireless
  • They have Bluetooth connectivity for easy pairing without the need for messy cables
  • The speakers can be charged with a USB cable, and be used without the need of a power outlet
  • Each of the speakers has a 3-watt output, so they offer a total of 6 watts of good quality sound
  • They are leak-proof and filled with non-toxic liquid
  • They also offer 3.5mm audio-in connectivity so that you can connect them to your non-Bluetooth music player or another sound system
  • They have a built-in amplifier
  • The speakers have 5 LED water jets each and can display multiple colors
  • Their design is sleek and modern
  • They come with a USB charging cable and a 3.5mm audio cable
  • The dimensions are 8 x 4 x 4 inches, and their weighs is 1 pound

Mini Bluetooth Speakers, Dancing LED Lights, True Wireless Stereo (TWS)

These compact but truly impressive wireless dancing LED light speakers will allow you to listen to your preferred music and audio files, without the need of cables, and will provide you with a fantastic dancing light show.

They are small but versatile and allow for different connectivity types, including Bluetooth, an Aux-in, as well as via a TF card which you can insert in the speakers.

Plus, you can use each of the two speakers separately or together, according to your preferences.


  • Made of premium, eco-friendly and non-toxic materials
  • 3 connectivity options – Bluetooth, Aux-in, and a TF card
  • TWS – true wireless stereo technology
  • 6 different LED light modes, with red, blue, green and 3 colors which are theme-based
  • 360-degree stereo surround sound
  • You can connect each of the speakers to a separate Bluetooth device, or use them together while pairing them with a single device
  • The Bluetooth wireless range is up to 33 feet
  • Each of the speakers has a high-quality metal shell, a horn, an advanced diaphragm, an ABS shell, and a transparent shell for a better and more realistic sound and an enhanced bass
  • They are small and portable, with a height of 3.54 inches and a width of only 2.56 inches each
  • They have a built-in microphone, so you can use them as a hands-free device to take your calls

Water Polo Tornado Colorful LED Bluetooth Speaker Water Dance Subwoofer

This wireless water speaker and subwoofer offers not only an impressive design and lighting show but also a hi-fi sound with deep bass.

It is constructed from premium material and can be used in any room or office, as well as a bedside nightlight.

This high-quality wireless water speaker will bring a unique atmosphere to any party, date, or for your everyday listening, viewing, or gaming experience.


  • A very sleek design making it suitable for children and adults, and for homes and offices alike
  • It has an adjustable bass and stereo balance
  • Made of lightweight, high-quality materials
  • It can also double as a nightlight
  • You can set it to the different color and flash modes available
  • Its size is 3.5 x 3.5 x 6.8 inches and weighs 10.6-oz
  • It is Bluetooth enabled, but also has an Aux in 3.5mm and Micro SD ports
  • You can connect or pair to two devices simultaneously
  • The speaker supports Bluetooth v.4.0
  • It has a rechargeable 1,200 mAh battery with a playtime of up to 4 hours at full volume
  • The battery charges for up to 3 hours

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X5 Bluetooth Water Dancing Speakers – TEC Black

This really cool set of two wireless water speakers will look great on your desk, table, or anywhere inside or outdoors.

The speakers are Bluetooth enabled, so you can easily pair them to your phone or computer to listen to your favorite music while enjoying the relaxing and fun, colorful water dances.

This set of wireless water speakers is one of the best gifts you can give to anyone who loves gadgets and loves having fun.


  • The speakers look amazingly cool
  • Each of the speakers is 10.25 inches high, but they are light and portable and weigh only 1.5 lbs.
  • They can be paired to any Bluetooth enabled phone, tablet, computer, or other devices
  • They have a built-in amplifier and a total output of 6 watts
  • These are a superb choice for entertaining guests, creating a special mood, and enjoying the visualization of your favorite music at home or outdoors
  • They are actually quite good as speakers, as well as attractive to look at

Buyer Disney Princess Frozen Water Dancing Single Bluetooth Speaker

If you are looking for a gift for a young girl or fan of Disney’s “Frozen,” then this water dancing speaker by Volcano is an excellent idea.

The cute speaker features colorful illustrations from the Disney hit film, and its water dancing fountain will be activated every time your child listens to its favorite songs and music.

This affordable Disney Princess speaker is something that any young fan will cherish and will gladly show off to friends and guests.


  • It offers Bluetooth wireless connectivity, so it can easily be paired with a phone, TV, computer, music player, or another device with Bluetooth
  • The speaker also offers an Aux input so that you can connect it to a non-Bluetooth device as well
  • It has 5 fun-filled water jets which will light up and dance to the beat of the music being played
  • This is a gift suitable for children aged 3 or older
  • It is made of safe and non-toxic ABS and PC
  • The Bluetooth version is 2.1 +EDR
  • The speaker has an output of 3 watts
  • It is charged via USB and has a playing time of up to 2 hours per charge
  • The size of the speaker is 223 x 50 mm
  • The 400 mAh battery charges for 1 hour
  • The speaker is affordable and is an excellent idea for a gift for a child

Colorful Wireless Dancing Water Speaker Stereo Surround Subwoofer 

If you are shopping for a wireless water speaker, which not only looks great but which will provide you with premium quality sound, then we recommend this LED light Fountain speaker with a Stereo surround and powerful subwoofer.

It has integrated Bluetooth and offers dual-channel 3D surround sound so you can use it to listen to your favorite tracks or enjoy a movie or game.


  • High-quality 3D surround sound
  • A low-frequency enhancement technology, for hi-fi sound
  • Built-in amplifier
  • Bluetooth connectivity for wireless pairing and listening
  • You can also connect it to a device via the Aux-in port and the TF card slot in the speaker
  • It has LED lighted water columns that will dance to the music you are playing
  • The materials used are non-toxic, and eco-friendly, including the liquid inside the unit
  • A very stylish design that will look great in any room or office


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