The 5 Best Wi-Fi Speakers of 2021

Since more people prefer the mobility of wireless devices, it comes as no surprise that Wi-Fi speakers have become such a hit in the latest years.

Wi-Fi Speakers

We have tested and reviewed a number of these wireless speakers for you and have come to the conclusion that the best one to buy this year is the Sonos Play:1.

Still, the rest of our top selections are excellent choices, too, so make sure you read on to find the perfect Wi-Fi speakers for your needs.

Best overall

Sonos Play:1 – Compact Wireless Home Smart Speaker for Streaming Music. Works with Alexa

With full-fledged voice control by Alexa, the Sonos Play:1 is our top pick for the best Wi-Fi speaker for this year.

This compact speaker is perfect if you are in need of a truly smart speaker which can stream your favorite music or content.

It may be a small little speaker, but it is truly a mighty one. You can place it just about anywhere and connect it to any Alexa enabled device, your Amazon Echo, or your computer or MAC.

The Sonos Play:1 easily connects to your home Wi-Fi network and is perfect if you want to create a multi-room audio system in your home. You can keep adding Sonos speakers, soundbars, and other devices to create your own Sonos network, which you can control with voice commands or via the useful mobile app.

You can play your favorite music from Amazon, Spotify, Apple Music, Pandora, and other online streaming services to the small speaker.

It is humidity resistant, so you can enjoy listening to music even when you are taking a bath or shower or on the patio.

Thanks to the built-in Class-D amplifiers and the custom-built drivers of the Sonos speaker, you can enjoy listening to content with unique acoustics and clarity.

Its size is 4.7 x 4.7 x 6.4 inches, and you can mount it on the wall or put it wherever you want. The speaker is reasonably priced, smart, versatile, and sounds great.

Best runner-up

All-new Echo Dot (3rd Gen) – Smart speaker with Alexa – Charcoal

The third generation of the world-famous Amazon smart speaker is the greatest one in the series yet.  It is affordable and is one of the cheapest ways to get Alexa into your home for a smarter experience.

With its cloth-covered finish and its availability in all kinds of colors, you can now proudly display your Echo Dot anywhere you want.

The speaker has a blue LED ring which lights up when Alexa is listening. It also has an on and off mic button and easy to set volume controls.

The 3rd generation Echo Dot is only 3.9 inches in diameter and 1.7 inches in height. You can connect it to an external speaker via the 3.5mm audio jack, or you can connect it via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi o stream content from wherever you desire.

As for the sound quality, this small-sized Wi-Fi speaker has surprisingly deep bass and is quite loud.

Thankfully, setting the equalizer is very easy, as you can ask Alexa to do it for you when listening to the Echo Dot.

Thanks to the growing functionality of Alexa, you will be able to use this speaker for over 50,000 functions and skills, including ordering a pizza, turning down the lights, or playing jeopardy – to mention just a few of the options. You can use it to message or call any of your friends and also to stream any kind of content you want to listen to at the moment from any of your devices or the Internet.

So, we must say that the Echo Dot (generation 3) is not only a perfect device to add to your smart home network, but it also sounds pretty great as well.

At this price, and with its functionality, this smart wireless speaker is unbeatable by any other similar device on the market right now.

Best budget choice

Anker SoundCore 24-Hour Playtime Bluetooth Speaker with Loud 10W Stereo Sound, Built-in Mic, Rich Bass, 66 ft. Bluetooth Range

You can get this amazing Wi-Fi speaker for under $30 and will be amazed by its astonishing sound and quality. The Anker SoundCore has very deep bass, zero distortion, and exceptional clarity of the sound. All of this is ensured by the two high-sensitivity drivers and its patented bass port.

The battery life of this portable speaker is 24 hours, so you will have music wherever you go, without the need to replace the Lithium-Ion battery all day and all night long.

The Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity of this affordable Anker speaker will keep a strong connection for seamless streaming at a large distance of up to 66 feet.

The speaker is very solidly built and is drop-proof, so it is perfect for outdoor listening and for taking it on trips and adventures with you.

The curved design and the fact that it is available in black, red, or blue colors make this an excellent Wi-Fi speaker to show off to your friends.

You can connect it to Alexa enabled devices and to any Bluetooth enabled device for the ultimate listening experience wherever you are and whenever you want to.

The dimensions of the speaker are 6.5 x 2.1 x 1.9 inches, and it weighs just 0.79 lbs.

This inexpensive and powerful wireless speaker is sold with an 18-month warranty by Anker.

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Long Run Technologies True Wireless Speakers: Twin Portable TWS

This small set of wireless speakers will truly astound you with their mind-blowing sound quality.


  • 2 speakers which can be used together in full stereo mode or separately
  • A miniature size of just 3 inches in diameter and yet they will provide you with the unparalleled audio quality of 7.5 Watts
  • You can easily pair each one or both of them to any Bluetooth enabled device
  • You will get 6 hours of continuous music listening per charge
  • The lithium-ion batteries can be fully charged in less than 2 hours
  • The speakers can be used in 3 different ways – Stereo Bluetooth, a direct link via a 3.5mm headphone jack, or via the TF/SD card slot
  • They can be used for making or receiving calls too
  • Thanks to the rubber surface on the bottom of each speaker, you can place them securely on any surface
  • You will get two nifty stands with the speakers
  • You will also receive 2 micro USB chargers, a micro 3.5mm audio jack cable, and an instruction manual.
  • Sold with 100% money-back guarantee

Edifier R1700BT Bluetooth Bookshelf Speakers – Active Near-Field Studio Monitors

This set of beautiful wireless speakers from Edifier are a true gem. If you are in need of large-sized Wi-Fi speakers which look like traditional wired ones, we strongly recommend these ones.


  • Work with a strong and reliable Bluetooth connection
  • You can pair your phone, computer, tablet, or any Bluetooth enabled device – iOS, Android, Windows, or Mac
  • The speakers have 2 AUX input so you can connect them to any device with a 3.5mm audio jack output or a dual RCA output
  • You can connect both speakers via AUX simultaneously
  • A convenient remote control will allow you to switch inputs, control the volume, mute and unmute the speakers with a press of your finger
  • Each speaker has a 19mm dome tweeter as well as a 4-inch bass driver for deep bass and clear highs
  • Thanks to the bass reflex ports, all low frequencies will be further boosted for a powerful base
  • The design of these features includes a top-quality MDF with a premium-looking wood finish, which will complement any décor and resembles the classic speakers from the old times
  • With the help of the dials on each speaker, you can fine-tune the bass, treble, and audio. You can also do that via the Bluetooth remote control
  • The treble can be adjusted from -6db to +6db, and the bass from -6db to +6db
  • The speakers work at all voltages 110-240V
  • You will get a 4ft. RCA to RCA cable, a 4ft. 3.5mm to RCA cable, and a 16ft. speaker cable
  • The dimensions of each speaker are 8.4 x 9.1 x 9.9 inches
  • Sold with a 2-year warranty

Final words

Wi-Fi audio has been a thing for quite some time now, but in the latest years, we can see a real surge in the offering of Wi-Fi speakers on the market.

The reason for this growing popularity is the convenience of being able to wirelessly connect to the speaker and stream your favorite music or other audio content without the need for cables from your phone or another device.

There are speakers which offer both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity and some which can only connect via Bluetooth, so you can pick the one you prefer.

Wi-Fi is possibly the better variant because it is easier to use for multi-room audio setups, it doesn’t take over the audio channel of your phone, and also, Wi-Fi connections are usually more stable and reliable.

Today, more Wi-Fi speakers are becoming smart, which adds to their versatility and popularity. Many of these speakers can be controlled by voice and can be used to control your other smart home devices or to get useful information or whatever you need from Alexa or the other internet virtual assistants. The Sonos devices can be interconnected in a Sonos network in your home, which you can easily control from one place for a perfect multi-room sound system setup.

Hopefully, you have found the perfect wireless speaker for your needs on our list, and pretty soon, you will be able to see for yourself just how convenient, easy to use, and multifunctional these wonderful devices can be.


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