Weber Genesis EP-330 Gas Grill Review

This product was discontinued back in 2016. Genesis II and Genesis II LX replace it.

Genesis grills are one of the most successful gas grills from Weber. All the Genesis grills have 3 burners lined up from left to right, and a gas control knob for each burner, placed on the front panel. Back in 2011, the burner configuration was different. The three burners’ placement was from the front to the back, and the control knobs were placed at the right side of the grill shelf.

Nowadays, the newer burners placement is better because it opens space for the two side tables. This gives a lot of workspace for preparing barbecue meals and open space for a 12 000 BTY side burner, placed on the right side table.

The left-to-right burners placement also opens the opportunity for two-zone indirect cooking.

Genesis EP-330 innovates with an additional 10 000 BTY sear burner, placed between the left and the middle burners. This increase the Heat Flux number of the gill from 74,95 to 94,67.

Genesis EP-330 was offered in NG and LP models. The grill is quite similar to the budget E-330. With a double-walled porcelain-enameled lid, two doors for the storage cart, the same painting of green, black, or copper, and the same wheels, support bars. The grill looks strong and solid. For the LP version of the grill, Smoke and Grimpson colors are available. Natural gas grills are always painted in black.

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While the E-models have porcelain-coated flavorizer bras and porcelain-coated cast iron grill grates, the EP models are different. They present stainless steel cooking grates and flavorizer bars. The paint here is also different. The cart doors are painted metal, and the legs of the grill have four wheels. The ignition is battery-powered.

LP models feature the Precision Fuel Gauge, located in the cart right to the SP tank. This fuel gauge measures the weight in the bottle and shows relatively well the fuel level.

The main differences between E-310 and EP-330 are that the E-310 doesn’t have a side burner and sear burner.

Back in the day, buying Weber grill online was relatively easier than getting it from big stores. The idea behind this was that the people who want entry-level grilling equipment can buy it from Home Depot or Lowe’s. Those looking for high-end equipment will buy it from the official Weber online store or on certain dealers that offer only high-end grills.

Nowadays, everything changed. Home Depot and Lowe’s have a wide range of high-end grills from Weber. Online stores like Amazon offer Weber Genesis grills with Prime shipping. It has never been easier to buy a Weber grill. Yet, you can no longer find EP-310 and EP-330 since they are relics from the days gone by.

About Weber-Stephen

In 1952, George Stephen founded the Weber-Stephen Company and began manufacturing drums that cooked food over charcoal. Eventually, their products expanded to cover barbecue grills, portable grills, and smokers. Weber has an impressive lineup of gas, charcoal, and electric grills for home use and commercial applications.

All Weber products are made in perfection at the Weber Grill Factory in Palatine, Illinois. With outstanding quality and ease of use, Weber grills and smokers can be found in homes, restaurants, and parks around the world. Their customer support is also unbeatable and is available seven days a week.

Weber is also a well-known presence at competitive barbecue contests around the globe. Working with their competition team members, they can design grills that meet the needs of professional cooks competing for cash prizes!

All weber products have non or less bad reviews, and more people are ready to pay more for a Weber branded cooker.

Back in 2012, the Stephen family decided to sell the majority stake of Weber to BDT Capital Partners.

These days Weber and many others have outsourced some of their product lines. Some people say it is a disgrace, some are indifferent, and some have no issues with buying products manufactured outside the USA. Things may have changed, but Weber still has a rich history and reputation to uphold.

As far as customer satisfaction is concerned, Weber seems to satisfy its customers better than most other companies in its class. The biggest concern for the potential buyers is the price. Weber is not the cheapest grill on the market, but it also offers a level of quality that you don’t get with other grills in a similar price range.

Weber seems to use high-quality materials and build their products to last. However, if you are purchasing one of their high-end products, expect to pay more. Yet, these grills are built to withstand the test of time, making the price worth it.

Weber grills are also dependable as they come with a warranty covering all major grill components. Once you buy into Weber’s quality and durability, you will see why everyone loves these grills.

One of the biggest misconceptions of the Weber cookers is the old bimetal thermometer built in the lid. This thermometer gives misleading readings, measuring the temperature high above the food on the grate.

All grill enthusiasts should opt for an additional thermometer to avoid disappointment. A good digital probe thermometer makes grilling easy and fun, as you can rely on it to measure the meat temperature more accurately than the built-in analog thermometer in your grill lid.

With the fastly developing technologies, this problem seems to be over. Weber entered the new era of technologies and started to implement more software base goods.

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