Best Epilator for Underarms (Updated Jan 2021) Buyers Guide

The world is growing more and more fashion-conscious by the day and both males and females now feel an emergent need for the best epilator for underarms. This is because dresses have curtailed in size and most and often, the underarm remains visible to the beholder. Needless to say, hairy underarms do not leave a favorable impression on the watchers-by.

Efficient epilators not only root out the hair; they also negate chances of regrowth in quick time and ensure well-conditioned armpits. All you need is to go for it.

How to Choose the Best Epilator for Underarms

While talking about the perfect epilator for underarms, we must keep in mind that underarms are an extremely sensitive area and have to be conditioned and tackled in a perseverant and delicate manner. Thus, you have to keep into account your exact requirements while choosing your favorite epilator for underarms.

First and foremost, consider your pin-bearing capacity. Have you been comfortable (almost) with the idea of waxing? Do you get duly perturbed when the doctor injects you? Different people bear pain differently, while some are good at it; most are not. Interestingly, women have been found to bear pain with greater methods than men.

Coming to pain, if you blench from the sound of it, choose an epilator that offers a massage experience. Epilators with gliding technology or microcapsules generally induct less pain. Again, epilating under the shower lessens the pain and you can use wet epilators for the process. You should also keep a numbing lotion alongside to further reduce the pain element. Moreover, you gradually come to terms with it, once you are a veteran at epilating underarms.

Then again, you have got to assess how much hair your underarm weighs under. If the hair growth is sparse and strands are thin, you can utilize facial epilators for the process. However, if the hair growth is thick and coarse (typically in the case of men), you have to pick out epilators with a number of tweezers. They revolve around the area and remove the growth extensively, even if the pain element goes up slightly.

Epilators that have the technology to lift flat-lying hair and remove them are of great help here. It is even better if the epilator has a Smart-light option to minutely observe whether you have left any strand in the epilating process. The armpits have an absurd contour and thus the handle should be ergonomic. Moreover, the growth is often uneven and thus you should ideally exfoliate and cleanse the area before epilating. Your good step may be to take a warm shower (this separates strands) and then epilate armpits.

Always remember that you are utilizing either a corded or charged device. Thus, it would be unwise to leave the device on a certain area for a long time since it can easily grasp the hair therein forcefully. It is better to remove hair in firm but quick strokes of the hand. That does not mean that you have to rush up the process. Take your time and understand the value of smooth and shining underarms. Also, do not do away with an epilator just because it gave you much pain in the first attempt. Give it and you time to adapt to each other.

Top 3 Best Epilators for Underarms

There are many efficient epilators available and it is hard to pin down 3 among them. However, we have taken pains to glean out the 3 high-rated epilators for underarms on the basis of their hair-removing quality, efficiency, ease of use, and thoroughness. Since the underarms is a sensitive area and a hard one to epilate yourself (you will require a mirror), your optimum need is an ergonomic handle for the epilator, which all 3 below-mentioned products have.

They are hypoallergenic (suitable for allergic skin) and are laden with technologies to make epilating swift and smooth. You should however take care not to hurry up the process, especially if you are a newcomer.
Here are the reviews for the top 3 epilators for underarms.

Philips HP6401 Satinelle

This product handles underarm hair effectively and lessens pain through its efficiency cap. You can tackle hair of different lengths; from .5 mm to 4 mm. The revolving discs are hypoallergenic, thus suiting people with sensitive skin. An ergonomic handle ensures that the product doesn’t slip or turn during operation. You can wash off the head for better sanitation.

Emjoi AP-18 Emagine Dual Opposed 72 Tweezer Head

This product is, admittedly, better-suited for legs and arms, but it does a decent business on underarms as well. It is anti-infectious and its 72 tweezers and glide technology roots our hair comprehensively, not leaving a single strand. It even razes the stubborn and flat-lying hair by lifting and cutting them off.

Epilady EP-810-33A Legend 4 Full-Size Rechargeable

This product is top-grooved, enabling it to do the concentrated job on sensitive zones like underarms. Its effective speed control and picture-perfect epilating power add to its efficacy. Hair regrowth is thwarted for up to 5 weeks. It is accompanied by a cleaning brush for hygiene. It offers dual voltage options for versatile use.


It is high time you paid some attention to areas that remain hidden (underarms, bikini line). Thanks to the underarm epilators, you get a glorious chance to remain hairless in sensitive areas and grow in confidence. Just check your vulnerability and pain-bearing capacity and choose the epilator accordingly to suit your needs. On the other hand, If you would like to know whats the leading epilator overall visit our main guide where we covered all the prime epilators for 2021.

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