7 Best Bourbon Substitutes For Baking & Cooking

bourbon substitutes

Bourbon is a favorite American drink and a key ingredient in a multitude of delicious recipes for dishes like barbecue chicken sliders, pecan pie, glazed ham, and many other main dishes, pastries, and desserts. Thanks to its kick, bourbon adds a mouthwatering and satisfying flavor …

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11 Best Beef Consomme Substitutes

beef consomme substitutes

Despite being a traditional European meal, beef consomme is yet to lose its popularity in modern-day kitchens. This is a clear liquid derived from simmering broth or stock. You can enhance its flavor through the addition of egg whites, deriving a savory product that passes …

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Almond Flour vs All Purpose Flour Plus Substitutes

almond flour vs all purpose flour

Flour is an essential ingredient in many recipes. It is mainly used for baking and other cooking purposes such as thickening the broth. Whether it’s cakes, cookies, pastry, or other desserts, there are as many uses for flour as there are different types. Some types …

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White Vinegar vs White Wine Vinegar

white vinegar vs white wine vinegar

Many people find themselves in a difficult spot when trying to decide on the perfect vinegar. This piece is for you if you have ever experienced such a problem. Even though it can be quite confusing at first but each vinegar has its specific purpose …

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