The Nested Bean Sleep Sack Review 2022

In this article, we shall present the Nested Bean sleep sack review.

The popular Nested Bean sleep sack started with a baby boy who wouldn’t sleep unless his mom had her hand on his chest. Since this was quite a task for the mom, she got an idea to make some sort of clothing that would stimulate the boy to sleep. While making the garment, she added lightly weighted parts that would mimic the pressure of her touch and hopefully sooth the baby to sleep.

Guess what? Her idea worked. The baby slowly started to drift off to sleep after trying the clothing for the first time. Moreover, the baby actually stayed asleep and slept for a longer period.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is how Manasi Gangan founded the Nested Bean sleep sack, which is also referred to like the Zen Swaddle.

Are you experiencing the same sleep problem with your child and wish they could sleep longer? Well, maybe it’s time to give this sleep sack a try.

Let’s go deeper into this review to see what makes this sleep sack so unique.

The Nested Bean sleep sack review

So, what makes this sleep sack stand out from the rest in the market?

Design of the Sleep Sack

The lightly weighted and adjustable Zen Swaddle from Nested Bean allows your baby to feel like they are sleeping in your arms. Your reassuring touch can signal comfort, security, and love to your baby, allowing them to calm and sleep peacefully; the weighted Zen Swaddle duplicates that sensation.

Based on the medically proven benefits of touch, the Zen Swaddle includes lightly weighted areas on both the center (where your palm would go) and sides (where your arms would go) to simulate the feeling of being held. Moms who have used  The Zen Sleep Sack Blanket say their babies get up to two additional hours of nighttime sleep within one to three nights.

Sleep sack sizing

This sleep sack has two sizes one lasts twice as long. The interior is smaller to keep your baby’s legs snug during the first few weeks while the exterior is an extra-long sack that provides additional legroom as your baby grows from 0-6 months.

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The material of the sleep sack

Made from 100% luxuriously soft cotton for your baby’s tender skin, it is washer and dryer safe. The weighted pads are filled with non-toxic poly beads, the same as you find in children’s stuffed toys.

Nested bean sleep sack safety

The Nested Bean Sleep Sack exceeds safety standards. It has passed 12 mandatory and 7 voluntary tests. All materials are BPA, toxic, and Phthalate free.

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Why the Nested Bean Sleep Sack is the best for your baby

The following are reasons why this sleep sack is the best for your baby.

  • This sleep sack is lightweight and breathable; hence, very appropriate to use even in summer
  • It grows with your baby from birth to 6 months. This is because it has two size adjustments at the shoulders.
  • Zen sleep sack has two-way zippers that help you to change diapers with ease.
  • It mimics your touch, which comforts the baby in your absence
  • Parents who have used this sleep sack have stated that their babies now sleep longer than before even in their absence.
  • It comes exactly as marketed. What you see is what you get- High quality sleep sack that fits as expected.
  • Easy to wash since it is machine washable
  • Comes in a variety of designs and colors

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Babies can at times have horrible sleep patterns. With this sleep sack, most parents have reported that their babies went from waking up every couple of hours to waking up only once or sleeping through the night. It is, however, important to understand that this is not a miracle product to make your baby a good sleeper. Babies are different so this product may not get your baby sleeping through the night as it does for other parents. Nonetheless, I believe it can work great when used together with various sleep training techniques like a sleep routine.

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