Tall Toilets for Elderly People: What to Seek & How to Choose

For most of us, going to the toilet is an activity that we do not pay attention to. We get out of the toilet as it never happened.

But, this is an everyday need after all, and we cannot go without it. Needing help when going to the toilet can have a smashing affect on anyone’s stress level, and it can be kind of an embarrassment.

Some of the problems that may occur are numbness in the whole body, joint pain, and dizziness—the chance of falling or tripping increases with age as well.

If you have faced any of the above, or even if you feel uncomfortable on the toilet – you might need a taller one. They are also called comfort height toilets.

We value your time, and this is why we are going to save you the hassle of looking for the perfect comfortable height toilet by yourself. We have researched the market and gathered the top 5 best high toilets. Keep scrolling to find the best choice!

Thetford Aqua-Magic V RV Toilet


This high rise toilet by Thetford is 17 inches tall, which makes it one of the best choices for older adults. It is lightweight (only 9,4 pounds) because it is made from plastic, and yet, it is highly efficient.

This comfort height toilet is sturdy and effortless to install – everyone can handle it. The pack contains everything you need, so you won’t have to go to the store for additional parts.

Another awesome thing about this toilet is the flush system with a pedal. This also allows for water saving.

Again, this system makes flushing so easy – if you need a halfway flush – press the pedal to the midway. And if you need a full flush – press it fully downward. Plus, it offers 100% bowl coverage flush.

The Aqua-Magic V includes a textured lid, which is scruff-resistant and free from water accumulation.

With this well-made toilet lid, you can easily keep things fresh, clean, and more aesthetic. With this toilet, you will get yourself of your beloved elderly, a toilet that will provide years of trouble-free use.

  • Height: 17 inches tall
  • Lightweight and easy to install
  • Pedal flush system with 100% bowl coverage flush

Toto Vespin II Two-Piece Toilet


This comfort height toilet is considered as one of the best higher toilets among all. It combines ease of use, reliability, height, and appearance. They are all critical for adults because these can make them feel comfortable and not depending on others’ help to go to the toilet.

This high toilet from Toto has an elongated bowl design and a height perfect for all age groups, which makes it ADA compliant.

The Toto Vespin II toilet is eco-friendly, thanks to the WaterSense certification, which saves water and will lower water bills. Why is that? The water needed per flush is only 1.2 gallons.

This model is made with SanaGloss ceramic glaze, which can ensure that debris and mold will not stick to the ceramic surface.

The manufacturer included a chrome trip lever, so you will have all you need for installation.

The toilet has a skirted design, which provides a clean and sleek line, making it easy to clean. Plus, it is practically incapable of clogging. This is probably one of the best high rise toilets available on the market.

  • Height: 12 inches tall
  • Skirt design
  • Water-saving and eco-friendly

Kohler K-3609-0 Cimarron Two-Piece Toilet


If you are looking for versatile lines and strong flushing performance, make sure to check this two-piece comfort hight toilet from Kohler. The Cimmaron high toilet can ensure significant water savings without sacrificing performance.

This is thanks to the WaterSense certificate. Only 1.28 gallons of water are needed per flush, so by the time, you will see how much money it can save.

Plus, this is good for the environment! The innovative AquaPiston flush system accommodated inside helps the water to flow from all sides, providing fast and powerful flush.

This model has a toilet seat, which is about 18 inches tall. This is the same as a standard chair’s height, so most seniors will be able to use it with confidence as this height makes it easier to sit on and stand from the toilet seat.

Also, the elongated bowl offers additional room and comfort for your convenience.

In the pack, you will find a left-hand polished chrome trip lever. Another great thing about this comfort height toilet is its easy installation. The set does not need any bolt holes to be drilled into the tank, which can also prevent water leaks.

  • Height: 18 inches tall
  • AquaPiston flush engine and WaterSense certificate
  • Extended bowl for extra room and comfort

Kohler Santa Rosa Comfort Height Toilet

This tall toilet is capable of providing everything that the seniors and elderly people need. It offers support, comfort, and reliability, making it one of the best among the high seat toilets on the market.

It is small but effective and can be a great choice if you want to save some space. Just like the Cimarron toilet – it has very convenient features.

It comes with the height of a chair to provide comfortable sitting on and standing from experience. This is one of the most important things for the elderly. The AquaPiston flush engine and the WaterSense certificate ensure the powerful and effective flush with low water consumption.

The Santa Rosa design has the tank and the bowl in a one-piece seamless design. The fewer seams and creases make the toilet effortless to wipe clean.

Also, its compact bowl, even being elongated for additional comfort, occupies a similar space as a round-front one. In the pack, the manufacturer included a left-hand trip lever and brevia quiet closing toilet seat.

  • Height: 18 inches
  • AquaPiston flush engine and WaterSense certificate
  • Seamless one-piece toilet design

Kohler Memoirs Stately Comfort Height Two-Piece Toilet



Who says that the higher toilets for the elderly have to be ugly and not-stylish? With this toilet from Kohler, you get style and efficiency, plus additional comfort. This will fit almost any senior’s requirements. The Memoirs toilet from Kohler is made with Rennesainse touch to fit your style preferences.

With the good looks, there come the Kohler features as well. The AquaPiston flush system and the WaterSense quality will ensure a powerful flush plus less water needed – 1,28 gallons per flush. This provides the right balance between efficiency and water saving.

Having to flush twice can be frustrating, and it is the last thing the elderly want. It will not happen with this toilet. The Kohler taller toilets are known for their reliability, and this one is one of their most outstanding models.

The bowl is elongated, and it is placed at a convenient height for ease of use and extra comfort. Moreover, it provides additional space.

One of the best things about this model is that there are seven colors to choose from according to your preferences.

  • Height: 17 to 19 inches tall
  • AquaPiston flush engine and WaterSense certificate
  • Awesome design and functionality

FAQ & Tips on Finding The Best Tall Toilet for Elderly

Q: Why do the elderly need special kind of high toilets?

A: With aging, everyone starts facing problems with joints and bones more often. And because most seniors are not in their best physical condition, they can find sitting on and standing from the regular-sized toilets challenging. Some of the problems that may occur are a pain in the whole body, dizziness, or numbness caused by insufficient blood flow, and cramps. This is why the tallest toilet is needed for the elderly – it can support them and provide the level of comfort they need.

Q: How tall should a tall toilet be?

A: This could strongly depend on how tall the person is who will use it. However, most of these are chair height toilets, so they are around 17 to 19 inches tall. They are also known as comfort height toilets because sitting on and standing from them is requires less movement and puts less pressure on the body.

Q: What to look for when you want to buy the best among all comfort height toilets?

A: The toilet’s height is the first thing you need to consider when you want to get a high toilet. However, it does not end there. Here are the crucial things to look for:

1.Toilet’s bowl

When you are done with choosing the comfort toilet height, the next thing will be to determine the design and type of the toilet bowl.

Most of the high toilets have elongated bowls, but also, they are available in a variety of shapes and a wide range of round-front options. In the end, all elongated toilets provide expanded sitting surface, and the toilet seat tends to be more comfortable for adults.

2.Style and installation

There are two options: A toilet with one or two pieces. With the first type, you get a tank and bowl that are integrated as a single seamless unit. They usually need less space for accommodating and are easier to clean, as they have fewer crevices in which bacteria can be found.

With the type containing two pieces, the tank is separated from the bowl. These tall toilets tend to be easier to install and move around, and they are less expensive. Some of them have a tank, which can be installed on the wall, at a preferred height.


Having to flush twice can be frustrating for the seniors. The best tall toilets are engineered to ensure a robust and efficient flush.

Different systems can guarantee this, but it is a crucial thing to look for. It is also worth choosing a toilet that can offer lower water consumption for a full flush so that no water can be wasted. This can decrease the water bill and save water. To guarantee this, we strongly recommend that you get a toilet, which is WaterSense Certified.

Wrap up

Older people often find it challenging to use standard toilets for their everyday needs because bending down to sit on the toilet and standing up from it can cause some troubles and pain.

Getting the best chair height toilet is essential for the elderly, as it will offer the support and comfort they need to do their business on their own. Not needing assistance for this can have a positive effect on their confidence and mood.

Searching among a dozen toilets for seniors on the market and finding the right one can be a tough job, though.

Thanks to this guide, you are now aware of what to look for in a toilet. There are also precisely the same toilets you should take a closer look at because according to our researches, they are the best ones!

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