Top 8 Best Pepper Sprays for Self Defense in 2021

Best Pepper Spray

Pepper spray is a highly efficient, non-lethal self-defense weapon that is legal in all 50 states in one form and type or another. The basic component of pepper spray, as the name suggests, is oleoresin capsicum (OC), which is the Latin name for several species …

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9 Best Combat Boots & Military Footwear in 2021

Best Combat Boots

Combat boots, as their name suggests, are boots designed for use during combat or for all types of military, police, or other actions and services requiring quick and safe movement, comfort, and stability. Best Combat Boots Buying a pair of reliable combat boots can be …

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Top 10 Best Survival Backpacks for 2021

Best Survival Backpack

Choosing the right backpack for your survival needs is vital because it needs to be reliable, large enough to fit all your survival gear and other belongings, as well as comfortable enough to be worn through long and rough treks and routes. Best Survival Backpack …

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7 Best Dust Masks Reviewed in 2021

Best Dust Mask

The industrial revolution brought machines and techniques that people could not imagine 100 years ago. The wonders of technology make our everyday lives more comfortable but have a bad side as well. All this over-manufacturing throws out pollution in the process, which goes into our …

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Best Slingshot for Survival and Hunting in 2021

Best Slingshot

Hundreds of years ago, our ancestors did not have the latest hunting rifles and shotguns models. They did the best they could with the available materials and came up with a weapon that can throw rocks with astonishing speed- the slingshot. If you want to …

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