The Best Silhouette Machines in 2020

If you are a crafter, a scrapbooking fan or just love making pretty things at home, a high-quality Silhouette machine like the Cameo 3 will make your task much easier, more fun, faster and more precise. Silhouette America is one of the leaders in the production of hobbyist electronic cutting and printing tools in the US.

We have looked at all of their machines currently being offered on the market and have chosen the best offers for Silhouette machines and bundles we could find for 2020 for you.

Read on to find out more about these amazingly nifty and affordable tools which will help you make the prettiest homemade crafted products ever.

Best overall

Silhouette Cameo 3 Limited Black Edition Bluetooth Starter Bundle with 26 Oracal 651 Sheets, Transfer Paper, Guide, Class, 24 Sketch Pens (24 Sheets)

The Silhouette Cameo 3 starter bundle is the best possible investment or gift for any novice or experienced crafting and scrapbooking fan.

The Cameo 3 is an easy to use small electronic cutting plotter which has a blade capable of cutting over 100 types of different materials including paper, vinyl, cardstock, and fabric.

It has a maximum cutting width of 12 inches and can be plugged in either a PC or Mac computer or connected to a Bluetooth compatible smart device to be used just like a regular printer.

The cutting Silhouette machine has a dual carriage allowing for using up to two tools simultaneously. It has high clearance, so you can position and cut even thicker materials up to 2mm.

It has a nifty barcode scanner so you can effortlessly repeat your cutting work when necessary. The touch screen makes it easier to set up and control and you can use it cut certain materials even without a cutting mat.

The Silhouette Cameo 3 is compatible with Print&Cut and with PixScan, so you can choose the program you prefer for your crafting projects.

The reasonably priced bundle includes a Cameo 3 machine equipped with Bluetooth, a touchscreen and a warranty by the manufacturer.

It also includes 26 sheets of 12 x 12-inch permanent premium oracle vinyl, a roll of 12” x 6’ of transfer tape, an assorted mix of 24 different sketch pens with twice as much ink than the older Silhouette ones.

The set also includes an Autoblade which adjusts the bade automatically depending on the type of material being cut, a 12 x 12 inch cutting mat, a ratchet adjustment tool, a vinyl trimmer, a scraper tool, and a hook tool.

You will also receive a very detailed color printed Vinyl Application Guide and seven e-guides from Silhouette School. You will also get a free online instructional class for using the Cameo 3 and a month of free membership in the Silhouette Club.

The perks don’t stop here – you will also get access to 100 exclusive designs, 100 bonus designs which separately cost more than $100.

As you can see, this Cameo 3 bundle is definitely a great deal and a complete package for all you scrapbooking and crafting fans which is why we have chosen it as our top best Silhouette machine for 2020.

The runner-up

Silhouette Curio Crafting Machine with Lots of Accessories! Including Deep Cut Blade, Large Base, Etching, Stippling, Sketching, Emboss, and More Bundle

The runner-up in our list is yet another amazing bundle including the Curio Silhouette machine along with a number of useful accessories and a 1-year warranty. The Silhouette Curio is the perfect machine to have for deep cutting and embossing.

It has interchangeable heads which will allow you to use it for multiple purposes and tasks including embossing, cutting, sketching, stippling (spot drawing) and for etching.

You can use it to create customized designs via the Silhouette Studio software which comes with the machine, and you can use the Curio with a wide variety of materials such as cardboard, paper, vinyl, fabric, fabric transfers, aluminum, stickers acetate, and others. You can use it to cut even thicker materials of up to 2mm such as EVA foam.

It features a dual carriage for the use of two heads simultaneously which will make your work much faster and hassle-free. The Silhouette Curio has a cutting width of 8.5 inches, and a cutting length of 6 inches with the regular mat and up to 12 inches with an extended mat.

The accessories included in this wonderful bundle include a 8.5 x 12 inch base, and 8.5 x 12 inch cutting mat, an 8.5 x 12 inch embossing mat, an 8.5 x 6 inch base, an 8.5 x 6 inch cutting mat, an 8.5 x 6 inch embossing mat, a deep cut blade, a wide emboss tool, a fine embossing tool, a stippling, and etching tool, cutting blade and a large basics pen pack and a glitter pen pack.

With the Curio bundle you will also get three 5 x 7 inch metal etching sheets, six 5 x 7 inch embossing paper, 10 8 x 11.5 inch embossing paper sheets and 10 5 x 7 inch embossing paper sheets.

You will also get a starter guide for Curio by Melissa Viscount from Silhouette, the relevant software, $25 worth of downloads of designs from the Silhouette design store and 50 free downloadable designs.

Overall, this set is a dream come true to any crafter and includes everything you will need to complete a wide array of amazing projects.

Best budget-friendly option

Silhouette America, Silhouette Mint Custom Printer

The Silhouette Mint printer will cost you less than $50 and yet it is a wonderful piece of hardware to have for your crafting projects.

You can use it to create your own beautiful and custom designed stamp with any font, or make your own design via Mint Studio. You can also import images of your choice to make a stamp or turn one of your favorite photos into one. You can also convert any of the designs from the Silhouette Design store into a wonderful stamp which you can use for creating unique invitations, as gifts, decorations or for your scrapbooking projects.

Along with the Silhouette Mint tool, you will get a USB and a power cable, the Mint Studio Stamps Design software, a set of red, yellow, blue and black inks, a 1 month free subscription to Silhouette Design Store, a startup guide, and a 15 x 60 and a 30 x 30 stamp kits.

Overall, this is an amazing crafting tool which is a must-have for every enthusiast who likes crafting and creating beautiful designs and working on unique projects.

Our other favorite Silhouette machine you shouldn’t miss out on

Silhouette Portrait 2

The Portrait 2 is one of the best portable cutting plotters for crafting enthusiasts on the market.  You can use it just like you would a printer by simply plugging it in your Mac or PC. You can also transfer files directly from Bluetooth compatible devices wirelessly.

The plotter has a small blade which though is capable of cutting through numerous materials for your DIY projects, including paper, vinyl, fabric, transparencies, heat transfer materials, vellum, magnet paper, and others.

It has a cutting width of up to 8 inches.

Thanks to the PixScan technology incorporated in it, you can easily use it to re-cut previous illustrations and designs.

The cutting plotter has an auto adjustable blade which cuts materials up to 2mm thick. It has a scanning function for repeating previous cuts and is Bluetooth compatible.

You will receive the Silhouette Studio software along with this small sized plotter, which will allow you to create your own unique designs easily and intuitively. Plus, you can cut out any font which you already have installed on your computer. You will also get 40 exclusive designs, a cutting mat, a Bluetooth adapter and a monthly free subscription to the Silhouette Design Store.

Although this is one of the smallest cutting plotters available on the market, it is a brilliant hobbyist cutting machine which will help you create the best DIY projects easier and prettier than ever.

Final words

As you can see from our list of the best Silhouette machines, all of them are a dream come true for hobbyists, people who love making beautiful things, crafters, scrapbookers and for just about anybody who is into using such clever and easy to use tools.

Hopefully, you have already fallen in love with one or more of the machines we have picked for you, and pretty soon you will be enjoying creating your unique designs and projects with the help of one of these Silhouette machines.

They are all very reasonably priced, they are compact and they come with a huge array of useful features, so you will have endless fun exploring all options, trying out all functions and making great looking stuff with any one of them.

Good luck with your purchase, and enjoy these absolutely brilliant crafting machines, software, and products offered by Silhouette America!

Pretty soon you will be impressing everybody including yourself with your new homemade DIY projects with one of these machines.

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