10 Best Self-Cleaning Litter Boxes 2019 Reviews

Tired of scooping out the mess and clump litter out of your cat’s litter box? Thank God for cat lovers like me that there are now some excellent self-cleaning litter boxes out there on the market.

After meticulously testing most of them, and after talking to other cat parents who have experience with these self-cleaning litter boxes, I have come up with my top 10 picks for the best self-cleaning litter boxes for 2019.

Hope it helps you choose the one which is right for you and your kitties.


This is the third and latest generation of the famous Litter Robot which many of you may already be familiar with. This model is called Open Air, and I must say it is an even better self-cleaning litter box than the previous ones – the Bubble and the Skylight versions.

After you start using this automatized cat litter box, you will never want to switch back to a regular manual one! No wonder the producers of this unique device advertise the Litter Robot III as “the last litter box you will own”!


  • It can be used for cats from 5-20 lbs.
  • It switches on a few minutes after the cat exits to remove the waste – you can adjust the time from 3 to 15 minutes
  • The litter box will manage the litter even if you are gone from homes for days
  • It can be used by two or more cats and saves up to 50% litter
  • Compact footprint, you can use it even in a small apartment
  • Has an automatic night light
  • Features a large entrance so nervous or larger cats won’t be frightened to enter the box
  • Reduces the odor
  • Very little manual work and maintenance is needed to keep it clean, all you need is a garbage bag and litter
  • You can set the 8 hour sleep mode if you don’t want to be disturbed by the noise at night
  • An indicator will inform you when the waste tray is full
  • It is sold with a 90 day money back guarantee and a warranty of 18 months


  • The unit is rather costly
  • The noise of the rotating self-cleaning cycle may scare some cats

Final verdict:

The Open Space Litter Robot is probably the best self-cleaning litter box to date. Yes, it does come at a pretty steep price, but it will make your life so much easier, and will save you a lot of money for kitty litter in the long run.

It is sturdily built, and yet has a wide entrance which won’t scare your cats away.

With this modern and highly efficient automatic litter box, you will definitely never be going back to manual scooping again!


If you want a convenient and effective self-cleaning litter box, yet you are not ready to break the bank, here is one which is budget friendly and yet does the job of cleaning out your cat’s waste.


  • Very affordable price
  • It is possibly the quietest of all the self-cleaning litter boxes on the market, so even the most nervous cat won’t be intimidated by it
  • It uses less clumping clay than regular litter boxes
  • Low power consumption
  • It cleans constantly which helps keep waste out of eyesight and odors away from your nose
  • Very easy maintenance with a handy removable waste bin which you can cover with a small bag for easy and clean disposal
  • No additional branded supplies and attachments are required for its operation
  • It works for several kittens and cats up to 15 lbs. and has a spacious litter area to make them comfortable
  • If you have one cat, you will need to clean the unit once in every 2 weeks
  • Requires little and very simple assembly
  • The dimensions of the device are 30 x 20 x 9 inches
  • The item is sold with a 1 year warranty


  • You may want to buy a litter trailing mat for underneath the litter box

Final verdict:

The Pet Safe Simply Clean is an affordable and very efficient way to ensure that your kitty always has a clean litter area, and so that you don’t need to go and scoop the waste every time your pet does its business.

It is very quiet, uses less clumping clay than traditional litter boxes and is power efficient.

Overall, this is an excellent product for the amazing price it is offered at!


Do you wish that your cat can learn to use the toilet and flush after it is done with its business? The innovative Catgenie 120 is just like a small toilet which uses your home sewage system to automatically clean all of the cat waste!

It uses washable litter granules rather than regular litter, which will save you loads of money, and it will do the scooping and cleaning job instead of you at all times!


  • It uses the home sewage system for flushing the waste and wash itself off, so you don’t need to handle it yourself
  • The system doesn’t use regular litter but washable granules which will keep your cat happy and will save you money, plus they are septic safe and eco-friendly
  • The programmable interface allows you to schedule one to four cleaning cycles per day
  • It is perfect for up to three cats or kittens over 6 months old
  • It is made of heavy-duty materials and has a large litter space, so it can hold even larger cats
  • It has a sensor which accurately detects when the cat has used the toilet and after a 10 minute delay it proceeds to get rid of the waste, wash, disinfect and then dry the granules
  • The dimensions of the unit are 19.25 x 16 inches on the bottom and 21 inches high, but there must be space for the water supply and the drainage hoses
  • The cat toilet comes with a box of the reusable washable granules as well as with a SaniSolution cartridge for disinfection and washing
  • It has a sleep function which can turn it off for 14 to 24 hours, and after that the unit will switch itself on and clean out all the waste accumulated
  • The walls of the litter area will prevent your cat from kicking out any litter and making a mess


  • You do need to have sufficient room for the litter box near a water main and water source and a power source nearby
  • You do need to do some installing of the device – hooking up the two hoses to the water source for the flushing and the other to the sewage system
  • You need to buy branded supplies for it

Final verdict:

The Cat Genie 120 is a perfect and competitively priced automatic self-cleaning litter box which functions like a little cat toilet. It is great if you hate dealing with scooping waste and changing regular litter. The reusable granules are biodegradable and are regularly washed, sanitized and dried for your cat’s comfort and for a nicer environment at home. The waste is flushed into your sewage system.

This is a must for cat owners who never want to deal with scooping and handling dirty litter again!


If your cats are used to using a traditional litter box, the Pet Zone Smart Scoop is the most suitable self-cleaning litter box to get them to use without stressing them out.

It looks like a normal litter box but has an automatic rake system which scoops the waste to a designated waste bag in an enclosed box.


  • It has a sensor which detects whether the cat is in or out of the box and starts scooping 15 minutes later
  • A rake scoops out the mess and disposes of it in the waste bag
  • Large litter area suitable for cats of all sizes as well as for more than one cats – it is available in big size (26 x 18.25 x 7.5 inches) and in regular size (25.5 x 16.8 x 7.5 inches)
  • It need emptying only once per couple of days or once a week if you have only one cat
  • You can use any disposable bag, or the branded SmartScoop degradable waste bags
  • Very solid construction, easy assembly
  • A ramp for old or disabled cats as well as for limiting litter trailing
  • Can operate with all kinds of clumpy kitty litter
  • A carbon filter limits the odor (the box comes with 6 carbon filters and 24 biodegradable bags)
  • 1 year warranty


  • It doesn’t work with crystals only with clumping litter and is not as fully automatized as other self-cleaning litter boxes

Final verdict:

The Smart Scoop will scoop all of your cat’s waste for you, so all you need to do is to remove and replace the disposal bag once in a while.

It is designed so as not to confuse or scare of cats, so you won’t have problems adapting them to the self-cleaning litter box from a regular one.

This is a sturdy and efficient unit available at a very reasonable price for the service it provides!


If you have just one cat smaller than 15 lbs. the Littermaid LM580 classic is a perfect self-cleaning litter box for you. It is an affordable and very efficient solution for anyone who doesn’t have the time or the desire to deal with manually scooping and disposal of clumped litter and waste.


  • The automatic cleaning begins 10 minutes after the cat has used the litter box
  • The waste is scooped into a closed compartment with a carbon filter which eliminates the odor
  • The detachable rake is easy to clean
  • The litter box has high walls to prevent the spread of litter and the waste
  • The box is easy to maintain
  • Dimensions of the litter area are 14 x 14 inches and less kitty litter needs to be used than with other litter boxes
  • The device uses AC power or 8 AA-sized batteries
  • It is affordable
  • Sold with 4 carbon filters and 4 waste receptacles, but you can use ordinary disposal bags for collecting the waste
  • There is a safety system as well as an option for manual switching on the cleaning process


  • It is small and is made for 1 cat under 15 lbs. only
  • The thickness of the litter used in the box is not too deep, which means that if your cat is a digger it might not be a good solution for you

Final verdict:

The Littermaid LM580 is a simple but efficient self-cleaning litter box. It is smaller than others which is why it is suitable for one cat households only. You will save money because less litter is used.

Overall, it is an affordable and good compact self-cleaning litter box!


You will say goodbye to the nasty cat urine smell with the Littermaid Multi Cat self-cleaning litter box. It is large enough to service several cats and requires little maintenance. You can safely go on a trip for a couple of days and don’t worry about returning to a smelly mess.


  • Efficient self-cleaning function via a rake
  • Carbon filter on the waste receptacle keeps the smells away
  • A sensor detects when the cat gets on and off the litter area
  • It is good for larger cats, as well as for multiple cats (24.8 x 17.7 x 9.8 inches)
  • It has a sleep timer for noise-free nights
  • The useful ramp will provide easy access to cats with mobility problems and will clean their paws when getting out of the litter box
  • The unit is reasonably priced
  • It uses low voltage or 8 AA batteries


  • The rake is plastic which makes it more prone to breaking than metal ones
  • You still need to clean out and replace the kitty litter so it is not fully automated
  • It is sold with a scoop, a rake cleaner, 8 waste receptacles and 8 carbon filters

Final verdict:

This Littermaid self-cleaning litter box is a wonderful solution if you own more than one cat and want the house to smell nice and avoid having to scoop up dirty litter waste day after day.

It is reliable, quiet and has a useful ramp to keep any litter and waste off of your floor and furniture.

This affordable self-cleaning cat litter box is great if you don’t want to deal with scooping each time one of your cats uses it.


The Littermaid LM980 Mega is yet another reasonably priced automatic litter box which is suitable for households with more than 1 cat. It is well-built and easy to set up and use. It does need maintenance and litter changing, but you can leave it to the litter box to do the scooping of the cat waste.


  • No more nasty odor thanks to the carbon filters on the receptacle for the waste
  • You can line the waste receptacle with a bag to avoid needing to buy new ones
  • Strong and durable motor and drive mechanism
  • Extra-large litter area which is suitable for cats over 15 lbs. and for multiple cats
  • The rake can be removed easily for cleaning and sanitizing
  • High walls of the box which help keep the litter in
  • Powered via an AC adapter and fitted with battery backup
  • A safety bar will stop the rake in case it gets blocked
  • It comes with 4 receptacle boxes and 4 filters and a scoop
  • Has a ramp to help clean the paws of the cats
  • A sensor detects when the cat has left the box and triggers the cleaning rake 10 minutes later


  • The unit may not be efficient with all kinds of kitty litter, so you need to make sure that you use one which doesn’t clump up too hard or too little

Final verdict:

This automated litter box is a heaven sent for cat parents who are sick of having to check and scoop their litter box hour after hour, day after day.

You will feel comfortable leaving your home for a few days without worrying about the hygiene and comfort of your kitties with the Littermaid LM980!

So, if you want a reliable and budget-friendly automatic cat receptacle box, this could be the best choice for you.


You love your cats but truly hate the work and the mess of having to keep their litter box clean? The Smartscoop is an inexpensive solution which will resolve your problem by manually scooping all the nasty stuff from the litter.


  • A smart sensor triggers the automatic scooping system 15 minutes after the cat has left the litter box
  • Very efficiently designed rake and deflector
  • Smooth and quiet performance
  • A large litter area (16 x 14 inches) which is good for large cats or for use by more than one cat
  • The waste bag can be changed only once a week if you own just one cat (there are 24 no-touch waste bags in the package)
  • The carbon filters which keep the odor away have to be replaced once a month (6 are included in the package)
  • The unit is sold with a 2-year warranty


  • The litter can stick to the sides and the bottom of the box, so you may apply some diluted mineral oil on them to keep the litter from sticking
  • The filters and bags can be quite expensive

Final verdict:

If you want an easy to use self-cleaning litter box for your cats, you should consider getting this Smartscoop one. It is well built, large enough to accommodate several cats and will efficiently scoop up the waste in the handy waste bags provided by the manufacturer. Of course, if you want to save money from buying the branded bags and filters, you can choose cheaper options and even make the filters and bags yourself.

This is a budget-friendly and reliable device which will help make your daily cleaning regimen much easier and more pleasant.


For those of you who are not ready to spend more than about 50 dollars for a litter box, the Omega Paw Elite is a great option. It uses a sifting grill for depositing the waste, which you can easily throw out without handling it or needing to scoop.


  • Much cheaper than other self-cleaning litter boxes
  • Has a great design with pretty chrome accents
  • Features a built-in litter step which keeps the litter inside the box
  • Dimensions are 18.5 x 21.5 x 20 inches
  • The grate which sifts the waste is durable and strong
  • The waste drawer is easy to pull out and in
  • Doesn’t need electrical or battery power


  • Can be a bit difficult to set up
  • Refilling and scooping may be a bit tricky at first

Final verdict:

The Omega Paw Elite self-cleaning litter box is just perfect for people who are not willing to pay hundreds of dollars and yet still want a convenient and less messy way to deal with cat litter.

It is a sturdy litter box which is large enough even for larger cats and will help you keep your home clean from kitty litter and other messy stuff getting all over the house.


The Omega Paw Self-cleaning litter box is an absolute champion when it comes to the price. It is not an automatic self-cleaning box like many of the others on this list but still is cleverly designed to ensure that you clean out the litter box easily and cleanly.


  • Doesn’t need electricity, batteries, bags, waste boxes or filters to work
  • A special patented grill keeps the waste off of the litter
  • It self-cleans by rolling it to the right and then back, which allows for the waste to be disposed of in the pullout tray
  • Very easy to use and clean
  • Large size (23.5 x 21.2 x 10.5 inches), suitable for larger cats or for those of you who have more than one cat
  • Works with any brand of clumping litter
  • Sold with a 1-year warranty


  • It is not automatic like most of the others, as it doesn’t have a sensor or a cleaning mechanism

Final verdict:

This is a simple and yet brilliant solution for cat owners who hate dealing with litter boxes on a daily basis. You will still need to service and empty out the scooped waste from the tray, but it will be collected there without you needing to handle the mess.

The Omega Paw is the cheapest of all the self-cleaning litter boxes in the list, and yet is a durable, solid and efficient alternative to manual litter box scooping.


I hope that I have helped you make up your mind about the type of self-cleaning litter box which will suit your needs best.

Personally, I love most of these self-cleaning waste receptacles, so I can hardly choose the best one. This is why I have objectively reviewed them for you, including all the pros and cons, to help you find the perfect “scoop-less” solution for dealing with your cat’s natural needs without the mess, smell and hassle involved.

Good luck with your purchase, and hopefully both you and your fur babies will be very happy with your choice!

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