Samsung 65 Inch TV Reviews 2021

Samsung has always been at the top of the TV manufacturing business, and this year the South Korean giant doesn’t disappoint.

We reviewed every available Samsung 65 inch TV from 2021 and came up with our ultimate top list for you.

Samsung 65 Inch TV

Our favorite is the flagship TV from Samsung – the Q9F, but if it is a bit too much for you, take a look at our other top picks for the year.

Best overall

Samsung QN65Q8F Flat 65” QLED 4K UHD 8 Series Smart TV

The runner-up in our top favorite list is yet another 65 inches QLED TV released in 2018 by Samsung. The QN65Q8F is a brilliant 4k Ultra HD QLED TV that will become the centerpiece of any room with its gorgeous boundless 360-degree design with almost no bezels and a clean back. The TV will look absolutely perfect from any side of the room.

The Q8 series is one of the great-looking TVs released this year, and it also provides a picture with excellent quality, deep blacks, brilliant brightness, accurate color, and impeccable video processing, along with a high dynamic range performance.

Thanks to the amazing Ambient mode, you will never end up with a black rectangle in your room again. When not in use, this Samsung 65 inch TV can play gentle music, show calming pictures, and even show your own favorite photos, just like a piece of art. You can also choose to receive weather info or news on the screen when the device is not in use via the useful SmartThings app. The app can also be used to mirror images on the TV from your phone and vice versa, to get Google Calendar reminders on the TV and many other smart functions which those of you who are tech-savvy will absolutely love.

This TV has one of the greatest pictures we have seen on a non-OLED TV and is the perfect option for those of you who want to avoid the potential OLED burn-in and high price but still want the highest picture quality and performance.

This smart TV has built-in Bixby voice control and will allow you to control a number of other compatible devices as well as provide you with some of the best gaming features currently available.

The cable management system will remove all the clutter and will allow you to focus on whatever you are viewing without any distractions.

The Q8 TV is the cheapest of all Samsung TVs, which flaunt full array dimming, a technology that improves the quality of the LED LCD image drastically. Thanks to the Quantum Dots technology, the 65 inches QLED TV will provide the brightest colors you have seen.

The TV supports HDR10+ formats and has variable refresh rates (FreeSync) in order to perform at its great when connected to PCs, game consoles such as Xbox One and Ones S, which is great news for all gamers too. All you need to do is to turn on the Auto Game Mode feature or the Game Motion Plus option, which further smooths the motion on the screen when playing a fast-paced game.

The TV has multiple connectivity options, including 4 HDMI (HDMI 2.0 and HDCP 2.2), 2 USB, optical digital audio, an Ethernet, an RF, and a remote port.

Overall, the QN65Q8F is the perfect smart 4k UHD TV you can get for all kinds of usage – watching movies, shows, sports, playing games, or using it as a computer monitor.

It is beautifully designed, provides one of the finest pictures we have seen this year, and has a number of amazing features, including the impressive ambient mode, which is definitely something you will want to have in your home.

Best runner-up

Samsung QN65Q7F Flat 65” QLED 4K UHD Smart TV

Last but not least is yet another TV from this year’s Samsung QLED series – the Q7F, which has gorgeous looks and many of the features of the flagship devices by Samsung from the same series.


  • 65 inch 4K UHD
  • Q color, Q contrast plus, Q HDR Elite
  • Motion rate 240
  • A boundless 360-degree design
  • No gap when mounted on the wall
  • Invisible connection cable management
  • A One Connect box to keep all of your connections in one neat place
  • Smart TV with built-in Bixby voice commands
  • Ambient mode to play your own photos, news, or pretty scenery when the TV is not in use
  • Samsung One Remote control to control all compatible devices with one unit
  • Compatibility with SmartThings App to mirror content from your phone or another connected device to the screen and vice versa

And here are our other top picks

Samsung 65 inch Q6FN Smart 4K Ultra HD QLED TV Bundle with Home Security Kit)

The truly amazing Samsung Q6F QLED is our absolute favorite for this year. This model from 2018 is a 65 inch 4k UHD Edge-lit LED TV which will stun you with its picture quality. Plus, it comes with a Samsung SmartThings ADT Home Security kit at an excellent price if you decide to buy this bundle deal.

The 65 inch TV is a lower-priced model from this year’s Samsung QLED series and also has the stunning 360-degree clean design as its bigger brothers – the Q8F and the Q9F. It, too, has a neat and clutter-free cable management system like the higher-end Q8F option.

The borders of the TV are barely visible, with a thickness of just 0.35 inches. The TV itself is rather thin too, with a maximum thickness of just 2.48 inches, so you can easily mount it to the wall, and it will have a very low profile.

The Q6FN TV handles reflections quite well, so you can easily watch it even in very bright rooms without any distracting glare. It has a high native color contrast ratio, and the blacks will look deep black in darker rooms.

It is cheaper than the flagship TV in the series but still has that premium look and feel.

It handles both HDR and SDR content very well, with excellent peak brightness and satisfying gray uniformity. The contrast will remain quite high even when the local dimming function has been enabled.

This QLED TV is excellent for watching action movies, playing fast-paced games, and watching sports thanks to its minimal motion blur and its fast response time. It has FreeSync for variable refresh rates.

The TV has 4 HDMI, 2 USB, digital optical audio out, a tuner, and Ethernet ports.

It supports HDR10+ and has a pass-through for ARC Dolby Digital and for Optical Dolby Digital as well as UHD upscaling.

The beautiful Samsung TV has a powerful quad-core processor and nifty features like Digital clean view, Auto motion plus, Auto Game mode and Game motion plus, Anynet+ and many others.

It too is a Bixby enabled Smart TV with various functionalities and also has our favorite Ambient mode option, which turns the TV into a picture on your TV stand or wall and will bring more beauty to your home.

Samsung UN65NU8500 65″ Curved Smart 4K Ultra HD TV (2018) with 2 High Speed HDMI Cables and Universal LED Screen Cleaner

If you prefer the immersive viewing experience of a curved TV, we can strongly recommend the Samsung UN65NU8500 TV from 2018.


  • 65-inch curved 4k Ultra HD TV edge-lit LED TV
  • A wide color gamut perfect for HDR content
  • Excellent motion handling and a motion rate of 240
  • Brilliant brightness
  • Deep and uniform blacks
  • FreeSync for various refresh rates which allows for connecting a PC and various Xbox game consoles
  • A very attractive overall design with 39-inch thin metal bezels
  • The footprint is 31.4 x 13.5 inches
  • A cable management system
  • A native contrast 4310:1 and with local dimming is 4478:1
  • Smart TV
  • Bluetooth and Wi-Fi
  • Game mode and Auto Motion Plus modes
  • Sold in a bundle with 2 high-speed HDMI cables, a universal screen cleaner for LED displays and TVs

Samsung QN65Q9F Flat 65” QLED 4K UHD Smart TV

Not only do we think that the Q9F TV by Samsung is the greatest 65 inch TV made by the Korean giant this year, but we strongly agree that this is the best LCD LED TV money can buy at the moment. The Quantum Dot technology, which gives the “Q” in QLED, is definitely a great reason to get this TV, especially if you are looking for the number one non-OLED option for 2021.

The design of this premium TV is absolutely stunning and combined with the brilliant picture quality, you will have a true gem in your home if you choose to buy this QLED Samsung 65 inch TV.

It has an incredibly wide color gamut, a brightness that will stun you and low motion blur for an exceptionally realistic viewing and gaming experience. The blacks are as deep as they can get, and the shadows and colors are also amazing especially if you are enjoying your favorite flick in a dark room.

It has almost no visible bezels and comes with easy to install legs or a wall mount which will enable you to flush mount the TV against the wall. Thanks to the almost invisible optic cable which is used to connect the TV to the other devices via the provided One Connect Box you will have no cables dangling around this beautifully designed device. You can connect all other devices to the One Connect Box for a hassle-free switching experience and for a clutter-free and minimalist setting of your audio-visual entertainment center.

Even when the TV is turned off, it can switch it to Ambient mode and display beautiful scenery, soothing music, news headlines, weather forecasts, or even your own personal photos, so that the TV literally turns into a picture rather than a black lifeless rectangle.

Thanks to its smart Tizen operating system you will have no problems whatsoever setting up all of the connected devices, the Wi-Fi, and all other features of the QN65Q9F.

The flagship TV from Samsung features a unique Infinite Array Local Dimming technology that uses edge lighting and results in the brightest colors, the deepest blacks, and the whitest whites as well as the most realistic cinematic authenticity we have seen so far this year.

The connectivity options of this TV are endless. You will have an option of adding up to 4 HDMI devices, as well as 3 USB, a digital optical out, a tuner or antenna, and an Ethernet cable.

The Q9F supports HDR10, HLG, and has ARC Dolby Digital, ARC DTS, Optical Dolby Digital and Optical DTS pass-through functionality.

Given its incredible design, and ease of setting it up which we have never experienced with any other TV, the useful and intuitive Tizen operating system and the absolutely breathtaking lifelike picture quality, this is the Samsung TV which we would recommend to just about anyone who wants the best of the best this year.


Final words

As you have probably sensed, we are truly impressed with Samsung’s line-up for 65 inch TVs for 2021. All of them are amazingly beautiful and offer exceptional picture quality. They are all smart TVs with 4k UHD resolutions, and all of them have features which we absolutely love and strongly recommend.

Whichever one you pick, you will surely be extremely happy with your choice, because these top-quality TVs will provide you with the ultimate viewing and gaming experience.


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