The 10 Best Heavy Punching Bag Stands in 2020

You bought a heavy punching bag, but don’t have where to hang it in your home? A good quality punching bag stand is a perfect alternative.

You need to make sure that your heavy bag stand is stable and durable so that you can exercise without risk of the stand tilting, falling down and inuring you or somebody else.

If you are looking for a versatile option, you can get a boxing bag stand which also has the option of hanging a double end bag or a speed bag as well as your heavy bag.

The main benefit of a punching bag stand is that you don’t need to worry about ruining your ceiling or wall to mount it, and also you do not risk the wall or ceiling collapsing due to the weight of the bag and as a result of your vigorous workouts

We have tested various stands for boxing with heavy bags, maize bags, and uppercut bags, and while some have failed to deliver the performance, we expected we managed to find 10 excellent punching bag stands which we highly recommend to anybody interested.

We tested their design, the materials and build, the ease of assembly, the stability provided by the frame and the proper alignment of the beams and legs, as well as the weights which keep them to the ground.

Here are our picks for the top 10 punching bag stands of 2020.

Balazs Universal Boxing Stand

If you are very serious about your martial art or boxing workouts, or if you own a gym, you may want to invest in a high-end professional range boxing stand. This one is more expensive than the others, but it comes with a lifetime warranty and is amazingly sturdy and solid.


  • It is a freestanding unit which doesn’t require any additional counterweights for support
  • Holds all kinds of heavy bags from 100 lbs. up to 300 lbs.
  • No need to compromise during a workout – the stand will withstand even the most powerful training and sparring sessions
  • A relatively small footprint of 68 x 44 inches
  • The height is 95 inches but can be customized upon request
  • No wobbling, squeaking or tipping over even during a professional training session
  • Made in the USA with a lifetime warranty


  • It is expensive, although the money you will pay for the value is absolutely worth it

Final verdict:

This is a seriously strong and sturdy stand which you can use with bags as heavy as 300lbs. without the unit wobbling or shifting. It is an amazing choice if you are looking for the best punching bag stand around.

Muay Thai Heavy Bag Stand 350lbs Heavy Duty Punching Bag Stand

Do you have a heavy punching bag, and no option to hang it on the ceiling or mount it to the wall? This Muay Thai punching bag stand can carry up to 350 lbs. so it will do an excellent job for you.


  • Has a weight capacity of 350 lbs. which means it can be used with all sizes heavy punching bags
  • The height is 7.8 ft
  • Comes with four empty sandbags (60lbs. each when filled) to be used as weights for the base of the station
  • Very sturdy and heavy duty make – this stand was made to last
  • The design allows for free and safe movements without the metal legs getting in the way
  • Easy assembly – only 7 screws
  • Works perfectly for Muay Thai and boxing heavy bags
  • The legs are 30 inches long and can be extended by an additional 12-15 inches
  • The triangular base allows for setting the stand up in a corner which saves space
  • The height can be customized by the producer
  • Made in the USA
  • Comes with a 15-year warranty
  • Excellent customer service


  • You may need help for the assembly due to the weight of the stand

Final verdict:

This is a very durable and strong heavy bag stand which doesn’t have a large footprint, so you can place it in your home, garage, office, or wherever you want. It provides a great range of motion during your workouts, so you needn’t worry about hurting yourself. It can carry the heaviest punching bags, and the added sandbags are perfect for keeping the unit steadily in place.

Century Wavemaster XXL Training Bag

Do you dream about having your own sparring partner at home? The Century Wavemaster XXL training bag could become your best partner for your training sessions, without any assembly needed and without a space-occupying metal construction.


  • Durable vinyl cover of the bag and a high-density foam filling of the martial arts bag – great for punching and kicking
  • It comes in red, black or blue colors
  • Very small footprint (28-inch diameter of the base), as it doesn’t have a metal construction to hang the punching bag
  • No restrictions on your movements around the bag
  • Dimensions of the bag are 69 inches in height and a diameter of 18 inches
  • The base should be filled with water or sand and weighs 270 lbs. when filled, so no need to worry about the bag shifting or falling over
  • No assembly required
  • Allows for a more intensive workout due to the fact that the big doesn’t swing back and forth


  • It isn’t a traditional stand for hanging heavy punching bags

Final verdict:

The Wavemaster XXL is an ideal solution if for some reason you cannot get a heavy bag or don’t have space or options for mounting one or using a stand.

It is sturdy, has a tiny footprint and will provide you with an opportunity to train intensively from all sides of the unit without being limited by any metal or other constructions around it.

Everlast Single-Station Heavy Bag Stand with Heavy Bag Kit

If you are about to take your first steps in boxing and are looking for a full kit for home practice, this kit from Everlast is possibly the best choice you can make.


  • The kit includes a heavy bag stand, a 70 lbs. heavy bag, boxing gloves, hand wraps, as well as a ceiling bracket mount with a chain assembly
  • The punching bag stand is made of high-quality steel tubing, which is powder coated and extra sturdy and strong
  • There are three weight plate pegs for added stability
  • The stand can hold punching bags up to 100 lbs.
  • The dimensions are suitable for home use: 57 (L) x 47.6 (W) x 88.2 (H) inches
  • The included heavy bag is 36 inches tall and has a diameter of 12 inches
  • It can be used indoors as well as outdoors
  • Very easy to assemble


  • You may want to use a few sandbags to keep the stand more stable during exercise
  • The included Everlast boxing gloves are not of the highest quality but are good for starters

Final verdict:

This kit from Everlast is perfect for beginners. Plus, it comes at a very affordable price for all items included in it.  The bundle includes everything you need to start exercising at home, so you don’t need to shop for anything else.  Just order this one, set it up, put those gloves on, and start punching!

Titan Dual Station Boxing Stand

Do you need an affordable dual station stand to hold both your punching and your speed bags for your boxing workouts? This one is an excellent, reasonably priced choice.


  • Can be used for both a speed and a punching bag
  • Has a capacity of holding heavy punching bags up to 100 lbs.
  • The construction is made of strong steel tubing, powder coated for added protection and durability
  • Has three weight plate pegs
  • The stand can be fitted anywhere in your home or office – it is 831/2 inches high, and the height of the bag support is 80 inches, the length is 62 inches, and the width is 47 inches
  • You can train both your power and speed thanks to the versatility of this stand
  • It stands stable on the floor with no rattling or squeaking during use
  • Easy to set up
  • Very reasonable price tag


  • You may want to add water, sand or other counterweights to keep the stand steady

Final verdict:

This is a solid dual-function stand which you can use for your heavy punching bag as well as for your speed bag. It is relatively low and small as compared to some of the other stands so you can fit it nearly anywhere.

The construction and the materials are excellent, so you can expect it to hold your boxing bags and to withstands some serious training and punches for years to come.

Century Cornerman

If you want a heavy bag stand which you can fit in the corner of your room without risking any damage to the walls during vigorous training sessions, the Century Cornerman is definitely a stand you should consider buying.


  • The corner-hugging design saves a lot of space, so you can fit the heavy bag stand anywhere
  • The height has six adjustable settings from 72 to 102 inches
  • The legs extend at 7.5 ft from the corner
  • The non-slip polyurethane rubber on the feet keep the stand stable and protect the flooring from scratches
  • Has a weight capacity of holding a heavy punching bag of up to 100 lbs.
  • Made of 16 gauge steel with a diameter of 3 inches
  • Shock absorbing feature will keep you and your property safe during training
  • Easy and quick assembly
  • Comes with a warranty


  • It is a bit more expensive than some of the other stands in this category

Final verdict:

If you tend to do some serious boxing or martial arts training at home, this stable and sturdy stand for your punching bag is a perfect and safe solution for you. You can place it in any free corner, adjust the height, and start training without fear of the unit toppling or breaking down on you.

It is definitely a top quality punching bag stand worth the investment, especially if you are planning on using it on a regular basis.

Titan Fitness Boxing stand with Floor-to-ceiling bag, Speedbag, Punching bag

You want to purchase a fully equipped system for power, coordination, cardio, and speed training at home? This Titan Fitness boxing stand is all you need in one perfect and reasonably priced kit.


  • This boxing bag stand is strong and versatile
  • The double-sided design allows you to move from one bag to another for a truly satisfying combined workout
  • The stand comes with a punching bag, a floor-to-ceiling bag as well as a speed bag
  • The height of the stand is 83 ½ inches, its footprint is 62 (L) x 47 (W) inches
  • Made of heavy duty steel tubing with a powder coated finish
  • Features heavy-duty straps for added safety
  • Leather speed bag (10.5 (L) x 8.5 (W) inches)
  • Has an inflation needle head for the speed bag
  • The floor to ceiling leather ball has an 8.5 inch diameter
  • The 88 lb. heavy punching bag is 57.5 (H) x 15.5 (diameter) inches


  • Doesn’t come with boxing gloves as some of the other kits we have reviewed

Final verdict:

This boxing stand is a fabulous purchase which will save you loads of money and time for buying all the different punching bags separately. All you need is a pair of gloves and some hand straps and you are ready to start training with this sturdy boxing stand from Titan.

Happybuy Freestanding foldable Boxing Bag Stand

Do you want a foldable punching bag stand which you can put away or carry around when needed? This Happybuy boxing bag stand is collapsible and portable, and yet is solid enough to allow you to train intensively at home or at work.


  • Maximum weight capacity of the stand is 130 lbs.
  • The height of the stand can be extended to up to 2.3m, and you can hang a punching bag which is up to 6ft high, non-extended, the stand is suitable for kids too
  • The dimensions are 75 (H) x 48.5 (W) x 67 (D), the shipping weight is 49 lbs.
  • Durable and strong construction made of steel tubing, powder coated for protection
  • Foldable design, easy to store and transport
  • You can use a speed bag with it as well
  • Comes at a very affordable price
  • Added weight pegs for sturdiness


  • You may want to add some counterweights especially when using a heavier punching bag

Final verdict:

This is a compact, collapsible and easy to assemble punching bag stand which you and your children can use thanks to the adjustable height.  You can easily fold it up and carry it around when necessary or store it away when not in use. Definitely a great pick available at a very reasonable price.

Everlast Dual Station Heavy Bag Stand Value Bundle

This is another boxing bundle from Everlast which is worth every cent you pay. You will receive just about anything you need to set up your own personal home boxing gym if you choose to buy this one.


  • The bundle includes a dual Everlast stand, a 100 lbs. heavy punching bag, a speed punching bag, a hanger, an adjustable chain as well as padded leather gloves and 100% cotton hand wraps
  • The dual stand can hold both a heavy and a speed bag, so it is pretty versatile
  • The heavy bag has reinforced webbing for added durability
  • Easy assembly
  • The bundle is available at a lower price If you choose the one with a 70 lb heavy punching bag and without the speed punching bag included
  • Overall, this kit is at a great price for all items included


  • You may want to reinforce the base with a couple of sandbags or weights to keep it safely in place

Final verdict:

This is possibly the best boxing bundle you can get in this price range. You will get everything you need to start training in the comfort of your home. The versatile punching bag stand can hold the heavy and the speed punching bags allowing you to diversify your workouts without needing to mount and dismount the punching bags.

Everlast Single-Station Heavy Bag Stand

You really want a heavy bag stand, but don’t have the space to place one of the bigger ones out there? This single station punching bag stand from Everlast could be the most suitable solution for you.


  • 7’2” height
  • Can hold a heavy punching bag up to 100 lbs.
  • Very compact footprint: 57 (L) x 47.6 (W) inches
  • Made of durable and scratch resistant powder coated steel tubing
  • Has three weight plate pegs
  • May be used indoors or outdoors
  • Budget-friendly price


  • You can add a couple of sandbags or other counterweights for added stability of the construction

Final verdict:

This is an affordable stand for your punching bag, which you can place anywhere inside and outside your home. It will hold a punching bag of up to 100lbs. securely even during the most intense workouts. It is excellent for exercise, stress relief and for fun, so don’t hesitate and get one now!

Final words

If you want to train at home or at your office, purchasing a good punching bag stand will provide you with an excellent opportunity to exercise those punches and improve your strength and speed.

Also, hitting on a punching bag will help you reduce the stress levels from your everyday work or other problems you may be experiencing, but not everybody can mount the heavy bag directly to the ceiling or wall, which makes the purchase of a freestanding stand for hanging your punching bag an excellent alternative.

You can choose one of the versatile stands which can hold different types of boxing bags (heavy and speed), or you can go with a traditional stand to hang your favorite heavy punching bag.

The models on our list are quite different, but each and every one of them is sturdy, reliable and most importantly safe for you, your property and for your family.

So, with any luck, you have made up your mind by now, and pretty soon you will be training on your own punching bag stand at home!

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