Best Pressure Washers of 2021

A good quality pressure washer can save you massive amounts of time, effort as well as money for cleaning your car or another vehicle or for hiring professional cleaners to wash your driveway, roof, patio, or any other outdoor area.

Pressure Washer

We have chosen the Schafter ST8 as our top favorite pressure washer for 2021, but there are another nine picks from all price ranges and types, which we love as well. Read on to find out more about the favorite pressure washers for 2021.

Schafter ST8 3000 PSI Pressure Washer

Our favorite pressure washer for 2021 is easy to use, energy-saving and will help you clean up your patio, driveway, camper, and the façade of your house with ease.

The Schafter ST8 3000 PSI features a convenient TTS (safety automatic total stop system), which will turn the machine off when the trigger is not used. This will help you save energy, lower your bills, and prolong the life of the pressure washing machine.

It has a power output of 1,800 Watts and a maximum pressure of 3,000 PSI (pressure per square inch), and a rated pressure of 2,200 PSI. The machine will clean all surfaces with a maximum flow rate of 1.80 GPM (gallons per minute). It can work with water from 0 – 40 degrees Celsius.

The washer has a very long 33-foot power cord with an inline GFCI (ground fault circuit interrupter), which can be used on all types of outdoor power outlets, and will not only protect the cleaning tool and yourself from any deviations in the electric current but is long enough to allow you to clean any object thoroughly without having to stop to plug the washer into another power outlet.

Thanks to the added four different nozzles sized 0, 15, 25, and 40 degrees, and to the fact that the pressure washer has different power options (low and high) you can pressure clean just about any surface safely and thoroughly.

The built-in hose reel will allow to easily and neatly store the 19.7-foot pressure hose and keep it protected when not in use, as well as make the machine easy to store and transport. You can easily wind and unwind the hose to the length you need without damaging or tangling it while cleaning.

The machine has sturdy large wheels and an upright position for easy mobility and portability, and so you can move around the object you are cleaning with minimal effort and disruption.

The Schafter ST8 3000 PSI is very versatile, which is one of the main reasons we chose it as our top pick for 2021. You can use it clean any kind of vehicle including cars, trucks, RVs, boats, ATVs, as well as your home walls, roofs, and façade, the driveway, patio, or any other outdoor space, as well as your garden furniture.

With a pressure washer like this, you can say goodbye to all of the grime, dirt, mildew, greasy and oily leaks, rust and other persistent and tough stains.

The size of the pressure cleaning machine is 11.7 x 10.5 x 29.6 inches and it weighs around 22 lbs.

It comes with 5 nozzle attachments, a spray gun, a cleaning pin, a universal threaded hose connector, and of course the high-pressure hose and long power cord.

Overall, you will get everything you can expect from a top-quality power pressure in an easy to use and relatively compact and mobile package for an excellent price if you pick the ST8 power washer.

The runner up

Power Products USA Pressure Washer 2200 PSI 1.76 GPM

The runner-up in our top 10 list for the perfect pressure washers for 2021 is offered by Power Products USA and is incredibly energy efficient and with a long lifespan, so it will be serving for years to come.

The GPM 14.5Amp brushless induction technology power washer has a pressure output of up to 2200 PSI provided by the state-of-the-art induction motor. It is amazingly energy efficient as it requires less electricity to generate a high-pressure output than a regular brushed motor power washer does.

Not only will you be paying lower electricity bills when you use this pressure washing machine, but you will also ensure that it lasts for much longer (as the company claims – up to 3 times longer) than most other cleaning machines of this range.

The pressure washing machine has a 30ft power cord and a 20ft. hose, which means you can reach your car, your garden furniture ,or any other object you want to clean with ease.

It has a Total Stop System ,which will switch the unit off as soon as the sensor detects that the water has stopped flowing because the trigger is not engaged. This will save both power and water and will make cleaning and taking breaks easier and less messy.

This excellent pressure washer operates very quietly, so you won’t be bothering your family members or neighbors when you decide to wash your car, driveway ,or your garden furniture.

The cleaner has a comfortable telescopic handle and large wheels so you can move it around easily when using it or putting it away for storage.

It is light and compact – 15.8 x 10.2 x 23.2 inches and 36.5 lbs. only. It also comes with an included nifty soap dispenser to add the detergent of your choice.

It is sold at a reasonable price, and with a 100% money-back satisfaction guarantee and a 3-year warranty, so you can actually try it before committing to buy it forever.

Best budget choice

Sun Joe SPX200E 1350 PSI Electric Pressure Washer

Not everyone needs a heavy-duty pressure washer, and not everybody is willing to pay a hundred or several hundred dollars for such a machine, which is why we have picked out the finest budget option for 2021 – the Sun Joe SPX200E.

This power washer costs less than $60 and is an excellent cleaning tool for medium and light cleaning jobs.

The SPX200E has a maximum pressure output of 1350 PSI, and a water flow rate of 1.45 GPM. You can adjust the flow and pressure from gentle to strong with a simple turn of the nozzle.

It features the automatic TSS which switches the water flow and power off as soon as the trigger is released, which helps save energy, water and prolongs the life of the device.

The compact power washer comes with a comfortable extension wand as well as a long 20-foot pressure hose, so you can easily reach all parts of the patio, car, wall or anything else you are cleaning.

The machine also has a 35 ft. power cord with added GFCI protection to keep you and the device safe in case of problems with the electric current.

The greatest advantage of this pressure washer is that it is only 7.56 x 6.69 x 13.5 inches in size and weighs 9.15 lbs. which makes it the perfect tool for people of all ages and fitness levels to use and carry around.

You can use this small-sized, affordable pressure washing device for cleaning inside and out, and to remove all kinds of dirt, grime, oil and other unsightly stains and dirt from your vehicles, your home, and even your windows.

If you are on a tight budget and yet want a high-quality pressure cleaning tool, we strongly recommend this compact, inexpensive and durable one by Sun Joe.

Our other picks for the best pressure washers for 2021

PowRyte Elite 3000 PSI Electric Pressure Washer

If you want to buy a full package of machines and accessories for pressure cleaning at an excellent price, you should take a closer look at the PowRyte Elite 3000 PSI.


  • The power washer has a maximum PSI of 3,000 and a 1.90 GPM of water flow
  • The pressure and water flow can be manually adjusted for all kinds of cleaning jobs
  • Tackles serious heavy-duty cleaning jobs much faster than most other machines in the range
  • It is sold with four quick connect spray nozzles of 0, 15, 25, and 45 degrees and an additional soap spray tip
  • The machine has a pre-integrated soap or detergent tank
  • It automatically shuts down when the trigger is released thanks to the TSS
  • A 35-foot long power cord with a GFCI plug for added safety
  • A 25-foot pressure hose and a built-in hose reel to keep it safe and neatly stored away
  • The machine can work with water with a temperature of up to 104 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Perfect for all kinds of vehicles, outdoor spaces and furniture, and other cleaning jobs
  • Its dimensions are 36 x 15.2 x 14.8 inches and it weighs 35 lbs.
  • It also comes with a hose quick connector to attach your garden hose

Stanley SHP2150 Electric Pressure Washer

Do you want a pressure washer which can soap your car or other vehicle and wash it automatically? The Stanley SHP2150 has a foamer and detergent tank which will do the perfect job for you.


  • A maximum output of 2,150 PSI
  • An included 28 oz. foam cannon – detergent tank which will help soap and clean even the most soiled surfaces easily and without any manual scrubbing required
  • Excellent for quick and efficient deep cleaning of outdoor surfaces, garden furniture, vehicles, garbage cans, cages for animals and others
  • The hose connector and other connections are made of leak-proof brass – the connection diameters are standard 22mm for garden hoses
  • Includes a washer gun, a washer wand, a 25-foot long pressure hose, 4 quick connect pressure nozzles, a foamer, and an O-ring replacement set
  • The nozzles include 0, 15, 25, and 40-degree angled ones
  • It is 43 times more powerful than a garden hose and uses much less water than washing with a 7 PSI conventional garden hose
  • Added sturdy and large wheels for easy portability
  • The dimensions of the cleaner are 14.57 x 13.58 x 26.77 inches
  • A weight of only 26 lbs.
  • Sold with a 2-year warranty and lifetime support
  • CSA certified for safety

Sun Joe PX3001 2030 PSI Electric Pressure Washer

Are you shopping for a power washer which will help you keep your patio and outdoor space in pristine condition with minimum effort? The Sun Joe SPX3001 is an exceptional choice.


  • Generates pressure of up to 2,030 PSI, and flow of up to 1.76 GPM thanks to the high power 1800 Watt / 14.5Amp motor
  • The price includes 5 quick-connect spraying tips – 0, 15, 25, 40 degrees and soap
  • A perfect pressure washer for light, medium, and heavy-duty cleaning
  • You can keep the pressure hose safely organized via the onboard reel
  • Includes an integrated 40.6 oz. detergent tank to help remove even the most stubborn stains and grime
  • The hose is 20 feet long
  • Connects to garden hoses with a ¼ inch diameter
  • The power cord is 35 ft. long
  • A Total Stop System automatically turns the unit off the minute you let go of the pressure trigger
  • The unit weighs 31 lbs. and is 14.4 x 16.5 x 33.5 inches in size
  • CSA approved for safety
  • Works with cold water
  • Easy use and quiet operation
  • A 2- year limited warranty

YARD FORCE 3200 PSI Gas Power Pressure Washer

If you don’t want to be restrained by cables and short battery life, you can get this gas-powered cordless Yard Force 3200 PSI power pressure washer and do all the washing you want wherever you want. This is one of the most powerful of all pressure washers which made it into our list.


  • Incredible pressure power output of up to 3200 PSI
  • Water output of 2.5 GPM
  • A 208cc EX start the gas horizontal engine with an axial pump will ensure you get all the power you want for even the hardest power washing tasks
  • The engine and pump are covered by a 2-year warranty
  • A 30-foot long sturdy rubber hose is winded on a reel that connects directly to the pump for tangle-free and safe storage
  • A roll cage design for added stability with a folding handle and available storage for all the accessories for the device
  • 12 inch large-sized, free-spinning wheels for easy mobility on all terrains and for climbing stairs and easy spinning in all directions
  • A large capacity tank for more cleaning per refill
  • Versatile soap and detergent application options
  • 4 quick connect nozzles including a 15 and 40 degree one, as well as a soap nozzle and a turbo nozzle for heavy-duty cleaning
  • The spray gun and the pressure wand have standard sized metal QC fittings and a ¼ inch connection
  • The size of the device is 24 x 22 x 37 inches, and it weighs 75 lbs.
  • It comes with tools for easy oil and sparks plug changing

NorthStar Pressure Washer Surface Cleaner

If you need a pressure washer surface cleaner, you cannot go wrong with this ergonomic and highly efficient cleaner by NorthStar.


  • A capacity to handle a pressure output of up to 4,000 PSI and 8.0 GPM of water
  • Superb for deep cleaning concrete, roofs, patios, decks, driveways, and many others
  • A durable cover made of ABS
  • All mounting components are made of anodized aluminum for added sturdiness
  • An ergonomic compensating design of the spray gun will make cleaning easier and will help reduce fatigue even after serious deep cleaning
  • The cleaning width and length is 20 inches, so cleaning large areas will  become a breeze
  • The rotary swivel bar has two spray nozzles which will clean all surfaces to perfection
  • The input water temperature can be up to 185 degrees Fahrenheit
  • It has a high-pressure inlet filter for the pressure gun
  • It comes with 2 replacement nozzles
  • It does require a pressure washer

Powerhouse International – The Force 1800 – PULL BEHIND – Electric Pressure Washer

If you have tight storage space or need a power washer that is small and light enough to carry around and clean your car, home, and outdoors, we suggest you consider purchasing this affordable and small-sized pull behind pressure washer by Powerhouse International.


  • The machine weighs only 17 lbs. and is just 16 x 10 x 10 inches in size, which makes it perfect for limited storage and for portability.
  • It costs less than $100
  • The device has a maximum output of 1,800 PSI and a flow rate of 1.6 GPM.
  • It has an initial power burst of 2,600 PSI.
  • The pressure hose is 20 feet long.
  • It will stop working as soon as you let go of the pressure trigger thanks to the automatic TSS and will turn back on only after you press the trigger for added safety, less mess, and energy saving.
  • The on and off power switch can be pressed by foot.
  • The device includes onboard storage space for all accessories for compact and neat storage.
  • It is sold with 3 nozzle attachments (turbo, angle, and malfunction) and an adjustable soap dispenser, and a nylon soft-bristled brush for complete deep cleaning.
  • The motor automatically switches off if it detects that it is overheating
  • Sold with a 1-year warranty
  • Superb reliable customer service by Powerhouse International

WEN PW31 3100 PSI Gas Pressure Washer

The WEN PW31 is yet another very powerful and efficient gas-powered pressure washer which we gladly added to our top 10 list for power washers for 2021.


  • A durable and powerful 208cc, 4-stroke engine which can pump up to 2.5 gallons of water per minute
  • A maximum of 3,100 PSI
  • Thanks to the axial cam pump, you will get a steady and strong flow of pressurized water
  • Sold with 5 nozzles including 0, 15, 25, and 40-degree ones and a soap attachment
  • Easy to move on all terrains thanks to the large 12-inch wheels
  • An onboard detergent tank is included in the price
  • The pressure hose is 30 feet long and reinforced for added durability, and it will stay neat and tangle-free thanks to the added reel on the pressure washer
  • The added quick-connect spray gun can be easily attached and stored on the pressure washer body along with all other included attachments
  • Its dimensions are 21 x 21 x 40 inches and it weighs 67 lbs.
  • The handles make it easy to maneuver and store
  • Sold with a 2-year limited warranty and excellent customer support

The pros and cons of pressure washers

If you are thinking about buying a high-pressure washer for your house or business needs, it is a good idea to explore the various positive and adverse effects of investing in such a device.

The main starting point is to define exactly what you will be using this highly functional cleaning device for. Do you want to buy one to help you clean your house and garden, or do you maybe need it for heavy-duty cleaning of oil, chemicals or other dirt in your garage or workshop?

Keep in mind, that the power washer is very effective for cleaning certain types of surfaces and materials.  It is an excellent and easy tool to use when cleaning the pavement in front of your house, but it definitely is not suitable for cleaning walls with stucco coating or decoration of your walls, as it may very well destroy them. On the other hand, when used carefully it will be an excellent tool for removing the old paint from your walls.

A powerful water pressure cleaner has its benefits and disadvantages.  A machine like this will allow you to clean greasy and very dirty surfaces easily.

You can save a lot of money by washing your vehicle, home, roof, and outdoor space by yourself instead of renting a power washer or hiring professionals to do the job for you.

If you purchase a good-quality pressure washer, you will be able to use it for many years ahead. It will be a valuable and enduring cleaning tool for your home and commercial needs.  Look for a pressure washer that is made of good quality, durable materials, including the power cord and pressure hose. This is an essential factor if you want to ensure that you are making a long-term investment.

At the same time, the time and effort demanding household chores you dread such as cleaning the roof, the outdoor areas, your driveway, patio, and garage, or your car, truck, RV, camper or another vehicle, the pavement, the fence, your barbecue, your boat, etc can become easy and fun with the help of a pressure washer.   These are usually cleaning chores, which you will partake in several times a year, at the most.  In order to be cost-effective, the electric pressure washers should be used for at least 20 hours per year.

When used appropriately, a pressure washer will save you a lot of time and effort, and will surely produce a better effect than if you try to clean the surfaces or objects in the traditional way.

You can also use your power washer to clean your garden furniture, the pavement, and pathways of your backyard, as well as wash your car or truck perfectly, including its undercarriage and tires.

The greasy residue from your grill and barbecue equipment can also be easily washed off with the appropriate water pressure washer.

The only thing you need to keep in mind when doing it is to keep moving the washer’s nozzle at all times when washing the body of your car or another vehicle, so as not to damage the paint with the high-pressure water jet ejected.

Pressure washing is eco-friendly as well, as it utilizes much less water than a regular garden hose. It cleans faster and more efficiently, and electric or battery-powered machines do not emit harmful gases. Also, when cleaning with such a power washer, you will be using less potentially toxic detergent, and you will also keep your premises and belongings clean and in good shape for longer, which is also the responsible and sustainable thing to do.

As for the cons, keep in mind that these highly effective cleaning devices can cause harm to the surface you are cleaning, or to the person using them, or anybody exposed to their pressurized flow of water, so make sure that you are careful when using such a device.  Once you get the hang of it, you will find the pressure washer to be an irreplaceable cleaning tool for your home, backyard, garden, car, or business premises.

The many uses of pressure washers

A pressure washer is basically a sprayer device, which releases a strong flow of water through a hose, and its pressure is regulated through a nozzle. This handy tool is suitable for cleaning large and dirty surfaces, such as pavements and driveways, heavy equipment and machines, garden furniture, statues, gates, all kinds of vehicles and buildings.  It is more sustainable than an ordinary garden hose, because it uses less water, and cleans surfaces and objects much faster.

You can use your power washer to remove graffiti, fuel exhausts residues, other pollution, and emissions from building walls.  The best pressure washers will remove the lime, mineral, and hard water deposits, usually formed on any equipment, which utilizes water. They are also highly effective in removing the stubborn greasy and oily deposits and stains and thus are preferred car, engine, garage, and driveway cleaning tools.

The pressure washers can easily and effectively clean the outdoor area of your house from any algae, pollution residues, and other accumulated dirt, no matter if the surface is wooden, aluminum or vinyl.  Instead of trying to do this cleaning job manually with a normal hose or a bucket and sponge, you can do it without getting your hands dirty and without spending miserable hours scrubbing.

In case you are planning to repaint your house, and dread the moment when you have to remove all the loose paint with manual scraping and scrubbing, then choosing the best pressure washer to easily remove it is the right solution for you.

When washing wooden surfaces, you should keep the water flow moving, because concentrating it on one spot for a prolonged time might damage the finish on the wood.

As well as the walls of your house, the pressure washer makes cleaning you’re a breeze.  You can easily wash off all leaves, dirt and any other debris stuck on the roof, and blow out your gutters with hardly any effort.  The only important thing to remember is to pressure wash the roof from the rooftop downwards to avoid damaging it with the powerful water flow.

When you are done with your house, and it has become squeaky clean, you can wash your garden pavements and pathways, by blowing off any dirt, debris, unwanted weeds, etc.

If you choose the pressure washer for your needs, you will save a lot of time and effort to achieve a perfectly clean house, garden, garage, driveway, and vehicles, and will save water and power as well.

Are electric or gas pressure washers better?

Depending on the surfaces you are planning to be using your cleaning device for, you can choose from the several types of pressure washers available on the market.  Basically, there are electric, gas, and battery-powered pressure washers.  The electric ones are generally easier to use and are eco-friendly.  They are the most inexpensive variety available at the market, but are not as powerful as gas-powered power washers.

If you need the machine for cleaning objects or surfaces, which are located away from an electrical output, you may want to think about purchasing a gas-powered pressure washer. It though will not be as eco-friendly as the electric ones, as it will discharge exhaust whilst in use.

More people are interested in buying an inexpensive pressure washer for their household needs.   This type of pressure washer will cost somewhere in the range of $50 to $250.  Usually, the idea of purchasing such an instrument is that you will not be using it every day, but will still want to make use of it effectively several times a year.

When planning to purchase a power washer, you should carefully define what chores you are planning to use it for. If you are planning to use it on a daily basis or for commercial and industrial purposes, or if you want to blow out your roof gutters, remove old paint from your house’s sidings, or would like to effectively clean greasy and oily stubborn stains from your garage or driveway, then you will probably need a more powerful pressure washer.  Gas pressure washers are twice or more times powerful than the electric ones, so what you are planning to use your cleaning tool for is essential when choosing the right one for you.

Usually, the more affordable household pressure washers are electric.  They also require less costly maintenance, such as filter changing, oil changing, gas, etc.

The electric pressure washers have the benefit of being much quieter than gas-powered ones. They are also more environmentally friendly because they do not discharge any harmful carbon fumes and exhaust into the atmosphere.

Furthermore, the lack of a need for a reservoir for the gas makes the electric pressure washers much lighter and easier to move and carry around.

The pressure washer can be used for almost any surface, and if utilized correctly, there is no danger of ruining anything or harming someone.  It can quickly restore a clean and new look to your garage, a machine part, or other very dirty objects or surface, which may not have been cleaned thoroughly in years.

Final words

We sincerely hope that we have helped you make up your mind about the best pressure washer for your needs. All of our top picks are of excellent quality and are fairly priced for the quality and value provides, so we are pretty sure that you will happy with any one of our favorite pressure washers for 2021!

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