The 7 Best Gaming Couches in 2021

gaming couch

If you enjoy endless hours of gaming on your computer or video game, you know how essential it is to have a comfortable seat, to keep you comfortable and free from tenseness and soreness. A good quality gaming couch can do wonders for your gaming …

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Top 10 Best Magnetic Screen Doors to Buy in 2021

Magnetic Screen Door

With the increased instances of people getting the dangerous West Nile Virus from mosquito bites this year, it comes to no surprise that people are seeking the best ways to keep their families protected from these blood-sucking insects. A high-quality magnetic screen door like our …

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Suzanne Whiston – Biography 2021

suzanne whiston3

Suzanne Whiston Read more about Suzanne: General Facts and Figures Full name: Suzanne Whiston Net Worth: $2 million Occupation: TV Journalist, producer of BBC’s “Match of the Day” Birthday: 1968 Birthplace: England Birth Sign: Undisclosed Spouse: In a relationship with Karl Pilkington What makes Suzanne …

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Katie Pavlich – Biography 2021

katie pavlich

Katie Pavlich Here is all you need to know about Katie Pavlich: General Facts and Figures Full name: Catherine Merri Pavlich Net Worth: $2 Million Occupation: Journalist, Autor, Blogger, Commentator, Podcaster Birthday: July 10, 1988 Birthplace: Arizona, United States Birth Sign: Cancer Marital status: Married Katie …

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Tyler1’s Girlfriend – Biography 2021


Tyler1 Girlfriend Read on to learn more about her: General Facts and Figures Full name: Macaiyla Net Worth: $200,000 Occupation: Instagram star Birthday: August 21, 1998 Birthplace: Colonie, Albany New York Birth Sign: Leo Spouse: Boyfriend – LolTyler1 (aka Tyler Steinkamp) Lives In: Missouri Nationality: American Ethnicity: Panamanian & Irish Twitch YouTube …

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Shawn Killinger – Biography 2021

shawn killinger2

Shawn Killinger Read more about the journalist and QVC host Shawn Killinger: General Facts and Figures Full name: Shawn Killinger Net Worth: Over $1 million Occupation: Journalist, QVC host Birthday: November 2nd, 1979 Birthplace: Detroit, Michigan Birth Sign: Scorpio Spouse: Joseph “Joe” Carretta Kids: 2 stepsons, …

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Lisa Robertson – Biography 2021

lisa robertson2

Lisa Robertson Read on to learn more about Lisa: General Facts and Figures Full name: Lisa Robertson Net Worth: Over $5 million Occupation: TV Personality, fashion and home décor designer, former QVC home shopping network presenter Birthday: November 7th, 1965 Birthplace: Collegedale, Tennessee Birth Sign: Libra …

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Gillian Turner – Biography 2021

gillian turner

Gillian Turner Read more about the news correspondent Gillian Turner: General Facts and Figures Full name: Gillian Turner Net Worth: $1.5 Million Occupation: News Correspondent for Fox News and a national security consultant Birthday: September 6, 1982 Birthplace: Cape Town, South Africa Birth Sign: Virgo …

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