35 White Elephant Gift Ideas 2020

White Elephant Gifts

Are you having a gift swap at the office, or are invited to a white elephant gift party, and want to be the one with the most original and fun gift of all? We have gone through hundreds of hilarious, unusual and fun gag gifts, some more practical, and others not so much to come … Read more

The 9 Best Mobile Printers to Buy in 2020

Portable Printer

With people becoming more reliant on their mobile devices, it comes to no surprise that there is a surge in the popularity of the various portable printers on the market. With a compact and wireless printer like our top pick – the Canon IVY, you can print out your favorite photos on the go, without … Read more

Dust Mites. Prevention And Treatment in 2020

Dust mites are the microscopic cousins of the spiders, as well as of lobsters and shrimp. They feed on the dead skin cells us humans, as well as animals, shed on a daily basis. They thrive well in humid and warm environments and often reside in the carpeting, bedding as well as in the upholstered … Read more

Can Dogs Eat That Food? The Answers in 2020

Can Dogs Eat

So, you are a dedicated dog parent and love to spoil your pet, but do you know what kinds of food you can share with your canine friend, and which types of human food can actually be harmful and even dangerous for it? Sure, some foods which we like to eat are perfectly fine and … Read more