Thomas Beaudoin – Biography 2021

thomas beaudoin1

Thomas Beaudoin Learn more about Thomas Beaudoin: General Facts and Figures Full name: Thomas Beaudoin Net Worth: $5 Million Occupation: Actor, TV Star, Photographer Birthday: August 21, 1981 Birthplace: Thetford Mines, Canada Birth Sign: Leo Spouse: Unmarried Thomas Beaudoin is a Canadian-born actor who has worked …

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Amanda Martin – Biography 2021

amanda martin

Amanda Martin Learn more about Amanda: General Facts and Figures Full name: Amanda Martin Net Worth: $300 000 Occupation: Reality television star Birthday: December 11, 1973 Birthplace: Red Oak, USA Birth Sign: Saggitarius Spouse: Joe Martin Amanda Martin is a reality television star currently starring …

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The 6 Best Propane Wok Burners

propane wok burner

Propane Wok Burner Have you been experimenting with your Wok at home, but cannot seem to get the taste of your stir fry or other Asian-inspired recipes tasting like they do in an Asian restaurant or on the street of a busy Asian town? Well, …

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Best Gifts for Dungeons and Dragons Players

gifts for dd players

Gifts for Dungeons and Dragons Players Dungeons and Dragons was first published back in 1974, and in 2021 is still going strong. If you are searching for the perfect gift for that adventurer or Dungeon Master in your life, then search no further. The following …

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3 Ways On How To Warm Comotomo Bottles

how to warm comotomo bottles

A common question asked by parents is how to warm Comotomo bottles or how to clean them. Comotomo bottles, as we discussed in the previous Comotomo vs. Mimijumi article, are unique. One thing that makes them unique is the silicone material they are made of. …

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Gifts for Moon Lovers

moon gifts

Moon Gifts The mystical moon and the twinkling stars have always been the symbols for lovers and star-crossed lovers. But the moon is so much more. Folklore has wolves howling at the full moon, and certain flowers only flower at the full moon. We tell …

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Unique Gifts for Hamster Lovers and Owners

best hamster gifts

Hamster Gifts There aren’t many pets out there cuter than a fuzzy little hamster. Hamsters come in many different colors and sizes, but they all have one thing in common: they’re positively adorable. This, combined with how easy they are to care for, makes them …

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Great Gift Ideas for Bingo Lovers

gifts for bingo lovers

Gifts for Bingo Lovers Looking for the perfect gift idea for a bingo lover? Whether he or she’s your grandma, mom, other family member or friend, we’ve got you covered with 22 great ideas. Bingo – the game that is determined by pure luck. There’s …

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