10 Best Self-Cleaning Litter Boxes 2019

Tired of scooping out the mess and clump litter out of your cat’s litter box? Thank God for cat lovers like me that there are now some excellent self-cleaning litter boxes out there on the market. After meticulously testing most of them, and after talking to other cat parents who have experience with these self-cleaning … Read more

Hunting Dog Breeds

Humans and canines have been hunting alongside each other ever since the domestication of the dogs began, before the age of agriculture, when hunting was the main source of food and survival. Today, there are hundreds of hunting dog breeds which today when hunting is more of a sport are referred to as sporting dogs … Read more

Medium Dog Breeds

If you are not a fan of miniature and toy sized lapdogs, but you are also not too keen on the gigantic dog breeds, it is a good idea to opt for one of the many amazing medium dog breeds instead. Medium sized dogs can live in both small and big homes. They are usually … Read more