10 Best Home Safes of 2020

Home Safe

Do you need a secure and sturdy home safe to safely store your jewelry, your family treasures, your laptop or other valuables? Or maybe you need a safe with quick access to keep away your guns and medications from your children? With a home safe like the Verifi Smart Safe, you can rest assured that … Read more

Walgreenslistens Survey 2020

Do you usually pop-in your local Walgreens or Duane Reade pharmacy to fill out a prescription, buy cosmetics or shop for household or other items? Make sure you keep your receipt because it is your ticket for entering the monthly sweepstakes for a check for $3,000! The pharmaceutical retail giant has set up a Walgreens … Read more

MyBKExperience – Burger King Survey & Feedback 2020

You simply can’t resist the urge to pop into Burger King and enjoy a mouthwatering flame-grilled Whopper or another burger? How about getting the chance to receive a free juicy Whopper sandwich, an original chicken sandwich or a Croissan’Wich next time you go? It is absolutely possible, and actually very easy to win this delicious … Read more

Molekule Air Purifier Review 2020

Molekule Air Purifier

You have probably heard the claim that HEPA filter based purifiers can capture 99.99% of the airborne allergens and pollutants from the air, but the Molekule Air Purifier is the first purifier which will destroy them 100%. The producers of this innovative air purifier have created the Molekule as the first one which not only … Read more

Can Dogs Eat That Food? The Answers in 2020

Can Dogs Eat

So, you are a dedicated dog parent and love to spoil your pet, but do you know what kinds of food you can share with your canine friend, and which types of human food can actually be harmful and even dangerous for it? Sure, some foods which we like to eat are perfectly fine and … Read more

Yorkie Names – Amazing Ideas For Naming Yorkshire Terriers

Yorkie Names

With their compact lapdog size and their big personalities, it comes to no surprise that Yorkshire terriers have been one of the top 10 AKC dog breeds for many years. If you own a Yorkie, you know that this small-sized pup is anything put a purse dog. In fact, the breed is often referred to … Read more

20 Best Artificial Christmas Trees of 2020

Artificial Christmas Tree

Whether it is for environmental concerns, or because you want to save money, or eliminate the hassle of dealing with the shedding and the setting up and dismantling of a real Christmas tree, an artificial Christmas tree is an excellent alternative. By investing in a high-quality, realistic artificial tree like the top-rated Home heritage Lincoln … Read more