Ozark Trail Coolers – 2020 Reviews

Ozark Trail is a brand name owned by Walmart and includes a variety of coolers and outdoor equipment like backpacks, sleeping bags, tents, base layers, cap kitchens, camping furniture, canopies, and footwear. One of the most notable and popular associations which people make with Ozark Trail are the excellent quality coolers carrying this brand.

Ozark Trail is known for its affordable and very good quality hard-sided and soft-sided coolers as well as for the drink wear. The idea of the manufacturers is to offer high quality, reliable ice coolers that are accessible to the average person and to people on tight budgets.

Unlike the premium ice coolers offered by some of the leading brands like Yeti, Pelican and others, Ozark Trail coolers can be found for prices which are just a fragment of those asked for the top of the line products of the same type and size offered by the other cooler companies. The ice chests offered by the company have excellent ice retention capacities and can be the affordable alternatives to the high end expensive hard-sided coolers.

Ozark Trail Cooler

Ozark Trail also has some heavy-duty wheeled coolers which are of excellent quality and offered at a great price.

There are also some mainstream soft-sided and other coolers that are inexpensive and can be used for carrying your lunch or going on a picnic.

Here is a detailed review of all of the Ozark Trail coolers offered on the market in 2020.

The hard-sided Ozark Trail coolers

Currently, Walmart’s Ozark Trail brand has a line-up of three hard-sided ice chest coolers. These include the 26 Quart, 52 Quart, and the 73 Quart Coolers. The manufacturer has focused all efforts to make the most common sizes – small, medium and large.

The Ozark Trail 26 Quart cooler

This is a high performance, heavy duty, roto-molded cooler which has an ice retention capacity of up to 4.5 days thanks to the premium quality insulation of the ice chest. The construction is seamless, sturdy and is definitely built to last. The exterior of this small-sized Ozark Trail ice cooler is UV resistant.

The capacity of the cooler is 26 quarts and it has a size of 21.75 x 13 x 15.5 inches on the outside and interior dimensions of 16 x 9 x 10.75 inches. The weight of this cooler is 16 lbs. when empty.

The icebox can be closed securely via the strong T-handle latches, and the cooler itself has a stainless steel handle on top which provides a comfortable grip.

The Ozark Trail 26 has a stainless steel locking plate and an added bottle opener for your convenience.

The lid has a nifty fish ruler for all the fishers out there, and also 2 convenient drink holders on top, so you can use the cooler as a table. It is bear-resistant certified.

The smallest cooler in the series is offered in blue, gray, white and beige color options.

The Ozark Trail cooler is sold at a very affordable price and comes with a 5-year warranty.

Ozark Trail 52 qt High Performance Cooler, Grey

The mid-sized 52-quart cooler in this series is available in gray and white color options.  It is a heavy-duty ice chest which has sufficient insulation, UV protection, and great locking to hold your ice for up to 7 days. The construction is roto-molded and seamless, so there is no danger of any weak spots breaking and leaking while you are on your outdoor adventure.

The Ozark Trail Cooler is 28.75 x 17.5 x 17 inches big, and its interior is 23 x 11.6 x 11 inches in size. The cooler weighs 31.05 lbs. when empty and has heavy-duty handles with a comfortable grip on both sides for easy carrying alone or with a friend.

It has a strong stainless steel locking plate and T-handle latches. An added bottle opener will come in handy when you are lounging outdoors next to it. It also has 4 cup or drink holders on the lid and an integrated fish ruler.

The cooler has an oversized drain for quick water emptying which has a threaded plug. The drain is garden hose compatible and can be drained with or without a hose.

The feet of the cooler are reversible and are anti-skid, so you don’t have to worry about the cooler damaging the flooring if you are dragging it.

You will also receive a useful wire basket to place delicate foodstuffs on top of the cooler.

This is an affordable, bear-resistant ice cooler that is sold with a 5-year warranty.

The Ozark Trail 73 Quart High-Performance Cooler

The price of this large-sized roto-molded ice chest cooler is unmatched on the market. It is perfectly affordable and yet is a sturdy and reliable hard-sided cooler which will retain the ice for 9 and more days.

The rugged construction will ensure that the cooler will withstand a lot of bumps, uneven roads, off-road trips, and outdoor adventures in all kinds of conditions.

It is one-piece roto-molded so there are no weak seams on the ice box.

It too has T-handle latches, a built-in bottle opener on the stainless steel locking plate and a pair of heavy-duty handles which are comfortable to grip and carry.

The lid has 4 cup holders, a fish ruler and sufficient space to use it as a side table when you are out fishing or camping.

This bear resistant ice cooler has reversible feet which will not damage your hard floor if you drag it instead of carrying it. It has an oversize, garden hose compatible drain and comes with a convenient wire basket for better organization of your beverages and foodstuffs.

The size of the largest ice chest cooler from Ozark Trail is 30.5 x 19.5 x 18 inches, and its roomy interior is 24.6 x 13.7 x 12 inches. The weight of the cooler when empty is 32.25 lbs.

The ice chest comes at a very reasonable price for the size, make and the ice retention capabilities it offers. It too is UV resistant and is offered with a 5-year warranty.

Ozark Trail Cooler Wheel Kit

If you already own or plan on buying one of the largest excellent Ozark Trail ice chest coolers, then this Cooler Wheel Kit is an excellent accessory to buy to make the coolers much easier to transport and move around on any terrain.


  • Designed to fit the Ozark Trail hard-sided ice chest coolers sized 52 and 73 quarts
  • Includes two pneumatic wheels sized 10 inches
  • Sturdy steel chassis
  • Added foot extenders
  • A comfortable pull or push T-handle to move and steer the cooler around easily
  • Makes the larger coolers much easy to transport, and more portable on all terrain types
  • The kit includes hardware and webbing for assembling the wheel set
  • The wheel kit is attached via 4 bolts to the bottom of the ice chest cooler (the bolts are included)
  • The overall weight of 13 lbs.


The soft-sided Ozark Trailer coolers

The brand offers a larger selection of budget-friendly soft-sided coolers. The models available on the market in 2020 include – the Premium Jumbo Tote, the Premium 24 can cooler, Premium 36 can expandable top cooler, 12 can cooler, 12 can Premium cooler, 24 can cooler with a removable hardliner, Premium backpack cooler, 48 can zipperless cooler, 30 can zipperless cooler, Vintage 6 can cooler, 18 can extreme cooler blue, 6 can cooler and a 12 can backpack cooler.

All of them are reasonably priced and built to last. Most of all, they are excellent for picnics, carrying lunch, for day trips and for weekend trips.

Ozark Trail 12 Can Expandable Top Soft-sided Cooler – Fits 12 Cans – Outdoor Equipment

The Ozark Trail 12-can Expandable Top Soft-sided cooler is an inexpensive and lightweight cooler bag that will keep up to 12 cans or your snacks and the added ice cool and fresh for hours.


  •  A compact and lightweight size of 12 (W) x 7.5 (D) x 10 (H) inches, and weighs 1.1 lbs.
  • Durable insulation to keep the food or drinks cool for hours
  •  Fits 12 cans plus the added ice for cooling
  •  A removable plastic liner which can be washed easily
  •  Adjustable and padded shoulder strap
  •  A 3-inch expandable upper storage compartment for your gear and added snacks
  • Once empty, you can fold it up and fit it in a backpack
  •  Large mesh pockets on both sides for your belongings and other items
  •  A large zippered pocket and a smaller one for your valuables, keys, money, and documents
  •  An excellent option for a lunchbox

Ozark Trail 6-Can Collapsible Cooler with Cold Sensor

The Ozark Trail 6-can soft-sided cooler is a small but very useful cooler which you can use as a lunchbox, or when you want to enjoy a few drinks or refreshments while spending time outdoors. Plus, it comes with a nifty sensor that will let you know when the cooler is cold, and when it is warming up.


  • A compact and lightweight foldable cooler
  • It can fit up to 6 cans with added ice
  • It has a cold sensing ink feature which will turn blue when the interior is cold
  • A large zippered front pocket for accessories
  • A comfortable and adjustable, padded shoulder strap
  • It has antimicrobial, lead-free PVC liner which is easy to clean
  • The size of the cooler is 9.5 x 7 x 7.5 inches
  •  One it is empty you can fold it up for easy portability
  •  It is perfect for a lunchbox
  • Low price
  • Different color options

50 Can Thermal Tote – Red

The Insulated Cooler Tote by Ozark is another superb choice if you prefer the convenience of using a soft-sided cooler. The Tote doubles as a cooler and can fit up to 50 cans with the added ice packs.


  • Fitted with high-density insulation to keep the beverages or snacks cold and to prevent leaking
  • It has an 8.85-gallon capacity and can fit up to 50 cans and ice
  • A special leak-proof interior and exterior design
  • The inner lining can be cleaned easily
  • There is a zippered pocket on the front where you can carry other stuff
  • It has comfortable carry handles and added shoulder straps
  • Its size is 7.88 (L) x 20.10 (W) x 18.38 (H) inches, and weighs 1.207 lbs. when empty

Ozark Trail 40 Can Cooler Duffel Bag

This cooler has the convenience and functionality of a duffel bag but is a fully functional cooler that can fit up to 40 cans, snacks, as well as your gear when you are outdoors on an adventure.


  • Designed like a duffel bag, with adjustable and padded double-cross body  straps for comfortable carrying
  • A capacity to fit up to 40 cans and added ice
  • A large zippered opening for easy and quick loading or packing, and for easy access to your snacks or beverages
  • It has multiple zippered pockets and compartments to carry other gear or belongings as well
  • It has side pouch pockets for holding your water or other items
  • Suitable for use with ice packs or enclosed ice packs
  • It is 17.30 x 11.60 x 9.60 inches in size and weighs only 1.65 lbs.

Ozark Trail Premium Backpack Cooler

This cool looking backpack cooler will grab everybody’s attention when you are outdoors enjoying a day trip, and it will ensure that you always have your favorite beverage cold and nearby.


  • Offered in gray, green and white
  • Made of easy to clean, durable 600D material
  • The straps of the backpack are completely adjustable and cushioned
  • The interior can fit up to 20 cans as well as the ice to keep them cold
  • It has 2 bottle openers
  • 2 daisy chain points for attachment
  • A nifty front pocket for accessories
  • An EVA foam compression molded base and top
  • A compression strap
  • It can hold 15 lbs. of ice
  • The size of the backpack is 7 x 9 x 9.5 inches, and it weighs 2 lbs.

The Ozark Trail 24 can cooler with removable hardliner

This is a convenient soft-sided cooler which will keep your beverages and food safe wherever you go, thanks to the removable and washable liner.


  • Available in black, blue and green colors
  • It can hold up to 24 can plus the ice
  • Adjustable and comfortable shoulder strap
  • The hard liner is removable and easy to wash and keep sanitary
  • large side mesh pockets for additional items
  • A front safe zippered pocket for your personal belongings
  • The dimensions of the cooler are 12 x 10 x 11.25 inches and it weighs 1.16 lbs.
  • An 18-gallon volume

The Ozark Trail 30 can zipperless cooler

This is a smaller version of the previous cooler which also features the patented lid which is zipperless and yet will keep the beverages and food inside cold.


  • The lack a zipper makes the cooler easy to open and close
  • A top quality insulation and heat barrier will ensure that your drinks are cold
  • A capacity of 30 cans
  • The hard liner, as well as the removable shelf, are FDA compliant
  • The lining is leak proof and very easy to keep sanitary and clean
  • The exterior pocket is insulated
  • The shoulder strap is ergonomic, padded and adjustable
  • The exterior is also easy to clean and is stain and water resistant

The Ozark Trail 6 can cooler

This is the smallest of the soft-sided coolers offered by Ozark Trail, and is perfect for a lunch bag or for an intimate date or picnic outdoors.


  • Very budget friendly price
  • Removable hard liner for easy cleaning
  • 3 inch expandable top for extended storage
  • An adjustable shoulder strap
  • Side mesh pockets
  • An internal divider which can slide to each side
  • A front pocket with a zipper
  • Very compact size of just 8.5 x 7 x 9 inches, and a weight of only 0.65 oz.
  • A capacity of up to 6 cans

Ozark Trail 30 Can Leak-Tight Cooler with Heat Welded Body, Gray

The Ozark Trail 30-can Leak-Tight Cooler is an excellent option if you want to be able to carry and keep cool up to 30 cans and ice, or food, without dealing with leaks and messes.


  • It can fit up to 30 cans and ice
  • It can fit up to 22 lbs. Of ice when it is empty
  • The cooler has a 360-degree heat-welded construction for durability and to prevent leaks
  • The base is made of compression-molded EVA for stability and durability
  • It is coated with durable and waterproof 600D polyester, which is easy to clean
  • Inside, there is special EPE Foam Insulation to keep the beverages and food cold
  • There is a leak-tight zipper which helps keep the temperature cool and is leak-proof
  • The cooler has a comfortable neoprene strap which can be adjusted or removed
  • It has an accessory pocket with a zipper
  • All zippers are t-pull ones which are sturdy and easy to pull
  • The cooler has daisy chain attachment loops and a bottle opener attached to it
  • The size of the cooler is 20.25 (W) x 8.25 (D) x 16.75 (H) inches
  • It is sold with a special zipper lubricant for smooth opening and closing
  • An attractive heather gray color with red accents

The Ozark Trail Premium 12 can cooler

This is another small-sized soft-sided cooler that has the premium features of the higher quality coolers offered under the Ozark Trail brand.


  • Available in green and white
  • A 12 can capacity plus the ice
  • A bottle opener
  • A gear pocket with a loop pull zipper
  • A comfy neoprene padded strap
  • Heat-sealed interior lining
  • Made of sturdy 600D material
  • An EVA compression molded bottom
  • It can hold 7.5 lbs. of ice
  • A 9-gallon volume
  • The size of the cooler is 14.5 x 10 x 8 inches, and it weighs just 1.76 oz.

An overview of the features of the Ozark Trail hard sided coolers

The coolers are available in only 3 sizes and come in limited color options, but the sizes of 26, 52 and 73 quarts are the ones which are the most popular and sought for at the market.

Here are the features which stand out when it comes to the Ozark Trail ice chest coolers:

  • They have many of the features of the premium coolers but are available at a much more affordable price
  • They are made via one-piece roto-molding which leaves no weak seams and makes the coolers durable as well as enhances the ice retention
  • The thickness of the walls of the coolers is between 2.5 and 3 inches depending on the size of the Ozark Trail cooler
  • The walls of the coolers are coated with a layer which is UV resistant which will help protect them from sun damage
  • The coolers have thick rubber gaskets to ensure that the cold stays in when the ice box is closed
  • The T-latches work great to keep the coolers closed and insulated
  • Most metal components on these coolers are made of stainless steel which will ensure years of use and all weather conditions
  • The coolers are tested and certified as Grizzly bear resistant
  • The medium and larger sized coolers have a large drain which is hose compatible for quick and easy draining
  • The coolers also have non-skid and reversible feet
  • The stainless steel locking plate can also be used as a bottle opener
  • They have nifty fish rulers on the lids
  • There are cup holders on top too – 2 for the smallest cooler and 4 for the medium and largest one
  • The medium and large ice chest coolers come with a complimentary wired basket for a neater storage
  • The handles are comfortable and sturdy which makes carrying the cooler easier

An overview of the features of the Ozark trail soft-sided coolers

The Ozark Trail soft-sided coolers are available in a wide variety of sizes and shapes, and there are some models which are budget friendly while the more premium models cost more and yet are still very affordable.

Here are the main features which we liked about the Ozark Trail soft-sided coolers and backpacks:

  • They are available in all sizes from 6 cans up to 48 cans
  • There are ordinary and premium models but all of them are very affordable
  • The coolers have large insulated areas and also feature additional external pockets – zippered, mesh and others
  • Many of the models have a convenient extendable top option which can increase their height by up to 3 inches and makes the cooler larger
  • Most of the soft-sided coolers have comfortable padded shoulder straps for easy and comfy carrying, and the backpack coolers are even more convenient and easy to carry thanks to the soft and adjustable shoulder straps
  • Most soft-sided coolers have hard liners which help keep the coolers in shape and protect the goods inside, and these liners are removable for easy cleaning and sanitizing
  • Some models have EVA compression molded bases and tops for further protection
  • The Premium models have bottle openers, compression straps, thicker insulation, daisy chain attachment options, as well as a washable and durable 600D coating

The ice retention of the Ozark Trail coolers

Naturally, what interests people the most is the effectiveness of an ice cooler. After all, the main point of a cooler is to keep the beverage, foodstuffs, medicines, or other temperature sensitive products cool for as long as you need it to.

Since the Ozark Trail coolers are so many types, variations and sizes the ice retention of these coolers differ as well.

The inexpensive, small sized soft sided coolers lack too much insulation and too much storage size to keep ice, so it cannot be expected that they will have a very long ice life.

The Premium soft-sided coolers by Ozark Trail, on the other hand, have more insulation, larger capacities and as such will be able to hold ice for longer.

As for the hard-sided Ozark Trail coolers, their ice retention also varies in accordance with the size. The smallest 26-quart cooler is advertised as holding ice for up to 4.5 days, the middle sized 52-quart cooler is said to retain ice for about 7 days, and the larges 73 quarts one will hold ice for up to 9 days, according to the manufacturer.

After some actual tests with real coolers and ice, the results showed that the soft-sided Premium tote can hold ice for 1 ½ days, and the Premium backpack will hold it for a complete day.

The lower-end soft-sided coolers can hold the ice for just a few hours, but of course, this depends on the size of the cooler, the ice to can proportion and the use of the cooler.

As for the hard-sided Ozark Trail coolers, the ice retention tests show that they can hold ice for 2 to 5 days depending on the use, the volumes of ice and beverages, and the weather.

Even though these results are quite impressive, they are not competitive the leaders in the premium cooler market.

The design of the Ozark Trail coolers

Even though appearance shouldn’t be the main factor when you are choosing the best ice cooler, it still has some value. The Ozark Trail coolers are not the most attractive coolers in the industry, but there are some standouts, specifically from the premium soft sided series and from the hard sided ones.

The ice chest Ozark Trail coolers have a very contemporary design and look. They have eye-catching features and modern sharp edges. The small orange accents on the shiny latches and handles are especially impressive. Unfortunately, the hard sided Ozark Trail coolers come is only white or silver colors, except for the smallest 26-quart coolers which come in two additional colors – blue or beige.

The soft-sided coolers have various solid colors with very little interesting accents on many of them.

Still, given the price and the quality of these coolers, we are quite happy with their overall design and aesthetics.

If we have to be honest, we do prefer that there are a few more color options to pick from, as well as options for customizing the coolers too.

The Ozark Trail cooler prices

You can buy an Ozark Trail cooler for a price as low as $10-15 and then again, you can opt for a premium soft-sided or an ice chest cooler, which obviously has higher price tags.

Still, in comparison to the competition, especially to the premium cooler prices, all Ozark Trail coolers are quite affordable and provide good quality and value for the price.

Ozark Trail vs. Yeti

Since Yeti has been the industry leader, with an almost cult-like following, it was interesting to compare the Ozark Trail coolers to those offered by Yeti.

Both the ice chest and the soft-sided coolers made by Yeti are tougher, better built and have more reliable and longer ice retention than that offered by similar Ozark Trail coolers.

But, given the huge difference in the pricing between them, and the overall satisfactory quality of Ozark Trail coolers, they are a perfectly acceptable alternative to those offered by Yeti, if you are not ready to break the bank and are on a tight budget.

The Ozark Trail coolers, especially the roto-molded ice chests have almost all of the great features offered by those by Yeti and can be purchased at a much lower price.

Overall, the hard sided Ozark Trailer coolers are in the mid to low range when it comes to price as compared to the other cooler brands on the market.

Final verdict

As a whole, we are pretty impressed by the build quality, the ice retention capabilities and the design of many of the Ozark Trail coolers. The manufacturer has proved that a good quality cooler can be made and sold at a fraction of the price of what the premium cooler makers are asking for their high-end products.

Even though there can be some minor issues regarding the quality or durability of some of Ozark Trail’s coolers, in general, this brand is proving to be one of the best in its range.

Given the affordable prices of the Ozark Coolers, it is absolutely worth investing in one of them, even if you risk facing an issue with its quality later on.

The Ozark Trail coolers also have some additional features which are pretty impressive, such as added pockets, cup holders, removable hard liners, added wire baskets, expandable storage and so on, all included in the very reasonable prices of these products.

These coolers all have excellent carrying options, with most of the soft-sided coolers having adjustable and ergonomic shoulder straps, so portability is definitely a plus.

Last but not least, we love how Ozark Trail has a cooler for just about everyone and for every need. Starting from soft-sided coolers for 6 cans, and ending with soft sided ones for up to 42 cans, and with ice chest coolers from 26 to 73 quarts, we are sure that just about anybody will find a cooler which will suit their preferences and requirements among the assortment offered by Ozark Trail.

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