ORCA Coolers – 2021 Reviews

ORCA Coolers

ORCA coolers are becoming one of the most popular premium coolers in recent years. Even though the design of these coolers may seem pretty straightforward, these coolers will hold your ice frozen for at least 10 days. They will withstand a lot of wear and tear, come with a lifetime warranty, and are available in just about any color and pattern you have ever dreamt of.

ORCA coolers are made not only for hunters and fishers, like many of the other brands in this range. They are means for just about anybody – man or woman, sports fan, soccer mom, or beach bum.

The hard-sided coolers offered by Orca come in a wide selection of sizes, including the Orca 20Qt. , Orca 26Qt., Orca 40Qt, Orca 58Qt, Orca 75Qt, and the Orca 140Qt.  This means that there is an Orca cooler for anyone and any need.

How it all started

The Outdoor Recreation Company of America (ORCA) was started in 2012 in Franklin, Tennessee, by Cliff Walker, who had a goal of making an American made premium cooler that will withstand the test of time and which comes with a lifetime warranty.

Pretty soon, the coolers and other products became so popular that ORCA was able to attract Brett Favre, an NFL quarterback, as a spokesperson for the company, who himself is an outdoors and active person and is no doubt one of the favorite sports influencers in the country.

What makes the ORCA coolers so special

ORCA coolers are very sturdy and have massive insulation in the form of a gasket in the walls, which will ensure the ice is kept frozen for at least 10 days.

They come in small, medium, large, and extra-large sizes and in the widest variety of color options, patterns, and customized designs, logos, and prints, which we have seen in this industry. The wide color range and the customizable designs are some of the strongest selling points of these premium coolers.

The thick roto-molded walls not only help keep the ice for longer but also add sturdiness to the coolers. Thanks to the single-piece construction of the ORCA coolers, you won’t have to worry about any weak points on the shell which will get unstuck or dislodged over time, no matter how often and where you use your cooler. Also, the sturdy shell will stay safe from bumps and scratches, which often occur when traveling or spending time outdoors.

The ORCA coolers have a unique latch design too. It is based on the traditional T-latch but is shaped like a whale’s tail, which is the trademark symbol of ORCA. The latches not only look good, but they provide a good bite too.

The latches, bolts, hinges, and other components of the ORCA coolers are of top quality as well. The hinge is made of stainless steel, and the latches are from thick rubber, which will withstand thousands of open and close cycles without tearing or breaking.

All of the Orca coolers except the smallest Orca 20 have side flex-grip handles, which are designed for being handled by either a single person or by two people carrying the cooler.

The easy flow sprouts for water drainage make emptying the cooler from the melted ice way easier. There is a spout on every side of the cooler to make things even faster and effortless.

The component which sets the ORCA coolers apart from all other premium coolers is the very useful mesh cargo net on the back of each one of them. It is perfect for storing bottle openers, cozies, and any other accessories you want to have quick access to and keep in one place when you are outdoors.

The ORCA Company also offers a number of accessories that you can buy for your cooler, including ORCA baskets, pads, iceboxes , and others to improve your outdoor experience.

The colors and customization options

As we mentioned earlier, the immense assortment of color options, patterns, logos, color combinations, and the ability to get a customized cooler with your favorite team, hobby, brand, or other is what is attracting more people to the ORCA coolers.

Although there are literally hundreds of color and size options available, as well as the option to customize your own design, there are 7 main categories of designs for your ORCA cooler to choose from.

The classic ORCA cooler

These coolers feature classic solid colors, including white, black, orange, green, pink, blue, and many others. This huge color variety outdoes that of most other cooler brands.

The camo ORCA cooler

As the name suggests, these coolers have camo lids or bodies. You can choose among a variety of camo patterns like Kryptek, Desolve, and A-Tacs.

The collegiate ORCA cooler

These ORCA coolers feature logos of different college sports teams, and you get a very wide range to choose from, so you can get the perfect cooler to match your sports team.

The hero ORCA cooler

The Hero series honors the EMS and first responder personnel of the US which are essential for keeping us and the country safe and alive.

The licensed ORCA cooler

These coolers by ORCA have the NRA or the NWTF logos on them and are available in various background colors.

The lifestyle ORCA cooler

This series features an American flag printed on top of the lid and is available in various colors for the actual cooler shell.

Team ORCA cooler

These coolers carry the colors of your favorite team but without having to include the official team logo. The color of the lid and of the shell is different, and you can proudly display your team’s colors wherever you go. Of course, you can stick a logo on the cooler as well.

The advantages of Orca coolers

The versatility of its market and target audience

Orca coolers are made for just about anybody out there for hunters, vacationers, avid football fans, moms, campers, and anybody else. Thanks to the wide choice of colors, patterns, logos, and options for customization of the design, and also the variety of size options, there is no doubt that everybody can find their perfect cooler among the ORCA selection.

Customization – or the marvel of having your own personalized cooler

Because ORCA makes all of its products in-house, you can order whatever color, pattern, color combination, or log you want for the perfect personalized cooler which you can carry around and use with pride.

The company offers more than 100 different color combinations and also offers full-color prints, hydro dip, or laser engraving.

An industry leading warranty which will last a lifetime

So far, ORCA is the only cooler manufacturer that offers a lifetime warranty for each and every part of its coolers. You will receive a lifetime warranty for the cooler itself, as well as for the rubber feet, the rubber latches, the rope handles.

This is a very different approach from the other leading cooler brands who offer a maximum 5-year warranty for their coolers and none or a shorter one for the different components.

This means that you are practically buying a cooler which you will be able to use for life when you buy an ORCA cooler, which is a pretty good investment, come to think of it.

Made In the USA

All ORCA coolers are made in the USA. The Outdoor Recreation Company of America makes each part of the coolers in the USA, unlike many other manufacturers who are outsourcing their production overseas in order to cut production costs. This feature is very important for all of you who want to know that you are buying a top-quality product made of the highest quality materials and in accordance with the standards of our country.

The main features of ORCA coolers to look forward to

Whichever ORCA cooler you choose to buy, you can expect to find the following pretty cool features in your new cooler.

Tough and durable construction

The roto-molded construction of the ORCA coolers means that your cooler will be lighter than others in its size, and yet be more durable and without weak points which can break or get loose over time.

Non-slip feet

Thanks to the sturdy non-slip rubber feet of your ORCA cooler, you will rest assured that it stays steadily in place in the trunk of your car or in the back of your truck at all times.

The whale-tail shaped rubber latches

With the shape of the tale of an Orca whale, your cooler will look even cooler, and you can be sure that it stays securely closed so that the heat stays out and the cold stays in so that your beverages and food stay cool.

The commercial grade rubber gasket

The gasket made of top-grade rubber on the inside of the lid will ensure that the warm air stays out of your cooler always.

The extendable handles

Thanks to the special flex-grip handles, you can carry your cooler alone or with the help of someone else. The handles can be extended for your comfort too. They won’t hurt your hands and will ensure a secure grip so that you don’t drop your precious cargo along the way.

The cargo net on the back

The nifty cargo net mounted on the back of the cooler is perfect for extra storage of the important stuff which you want to keep safe and easy to access. You can use it for your keys or phone or for accessories such as bottle openers or snacks.

1-inch drain spouts

Thanks to the drain spout on the side, you can easily drain all the melted water and empty the cooler after use without having to turn it upside down or move it around.

The special insulation

The ORCA coolers have 3 inches of insulation which is more than that of other coolers. It will prolong the life of the ice to 10 days and more.

And now for some of our favorite ORCA coolers

The Orca 20Qt. Cooler

With dimensions of 19 x 16 3/8 x 13 ¾, the ORCA 20qt. cooler is the smallest of the series. Yet it is a perfect, compact, and light cooler that will store ice for 10 days and more.  It weighs 17 pounds when it is empty and is quite portable.

You can easily carry it with you on hiking trips and when you go trekking, and enjoy a cool drink or a nice fresh snack along the way. Needless to say, this is one of the best small-sized premium coolers you can get. It has all of the features of its bigger brothers and comes with the same lifetime warranty.

The Orca 58Qt. Tan Cooler

This tan colored 58qt. cooler by ORCA is the perfect size for camping, fishing, or hunting trips. It is 36 x 21 x 20 inches in size and weighs 34 pounds when it is empty.

You can extend the flex-grip handles so that you can carry it with the help of a friend, so don’t let the size of it scare you. Still, it is comfortable and light enough to be lifted and carried by one person as well.

With this large capacity ORCA cooler, you will have frozen ice for days and can enjoy a cold beer or so during your entire adventure in the wilderness.

Of course, if you don’t like the color, you can choose among the hundreds of colors and color combinations offered by ORCA, or you can order your own personalized and customized cooler with the colors and patterns of your choice.

The Pink Orca Cooler

Show your support for breast cancer research and awareness and buy one of these eye-catching pink ORCA coolers. They are available in all sizes, so pick the one which will suit you best and enjoy the fun color, the durability, and the fact that you will have access to frozen ice and cold beverages for days and weeks.

It doesn’t have to be Movember to show off your lovely pink cooler and show your support for breast cancer awareness!

The huge 140qt. ORCA cooler

With a size of 39 7/16 x 21 3/8 x 23 inches, the largest available ORCA cooler will easily replace your fridge when you are on a long camping or fishing trip.  It has a capacity of 29.1 gallons which means you can store up to 192 cans and ice in it!

It weighs 64 lbs. when it is empty, but then again, you can always get help from a friend and carry it together via the comfortable and extendable handles on the side.

You can also use it as a convenient seat when you are outdoors as well. Thanks to its durable roto-molded construction, you don’t have to fret about breaking this beast of a cooler.

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The Orca 75qt. cooler

This is another large-sized heavy-duty cooler that will ensure that your food stays fresh and your beers stay cold while you are camping. The dimensions of this premium cooler are 33 7/16 x 18 3/8 x 17 7/8 inches, and it weighs 40 lbs. when empty.

You can store up to 90 cans in it and can ensure that all of the food you have brought to your trip remains fresh and safe to eat even after days spent outdoors.

The other types of ORCA coolers to consider

Pod Backpack cooler

If you prefer a cooler which you can easily carry on your back to keep your hands free and the weight of the cooler balanced properly as you walk, the ORCA Pod backpack cooler is a superb option. It has a capacity of 28.5 qt. and can keep the ice frozen for days ahead.

The backpack cooler is made of sturdy materials on the outside and food-safe anti-microbial ones on the inside. It is water and leak proof, so you don’t need to worry about the ice melting and leaking as you are hiking or carrying it around on your back with the comfy adjustable T-strap.

When it is empty it weighs just 8.5 pounds and has a size of 18 x 11 x 18 inches.

The maximum load you can carry is 59.5 lbs. and the capacity of this soft-sided ORCA backpack cooler is enough for carrying 15 lbs. of ice along with 24 cans (12oz).

Orca Podster

This is yet another cool ORCA backpack soft-sided cooler to consider buying for your next one-day hiking trip. The cooler has an adjustable chest T strap and comfortable padded shoulder straps.

The ORCA Pod is made of durable materials which will keep the heat out of the cooler and the cold inside for long. It has an internal capacity of 14.25 quarts and is leakproof and waterproof.

The flip-top of the Pod allows for quick access.

The dimensions of the empty Pod are 15 x 9 x 15 inches, and it weighs just 3.6 lbs. the maximum load is 28.5 lbs. or 7.5 lbs. of ice along with 12 cans.

Final words

So, as you can see, buying an ORCA cooler is one of the best decisions you will be making if you want to be certain that you are making a long-term investment, and also that your cooler will do what it is supposed to do perfectly – keep your ice, beverages and food cold for 10 days and even more!

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