The 10 Best Bathrobes for Men 2021

Mens Robes

Are you looking for the perfect gift for a man of any age and with any taste? A robe is a must-have garment for any man’s closet. This classic, comfortable and convenient piece of clothing is a superb piece of clothing to have for relaxing after work, drying up after a shower or swim, for entertaining guests, and simply for feeling cozy and warm when lounging at home.

We have chosen the LOEWS Man’s Spa Robe as our top choice for 2021 but read on to find out more about all of our top 10 picks for the greatest men’s robes for 2021.

Best overall

LOEWS Men’s SPA Robe Bathrobe

Our top choice for men’s robes for 2021 is the LOEWS SPA robe and bathrobe. It is made of a beautiful and soft grey-green microfiber shell with white coral velvet lining. The outlining is made of microfiber polyester and is incredibly stylish and durable.

The premium quality coral velvet lining will keep you warm and cozy and will absorb the moisture from your body quickly and efficiently without irritating the skin.

The bathrobe comes in one size fits all and can safely be tumble washed and tumble dried.

The men’s robe has two large pockets to keep your stuff close and a convenient belt closure.

This luxurious men’s robe will help you keep warm, relaxed, and comfy, and it is easy to keep clean and maintain great looking.

The length of the robe for men is below the knee, it has long sleeves and is made of top quality durable materials which will last for years of use.

You can wear it both as a robe to keep you cozy in the winter as well as a bathrobe to get you dry and ready after a relaxing bath or shower.

So, if you want a luxurious and extremely well made and soft bathrobe just like the ones at LOEWS hotel but at a much lower price, you should opt for this top quality men’s robe. When you put this robe on, you will always have the feeling that you are enjoying a relaxing day at a luxurious SPA.

The runner-up

Tommy Hilfiger Plush Cotton Shawl-Style Men’s Bathrobe

Our second favorite men’s robe for 2021 is this super soft Plush cotton shawl style robe by Tommy Hilfiger. It comes in either navy or grey colors and is made of 100% cotton terry. The robe has subtle and yet distinctive branding and is made with top quality seams.

It is offered in different size options, and its length is below the knees.

Thanks to the fact that it is made of all-natural thick towel cotton, you will be able to dry your skin in a matter of minutes without any irritation, even if you have sensitive skin.

The robe has a belt and two large side pockets.

The Tommy Hilfiger logo is stylishly embroidered on the chest.

With this plush soft and luxurious men’s robe, you will feel like a supermodel relaxing after a high-end SPA procedure every time you wear it.

It is easy to wash and dry and will last for years, so it is definitely worth every cent you will pay for it.

Top budget-friendly option

Alexander Del Rossa Men’s Plush Warm Robe with Hood

If you are not ready to break the bank for a men’s robe, then we can strongly recommend this plush warm robe by Alexander Del Rossa. It is affordable, and yet looks like the top of the line men’s robes in our list.

It is made of 330 GSM coral fleece which will keep you warm no matter the temperature. This soft and warm robe will help you feel comfortable when you are spending time at home, and will also help you reduce your heating or electric bills because you will find that you can comfortably turn the thermostat down once you start wearing this robe.

The plush robe has two large pockets and an inside tie closure for your convenience, to keep the robe closed no matter how you move, and for easy putting on and taking off. You can keep your phone, glasses or other essentials in the large pockets or just your hands to keep them nice, warm and cozy as well.

The robe has a hood to keep your head warm as well.

The robe is ankle-length, so it is suitable even for tall and big men and will keep your feet warm down to the ankles. It is available in all sizes – from small to XXXXL.

This affordable men’s robe from Alexander Del Rossa is available in various color options and patterns including black, steel grey, navy blue, burgundy, and all of these colors with Sherpa accents.

So, if you want an inexpensive and extremely comfortable and warm robe, this one by Alexander Del Rosa is the way to go. It is suitable for keeping you warm, simply for lounging at home, for wearing on vacation or when you are relaxing or enjoying a SPA weekend.

This is the perfect gift for your husband, son or a dear friend as well.

The rest of the best men’s robes for 2021

LilySilk Men’s Silk Robe Long Tea Length Lapel Collar 22 Momme 

If you are looking for a top of the line men’s robe made of pure silk, the top option available on the market in 2021 is this Long Tea Length silk robe by LilySilk.


  • Available in black, claret, dark teal, diamond blue, green, navy blue, dark grey, white and dark grey colors
  • It comes in all sizes from X-small to XXXL
  • Made of 6A grade mulberry silk fabric made of 100% raw silk
  • The silk is amazingly soft and gentle on the skin and will absorb all moisture and be gentle on your skin
  • You can reduce your wrinkles and sleep more relaxed in this silk men’s robe, so it has an anti-aging function as well
  • It comes packed in a luxury delicate gift box, so it is a perfect gift for any occasion
  • The robe is lightweight and extremely comfortable
  • It has two large pockets on the front for your phone, remote control, or other
  • It has a stylish and comfortable shawl collar, as well as a separate silk belt which is fitted on to the two silk loops of the robe
  • The robe has long soft sleeves with stylish band cuffs
  • The robe has internal tie closure for added comfort and to stay closed no matter what
  • Made from top quality raw silk from Bombyx Mori silkworms
  • The robe is certified to be free of all chemicals, allergens or other harmful substances
  • It is naturally dyed ad the color will not fade over time
  • It can be washed by hand, machine or dry cleaned

Emporio Armani Men’s Jacquard Sponge Bathrobe

If you are looking for a durable, easy to maintain and yet high-end luxury men’s robe, the Jacquard Sponge Bathrobe by Emporio Armani is one of the finest options on the market for 2021.


  • Made of premium quality 100% plush towel cotton and with a soft velour finish
  • Available in marine, red or white colors
  • Features striking embroidered branding on both sleeves
  • It has a hood for added comfort and faster moisture absorbing
  • It has two large pockets for your phone or other essentials
  • It closes up with a tie belted waist
  • The length is below the knee and it is available in small, medium and large sizes
  • The robe can safely be machine washed and the color won’t fade over time
  • It has a luxe jacquard sponge
  • Very comfortable, soft and cozy
  • Suitable for lounging inside as well as for wearing on vacations or at pool parties

Royalty Bath Robe Black and Gold

If you want to be the most stylish one at your next pool party, the Kimono Jo Royalty Bath Robe is the perfect men’s robe to buy.


  • Incredibly stylish an eye-catching design colored in black with gold intricate details
  • Made of 100% cotton which is gentle on the skin even if you have sensitive skin
  • Black jacquard
  • Features a stylish shawl collar
  • It has printed gold face statues on the pockets and an embroidered logo on the chest
  • It comes with a matching belt
  • Its length is just under the knee
  • It is made in one size fits all
  • It is sold with a 30-day money back guarantee

COLD POSH Men’s 100% Silk Satin Bathrobe Long Sleeve 

If you are looking for a comfortable robe to sleep with or lounge in, you will not regret buying the COLD POSH silk long sleeve bathrobe.


  • Available in black, navy or 22mm black colors
  • The sizes are small/medium and large/extra large
  • The entire robe is made of top quality pure 100% mulberry silk
  • The silk provides a luxuriously soft feel on the skin
  • It is antimicrobial, anti-mite and anti-mildew
  • The robe has an anti-aging effect and will minimize the wrinkling of your skin if sleep or relax in it
  • The silk will keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer
  • The bathrobe is knee length
  • No chemicals are used for making or dying the robe, and it provides UV protection, so your skin will stay safe from the harmful sun rays when worn outdoors in the sunshine
  • It has stylish piped silk trims and a V-neck design
  • The two large pockets are convenient for keeping your essentials nearby at all times
  • The belt is adjustable for added comfort
  • It has hypoallergenic features and is suitable even for men with sensitive skin
  • Recommended dry cleaning but you can wash it gently in cool water by hand as well
  • It is an exceptional gift to give to a loved one or a dear friend for a special occasion

Armani International Men’s Luxurious Bath Robe and Slippers 

If you are into bright and shiny colors, this beautiful daffodil golden haze men’s robe is one of the perfect options you will find on the market right now.


  • Top quality product made off 100% Egyptian cotton
  • It comes with a set of matching soft slippers in the same color
  • The textile is waved in a sophisticated and stylish bi face technique and it weighs 440 grams per m2
  • The robe has a shawl collar and long sleeves for added comfort
  • There are side pockets to the hips
  • The matching waist belt is adjustable and will fit men of all sizes and shapes
  • The robe and slippers can be machine washed safely and you don’t need to worry about the beautiful yellow gold color fading over time
  • It is available in small, medium and large sizes
  • Made by leading European linen masters from Armani International

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Luxurious Men Spa Bathrobe, Plush, Absorbent, 2-Ply Design

If you want a men’s robe which will make you feel pampered and special like a VIP celebrity, you should check out this 2-ply men spa bathrobe by ComfyDown.


  • It is made in the USA.
  • Made of 100% polyester microfiber on the outside, and 80% cotton and 20% polyester on the inside.
  • The robe is cozy and comfortable and can be worn both when it is warm and when it is cold.
  • It has a 2-ply design with a plush and velvet like shell outside and a soft and ultra-soft lining inside.
  • It comes in a bright white color.
  • An excellent option for Spa’s, saunas, as it resembles and feels like a luxury hotel’s robe.
  • It has two large pockets on the front.
  • The double side belt loops can be adjusted to your height.
  • It has deep armholes and drop shoulders for an ultimate comfortable fit.
  • The robe and brand is among the top picks by VIPs and celebrities.
  • It is available in sizes from Extra-Small to 5X Large.
  • The full length is down to the ankles for head to toe comfort and luxury.
  • It is machine washable.

Comfy Robes Personalized Men’s Deluxe 20 oz. Turkish Cotton 

If you want to make a special gift to a special person, why not buy him a personalized luxurious robe with his initials or another phrase embroidered on it? This men’s robe by Comfy Robes is an excellent option if you want to give such a special present to somebody special in your life.


  • Made of 100% top quality 20oz. Turkish cotton
  • The robe can be personalized in accordance with your request – you can request to have initials, a monogram, a name or a special phrase embroidered on it
  • You can choose among various fonts including times, block, college, brush, script, and fun
  • The personalized embroidery can be in thread colors of your choice
  • The robe itself comes in white, navy or beige colors
  • It is sold in sizes from X-small to X-large for tall men
  • The terry cloth texture of the robe is plush soft and warm and absorbs moisture perfectly and quickly
  • It has a substantial and heavy feel and is very durable
  • The robe has deep patch pockets
  • It features double loops for the belt which can be adjusted in accordance with the height of the person wearing the robe
  • The shawl collar is stylish and comfortable
  • The robe is perfect for lounging and relaxing, for the SPA, sauna or for your vacations
  • It can be machine washed and tumble dried

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What is a men’s robe, and how did it originate?

Men’s robes and bathrobes have been around for centuries, and they are among the few garments which have hardly changed through the years.

Men’s robes have a simple and yet classic and timeless design. They are made to keep you warm, comfortable and cozy when you are lounging at home.

Even though luxurious bathrobes are usually found in 5-star hotels and SPA resorts, more men and women today choose to buy top-quality robes for home and personal use.

When we think of men’s robes we usually picture Victorian age gentlemen and members of the aristocracy enjoying a glass of brandy and smoking a pipe by the fireside, or of course the unforgettable Huge Hefner and his playmates at the Playboy mansion.

But the truth is, the robe is the perfect garment to have for all occasions and uses. You can use the bathrobe to dry yourself comfortably and quickly after showering or taking a bath, or you can wear it while relaxing at home, or even while you are sleeping. Many top of the line robes are even suitable for entertaining guests in a comfortable and nevertheless presentable manner.

The type of men’s robe you choose depends on the climate, the use, and the personal taste of the man wearing it. The robe’s style also determines the type of slippers to choose.

Robes also known as dressing gowns along with pajamas were influenced by the Eastern culture. Over the centuries, robes have had a strong influence on the fashion industry as well.

In the Western world, men’s robes first became popular during the 17th century when European gentlemen chose to wear Persian or Indian gowns which had a kimono-style design and were made of oriental fabrics.

By the late 19th century, the most popular men’s robes were the buttonless ones, with shawl collars and a wrap design with a sash belt and either one or two side pockets. They were usually worn in the mornings as the gentlemen did their morning toilette, as well as in the evenings when they relaxed after work.

This is the most preferred design for men’s robes to this day.

The greatest influence of men’s robes on fashion is still evident in men’s dress wear like tuxedo smoking jackets as well as some winter coats and topcoats.

Why should you buy a men’s robe?

There are multiple reasons why the robe is one of the only garments which hasn’t changed too much in style during the past few centuries, and is still a preferred item to own and have in one’s closet today.

The comfort

Men’s robes are among the most comfortable garments to wear when you are getting ready for work, or when you are relaxing at home during your free time. They are wide, soft, and gentle on the skin and provide a cozy and comfortable feeling both in the cold and in the warm days and nights.

The style

Today, there are numerous designs, styles, and colors to choose from. You can pick a simple terry cloth bathrobe, or a luxurious silk or cotton robe to wear when entertaining guests, when on vacation or when you simply want to relax or sleep in the most comfortable piece of clothing possible.

The absorbency

If you are looking for a bathrobe, then you should choose one made of absorbent material like a terry towel, which will act like a full-size towel and quickly absorb all of the moisture from your body and hair after a bath or a shower, while providing you with comfort and privacy.

The warmth

While not all men’s robes are designed and made to provide warmth, you can find robes which will keep you warm even if you are wearing only your pajamas or underwear underneath. This is not only comfortable but can also help you reduce your electricity bills for heating.

The convenience

There is no doubt that a men’s robe is one of the most convenient and easy to slip on garment you can have. You can just slip it on in the morning after taking a shower or put it on in the evening when you take your work clothes off and just want to relax at home.

The versatile use of men’s robes

The fact is, that depending on the robe you choose, you can use it for a number of occasions and purposes. You may want a robe which you can wear strictly in the privacy of your own home in the morning or in the evening.

You can also choose a robe that is suitable for visiting SPA resorts and treatments, as well as for vacations, even though most 5-star hotels should provide you with top of the line soft robes for this purpose.

You can buy a bathrobe which you will be used strictly for drying yourself after a shower or bath or after a swim.

Or you can get a stylish and discreet robe that you can comfortably wear while entertaining guests and still look presentable, no matter what you have on underneath.

Final words

A men’s robe is a must for every man’s closet. It is a universal, comfortable and convenient garment that every man will enjoy owning.

We hope that you have managed to pick the perfect men’s robe for your needs from our list of the greatest men’s robes for 2021.

We wish you good luck with your purchase and hope that pretty soon you will be enjoying the coziness and versatility of this timeless garment!

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