The Best Lunch Bags 2020

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A good quality lunch bag is essential for those of you who want to enjoy the convenience of having their own meal with them whenever and wherever you go. With a bag like this, you won’t need to spend money on food, and you will always know exactly what you are about to eat.

This is a healthier approach to eating out, which is why we took the time to do some thorough research and find the best ones on the market.

We have tested numerous lunch insulated bags, and have picked the Lifewit Double lunch bag as our favorite one. Please, read on to see what we liked about this superb bag, as well as our other top picks for 2020.

Best overall

Lifewit Double Casserole Carrier Thermal Lunch Bag

We simply love the double-decker design of this Lifewit Casserole Carrier. This is our top choice for the best lunch bag for 2020for a number of reasons.

It is made of very sturdy 600D dirt-proof, waterproof Oxford fabric which is easy to clean and will last for many years to come.

The lining inside is made of food grade aluminum foil which is padded with 8mm of EPE foam for insulation, so that your meal will stay warm or cold, depending on your preferences.

This Lifewit bag is very spacious which makes it perfect for family outings, picnics, parties, BBQ and hiking.

It is also light, and both of its nifty compartments have wide openings which make loading and unloading of the food items and beverages very quick and easy.

The carry handles can be attached with a nifty Velcro strap for easier portability.

The bag also has a large zippered pocket where you can carry your utensils, cutlery, napkins, and other things.

The thick V zipper is easy to close and open even when the compartments are seriously packed.

The best part of this lunch bag is that the two compartments allow for storing a hot meal in one and a cold one in another. So you can ensure that your lunch stays nice and warm and that your salad, fruits, and drinks are cold and fresh.

The dimensions of the top and the bottom compartment are 16.1 x 12.2 x 8.2 inches each. You can actually fit bakeware sized up to 11 x 15 inches in them!

Overall, the lunch bag is 16.1 x 12.2 x 8.2 inches and weighs 1.35 lbs. so it is not the most compact one on the market, but if you want to pack food for more than one person, or are a serious foodie, this bag is exactly what you need!

Best runner-up

Lavington Insulated Cooler Bag

The runner-up in our list is yet another wonderful large sized lunch bag. The Lavington insulated cooler bag is absolutely perfect for picnics, hiking or for any outdoor adventure.

Thanks to its ergonomic design, preparing and loading your lunch bag will be easier than ever.  The wide opening provides easy access so you can store your foods, cans, and others in any way you choose to easily and without struggling to reach anything.

You can use this bag to keep your beers, wine or baby bottles cold during a day trip or when you are having fun outdoors.

The Lavington was originally designed for pilots and air hostesses, but soon it gained popularity and thankfully now everybody can get one.

It is made of top quality materials including very thick 1680D polyester on the outside and a PEVA insulation lining which is food safe inside the food compartment. The zippers and pullers are also very durable and will help keep the contents of the lunch bag insulated to preserve the temperature either hot or cold inside.

The Lavington bag has a lot of various compartments and pockets which are all secured with zippers and pullers which will last for very long.

Its size is 14 x 7.5 x 10 inches and it weighs 1.6 lbs. empty, and it is large enough to carry an excellent homemade meal and drinks for you and your whole family when you decide to spend the day away from home.

The bag is sold with a lifetime warranty, so when you buy one you will be buying it for life!

Best budget choice

Srise Insulated Lunch Bag Lunch Box

If you don’t want to go over the top with your new lunch bag, here is our top budget pick for you. It will cost you less than $20 but will do the job it is intended to do – carry your lunch so you can enjoy it at work or at school.

The Srise lunch bag is available in grey, pink, purple and red color options. Made from top quality, high-density Oxford cloth and fitted with a safe aluminum foil liner, the bag is perfect for your lunch containers and snacks. Thanks to the fact that the materials are waterproof, you don’t have to worry about any content leaking out and making a mess during your long commute.

When you are done with it, you can simply fold it for easy storage and carry it back home in your bag.

This is a unisex bag which is suitable both for adults and for kids. It is fitted with a strong and thick handle which will stay attached to the bag for years. The bag is heavy duty and still is not bulky (it weighs only 12 ounces), so you can carry it with you without too much hassle or effort.

It comes with a detachable and adjustable shoulder strap for hands-free carrying too.

The main compartment of the insulated lunch bag is 9.45 x 5.5 x 9.45 inches, and it has two same sized (8.6 x 1.1 x 1.5 inches) pockets on the back and on the front. As you can see by the dimensions, the food compartment can fit your lunch, fruits, snacks and drinks comfortably. You can use the two side pockets to store your other belongings such as napkins, keys, and utensils.

The bag has a very sturdy zipper and a sizeable zipper opening for easy loading and unloading.

It looks very good so you can carry it with you on any occasion.

The manufacturer offers a lifetime warranty for this affordable lunch bag, and also 24/7 online customer support.

So, for an inexpensive, heavy duty, versatile and lifetime warrantied lunch bag we strongly recommend this bag from Srise.

Take a look at our other top picks for the best lunch bag for 2020

UPPER ORDER Durable Insulated Lunch Cooler Bag

If you need a lunch bag which is neither too small nor too large, but simply perfect you may want to check out the Upper Order lunch cooler bag.


  • Although it looks similar to other traditional lunch bags this one can fit almost 25% more foods or drinks in it
  • The opening is wide and makes loading and unloading the items a breeze
  • Its size is 11 x 10 x 3.6 inches and offers 6.5L of storage space
  • It weighs 11 ounces
  • It can be fitted in a backpack or a small fridge
  • The design is very attractive, so you can carry it to work with you or use it for more casual events as well
  • The heavy-duty charcoal gray 600D Oxford fabric is stain resistant, easy to clean and will look pristine at all times
  • The bag is closed with a long-lasting zipper
  • It has a thick and comfortable handle and a 1.25 inch wide and 4 ft. long adjustable padded shoulder strap for hands-free carrying
  • The liner is made of polyester aluminum foil which is completely food safe and is heavy duty, unlike that used in other lunch bags
  • Has an exterior pocket as well as one on the outside with a Velcro closure
  • Thanks to its collapsible construction you can easily fold it and store it away when you are not using it
  • The lunch bag comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee

Waxed Canvas Insulated Reusable Lunch Bag

If you are shopping for a unique looking bag which will definitely capture everyone’s attention and still carry your lunch and snacks, this Waxed Canvas lunch bag made by Hide & Drink is probably the best solution for you.


  • This is a handmade bag which is a very stylish alternative to classic lunch bags
  • Made of waterproof waxed canvas which is durable, easy to clean and looks great
  • The lining is insulated so your lunch will remain warm or cold until lunchtime, depending on your needs
  • The size of the base is 7.27 x 4.5 inches and its height is 9 inches, so you can fit a really large lunch and quite a bit of snacks in it
  • The 6-inch strap handle is comfortable and stylish and is attached by two durable full grain leather binds reinforced with rivets
  • It is perfect for men, women, young and old and makes a perfect gift
  • Hide & Drink offers 5% of its profits to Guatemalan non-profit organizations, which is yet another reason to love this waxed canvas bag

Final words

A good lunch bag has numerous benefits. It will ensure that you have a homemade meal, prepared the way you like it whenever you go to work, to a picnic or just about anywhere. This means no more spending money on eating out, as well as maintaining your weight without having to turn to unhealthy fast foods whenever you feel hungry.

Our top picks include larger family sized lunch bags as well as smaller personal ones. We also have chosen bags which are pretty versatile, so hopefully, everybody has found the perfect lunch bag for their needs.

You can say goodbye to all those plastic or paper bags, to spending money for overpriced lunch and to eating food which isn’t to your liking with each one of these great bags.

They will keep your meal nice and warm or cold so that it is just right when it comes time for lunch or for your outdoor snack.

Good luck with your purchase, and we hope enjoy your new lunch bag as much as we did when we tested them!

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