LunaPic – The Ultimate Review 2020


It is probably the most popular free online photo editing tool in the world. It has a wide variety of tools to edit any photo and produce the exact effect you want. All of this can be done quickly without having to register or pay anything.

It is effortless and intuitive to use, so even newbies with no experience in photo editing will manage to create amazing photos and images just like professionals would.

What does it do?

You can crop, resize, make an object transparent, add text, frames, filters, effects, art, draw, adjust, animate, and do hundreds of other things with the photo of your choice.

All you need to do is upload an image from your computer, from a specific URL or Facebook, Google Photos, DropBox, Instagram, Imgur, Tumblr or use the Chrome browser extension to get the photo you want. You can also open a blank page and start from scratch or one of the many sample images available for free.

After you are done with your newly edited image, you can save it, or post it directly on Twitter, Facebook, Google Photo, Pinterest or Imgur from the LunaPic page.

It is much simpler than Photoshop, completely free, and can be used by beginners and advanced photo editors alike.


True, you will need to bear with the advertisements on the LunaPic website, but if that doesn’t bother you – this is the perfect easy to use online editing tool for you.

The design of the webpage looks pretty simple with no bells and whistles. Yet, all of the available options are conveniently laid in front of your eyes surrounding the editing area, so you will always be able to find what you need.

If you have experience with CorelDraw or Adobe Photoshop, you may find some similarities in the way the menus are situated and how they work. There is a vertical navigation menu on the left side and a drop-down style horizontal menu with all of the editing options on the top of the page.

You can add some brilliant effects such as animations of snow falling, water reflections, fire, old movie, and many more to your pictures, so you can wow your friends and followers on social media.

LunaPic is a perfect free solution to personalize your Christmas cards, wedding invitations, or create collages and greeting cards for special occasions.

You can safely play around with the various editing tools because LunaPic has a nifty undo feature, which will show you the editing history and let you pick which edits you want to remove and which ones you prefer to keep.

The free online editor also has a very detailed and useful FAQ section as well as tutorials and online help tips, so you can always find the solution to a problem or the answer to a photo editing question you have.

You can choose to edit photos in a wide variety of file formats, including JPG, GIF, AVI, MOV, BMP, PNG, RM, FLV, and many others. The maximum size of the file you can upload is 20Mb. and a size of 1400 x 2100

The key features of LunaPic

  • You can upload up to 10 photos simultaneously from any URL, your computer, social media, the cloud, and others
  • No registration is required to use the online editing tool
  • It has a very intuitive and easy to use interface
  • You can choose among hundreds of effects, filters, frames, text, animations, and even art effects, as well as resizing, cropping, selecting, transferring and others
  • The upload of photos is speedy and simple
  • You get to save your edited photo or post it directly to social media for free and without entering an email or any personal data
  • It works with multiple file formats
  • There is a detailed Help, Tutorial and FAQ section available
  • With the undo command you can go back through all editing steps to remove the ones you do not like
  • You can use LunaPic from any computer with an internet connection
  • You can use this tool completely anonymously
  • It is perfect for making Memes to entertain your friends

Final verdict

LunaPic is probably one of the easiest online photo editors you will find. It requires absolutely no registration and is completely free. You can upload and edit any photo from any website, your computer, the Cloud, social media, or from wherever you want.

The editing tool options are endless. You can turn your photo into a piece of artwork, add a stunning animation, create a hilarious meme, add frames, text, make collages, edit the quality, color, brightness, contrast, and so on of every photo.

The free online editor works with just about all image file types. Once you are done, you can post your edited photo directly on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or a wide number of social media platforms, you can send it by mail, or simply save it to your computer or device completely free and without entering any personal information whatsoever.

Overall, this easy to use editing tool is an excellent option for newbies and for people who consider Photoshop and CorelDraw to be too complicated to use. It does have advertisements, but everything else is free, so it is worth it.

Thanks to the helpful tutorials, FAQs, and online help section, you can get assistance for just about any question about editing a photo you may have.

We love LunaPic and highly recommend it to anyone looking for the best free online photo editing tool.

Lunapic Tutorials

Best Alternatives to LunaPic

If, for one reason or another, you want to use another online editing tool other than LunaPic, we have picked the best alternatives offered online. Take a look at the other leading online photo editing tools other than LunaPic.


Pixlr is available as a free online editing tool, as well as a mobile app for photo editing. It has various useful features like red-eye correction, a sponge, a brush, a gradient, a cloning and color replacement option, and others. There is a paid Pro version available with more tools, but if you are happy with the basic version, you can keep using it for free as often as you like.

The Pixlr mobile app combines the function of a camera, a photo editor, and a collage maker, which makes it one of the leading phone photo editing apps in the world.

There are detailed tutorials that will guide you through any of the editing tools if necessary.

You do need to sign up to use Pixlr, but spending a few minutes for registering is absolutely worthwhile given its ease of use and the myriad of editing tools and features it offers.

It is suitable for newbies and is perfect for quick and easy simple image processing. It works with all popular image file formats and allows users to export their edited photos in JPG, BMP, PNG, and the company’s PXD format.

It is an excellent free tool to create web banners as well. The app and online tool work with all platforms and is available in 28 languages.

With Pixlr-o-Matic, you can have great fun and transform any photo into a cool vintage and retro image too.


BeFunky has become an increasingly popular online photo editing tool. It is a simple and intuitive option, which, like LunaPic, allows you to upload a photo and start editing it immediately.

BeFunky offers a variety of cool editing tools and elements that will boost the quality of your photos and will allow you to create collages, postcards, posters, brochures, slides for presentations, invitations, greeting cards, and many more.

You can quickly improve and process any image with BeFunky and post it to your social network profile, print it, send it to a friend or business associate, or save it on your computer or another device.

It is an excellent time-saving image processing tool for bloggers and for those of you looking for creating social media assets.

You will get access to a wide selection of free images and stock photos, fonts, and others on BeFunky, which you can use for exercising or for your personal needs as well as to create fresh designs.

The online editor is free but comes with advertisements. If you want to use it minus the ads, you will have to pay a monthly fee of about $5 for BeFunky Plus.

It is a simple to use online service, which is an excellent option for quick and easy online graphic designing and portrait and photo editing.


iPiccy is yet another excellent online photo editing tool, which is an excellent alternative to LunaPic. It offers over 100 photo effects and many useful editing features that will allow you to improve or process your photos efficiently, quickly, and for free.

Most of the editing tools on the iPiccy web page are easy to locate and access with just one click. You can zoom in and out to take a closer look at every single detail and to examine the final product once you are done.

iPiccy can be used without registering or signing up and is completely free for all.

You can use the multiple available free features such as clone tools, curve adjustments, background erasers, and many many more.

Unfortunately, this free online editing service offers limited options when it comes to the format of the edited files you can save – you can choose between JPG and PNG only. It also provides sharing directly to Facebook only, and it requires Flash to work.

On the other hand, it allows for uploading and using multiple photos simultaneously and will never require you to pay for any advanced features.

Like most of the online free photo editors, iPiccy also requires Flash plugins to run the web app. Once you provide that, the site is easy-to-use and has a layer-based editor that is quick and responsive.

Some of the cool editing tools include those for removing wrinkles from the face on portraits, applying makeup, enhancing the facial features, as well as adjustment of the colors, adding filters, effects, creating collages, and many more.

The best thing about iPiccy is that there is no premium version at all, so all of its useful features are available for free.


Ribbet is an extremely cool online photo editor. The design is very intuitive, so even those of you with minimal experience with editing photos and using computers will manage to use it for enhancing your photos.

Thanks to this amazing UI, Ribbet is one of the most popular choices among newbies and people who are not too tech-savvy when it comes to online photo editing.

You can choose from among the various fonts, stickers, and other tools you can use to create unique photos and images. You can also use Ribbet to make fun and beautiful collages, fancy cards and many more.

You can easily share your ready image with friends on social media, via e-mail, or you can store it for free in the cloud storage provided by Ribbet. Plus, you can access your stored photos from any iOS device, as there is a Ribbet app for mobile devices available as well. The company is working on developing an Android app and releasing it pretty soon as well.

You can use it for free for as long as you like, but if you want access to more advanced features, you will need to pay for the Premium version, which will cost you about $4.95 per month.

Ribbit is very convenient for resizing your photos for social media and optimizing their quality for printing. There is a search box that allows you to search for a sticker or frame of your liking and add it to your image as well. Also, its user interface is incredibly user-friendly, and it has a variety of themes to choose from, including everybody’s favorite dark mode.


Fotor is another browser-based alternative to LunaPic, which is easy to understand and use. It works with all computers and web browsers.

You can easily upload three different photos, all with different exposures and combine them seamlessly into one single image with Fotor. The editor will pick the best lighting and the best tones from each of the photos you have overlaid so you can create the perfect image.

Fotor can be used for free, but if you need some more advanced features, you should opt for the paid Fotor Pro version, which is available for a monthly subscription fee starting at $8.99.

Fotor performs quickly, and it won’t affect the performance of your computer like other browser-based programs can do.

You can choose among the various cool effects and smart filters to apply to your photos, you can use the nifty collage tool and can even edit RAW files easily with the Fotor online photo editor. The online image processing tool offers templates and options for creating your business card, posters, documents, banners, social media images and memes, invitations, and others. This makes it the perfect free editing tool for social media influencers, newbie, digital marketers, or anybody who needs a quick and easy image processing tool which is easy to understand and use, and which costs nothing. It is available in 10 languages.

There are some fun features like body and face enhancement tools, cloning, text editing, frames, stickers, film grain, color splash, lens flare and many other effects, filters, and tools to choose from in Fotor.

A Fotor mobile app is available for iOS and for Android devices, as well.


The GNU image manipulation program GIMP is possibly the most sophisticated of all free photo editors available online.  You can use it for image processing, retouching photos, for editing, and drawing.

It is a cross-platform editor that is completely free and has an open-source.

It is the closest thing to Photoshop to use without paying a cent.

GIMP offers a massive variety of professional quality features and tools and has a customizable interface. You can use it to create professional-grade artwork and images for free.

It has just about any tool and feature which Photoshop offers, and if you are still missing a specific tool or effect, you can use a Photoshop plugin to access it as well.

GIMP is suitable for people who are experienced in photo editing because its interface is not as simple as that of most of the other photo editors on our list of LunaPic alternatives.

The editing tool is free of charge and is the best option for those of you who need the advanced features of the paid professional editing programs for free.

Photoscape X

Photoscape X is a fun and easy to use online photo editor for Mac and window which offers all the editing tools you will need. You can use Photoscape X for viewing photos, editing them, resizing and cropping them, combining them, creating collages, for creating GIFs, picking colors, for screen capturing, editing and working with RAW images and more, so it is one of the most versatile photo editing tools available online for free.

You can choose from a wide variety of filters and effects to make your photos look absolutely stunning with Photoscape X. You can make your photos look like analog ones, cut out objects, transform images and use one of the thousands of available patterns, frames, and figures to enhance your photos.

This is one of the best free online photo editors for experimenting with images and for batch processing. If you want, even more, you can opt for the Photoscape X Pro version, but you will need to pay for it.


PicMonkey is a paid editing tool, but you can take advantage of its 7-day free trial and enjoy its friendly and intuitive user interface, and the wide variety of features and tools to create unique photos and images.

It has an amazing collage maker, which is much better than that of other photo editing tools, and you can use PicMonkey quickly even if you have no experience with similar editing tools whatsoever.

You can choose among the many different available templates to create banners, websites, flyers, logos, posters, quote pictures, and making marketing materials. You can also add different backgrounds, elements, text, and other patterns and effects to your image without any hassle or frustrating clutter on the screen.

PicMonkey can process only one photo at a time, but it is still one of the most user-friendly online editing tools you can find.

If you want to save, share, or export your edited image, you must opt for the paid monthly subscription, so keep that in mind when you try out PicMonkey.

Google Photos

Google Photos replaced Picasa and is a completely free, intuitive, and simple online photo editor, which will allow you to process and edit your photos effortlessly.

You can browse your Google photo library and organize it via Google Photos. Although it has somewhat limited editing tools, this free online photo editing and viewing tool by Google is a superb option for those of you looking for the fastest and easiest way to edit your photos stored in Google. You will get the main tools and options for improving your pictures, such as red-eye removal, color correction, auto contrast, cropping, and different filters and effects if you opt for using Google Photos.

You can also create fun animations, collages, photo-booth style images, holiday-themed cards, interactive stories as well as apply various frames to your photos with this easy to use and free online editing tool.

Final words

With just about everyone having access to a camera on their phone, and with the growing popularity of sharing images and content with people online, it comes to no surprise that there are so many excellent browser-based online photo editing tools like LunaPic and the abovementioned alternatives to it available for free.

With one of these online editors, you can turn even the most mundane image or photo into a work of art without spending hundreds of dollars for a professional photo editing program and without having the skill set and knowledge of a pro photo editor and graphics designer.