Top 10 Best Lego Tables In 2019

Sale KidKraft 17576 2-In-1 Activity Table with Board, 28.5' x 24' x 3.25', Natural
Sale KidKraft 2-in-1 Activity Table with Board, Gray/Natural
Sale Heavy Duty Duplo Compatible Table with Built-in Lego Storage(Patent)-32' x16'-Made in USA!- PREASSEMBLED-Premium Series with Solid Hardwood Legs and Frames-Ages 1 to 5

Tired of stepping on Lego pieces which seem to be coming out of nowhere just about everywhere in the house? As a mom of 3, and after numerous painful incidents,  I would strongly recommend you get a good Lego table.

It will keep things neat and tidy and your kiddos will stay occupied while you take care of your chores.

The Lego table is superb to enhance creativity in kids. My three children all have enjoyed spending hours and hours around their Lego tables.

Since a new mom recently asked me which Lego table is the best, I decided to share my experience with all Lego tables we have tried at home and those which I have seen and tested at friends and neighbors.

Hope it helps!

Here is my list of the top 10 Lego tables which are currently available on the market:

KidKraft Lego Compatible 2 in 1 Activity Table

If you like me have more than one child, this Kidkraft 2-in-1 activity table is an excellent choice for a Lego table. It is 2-in-1, so your kids can choose to play with the train set or with the Lego-compatible blocks and won’t get bored with it quickly. It is suitable for one or more children aged 3 or up.


  • Includes a double-sided Lego-compatible building plate as well as a smooth top for trains or other activities
  • Pretty design in a natural wood color suitable for any interior space
  • Comes with 200 Lego-compatible blocks and a wooden train set made of 30 pieces and a train, trees, house, signs, and others
  • Has a very sturdy construction
  • Easy to assemble – only a screwdriver is needed
  • It is 25(L) x 23(W) x 17(H) inches so more than one child can enjoy some fun time together around it
  • No tools are needed to flip over the top, and still, it stays in place safely and snugly once turned
  • Meets all US safety standards, like all KidKraft products
  • The plate fits all standard Legos and Duplo sets


  • The train set is very basic so it is for only small children
  • The Lego compatible blocks are not very high quality

Overall, this Lego table from KidKraft is a great product which you can get for your kids or as a gift. It will keep them busy in their own activity area so that you can enjoy some me time as well. It is sturdy and versatile, so you will be spending your money wisely if you pick this one!

KidKraft 2-in-1 Activity Table with Board

Another KidKraft 2-in-1 Lego table which I personally like very much because of its convenient storage underneath the top play board. It is a very good Lego table, suitable for three-year-olds or older.


  • The play board is compatible with Lego
  • The table comes with its own set of 200 Lego-compatible blocks
  • Great storage space beneath the play board to keep all those blocks stored away
  • Several children can play at once given its dimension of 25(L) x 23(W) x 16(H) inches
  • Sturdy and impact resistant side panels
  • A versatile reversible play board with build brick surface on one side and a colorful smooth play surface on the other
  • Easy to assemble


  • Needs to be used for kneeling or sitting on the floor, cannot fit a toddler chair
  • To get to your stored Legos you need to flip open the tabletop which can cause any construction on top to spill over
  • Some Lego pieces fail to fit the board properly

Sturdy, cute and versatile, this is one of the best Lego tables you can get four your toddler, but beware that not all pieces of Legos stick on the play board properly.

Heavy Duty Duplo Table

This Duplo table is superb for kids aged 1 to 5. Your toddler will have loads of fun with their Duplos on this colorful table.


  • Prime quality made entirely in the US
  • Sturdy wood legs
  • No assembly is required, only screwing the wooden legs on without instruments
  • Has a built-in mesh block bag to keep the Duplo blocks off the floor
  • The size is suitable for very small children 32(L) x 16(W) x 18(H) inches


  • Doesn’t include blocks like some of the other Lego tables
  • You have to order a smooth wood play cover separately if you want the table to be more versatile

This American made Duplo table is an excellent gift for any small child which loves playing with Duplos. It will withstand serious abuse due to its sturdiness and great quality materials. Absolutely brilliant table for kiddos.

UTEX 2 In 1 Kids Construction Play Table and Chair Set

This brilliant square Lego table is one of my kid’s favorites. It is very large so they can all play together without getting in each other’s way. It is affordable and comes with an option for toddler chairs as well!


  • Two handy storage drawers for all those loose Lego pieces
  • The reversible top allows for switching to a smooth surface once your kids are done with the Lego construction
  • The construction panel is compatible with all kinds of building blocks, Legos, Duplos and other brands
  • It looks great
  • Reasonably priced
  • Quite large 25,6(L) x 21(H) x 25.6(W)


  • Not as solid as some of the more expensive Lego tables

This espresso-colored reversible Lego table is adaptable and provides a large play area. Plus it has very convenient storage drawers. Reasonably priced and very stylish – your kids will love it!

LEGO Education Flip Top Playtable

My kids had one of these at their daycare and absolutely loved it. This Lego table has a reversible top which is for Duplos on one side and for Legos on the other.


  • Made of good quality solid wood
  • The reversible building plate is for Legos and for Duplos
  • Four children can play together
  • A storage bin can be ordered separately to keep the bricks in
  • 20(H) x 27(W) x 27(L)
  • No assembly required. No tools needed to flip the play board
  • It is quite heavy so it won’t slide around while the kids are playing


  • Its pricier than others

Overall, this table is probably the best Lego table on the list. With the guaranteed quality of Lego education and its reversible top, there is no doubt you will be making a wise choice if you pick this one!

Lego Compatible Table

This is a superb Lego table which is very well made out of solid wood, so there is no need to worry about it breaking and hurting your kids while they are enjoying time playing on it.


  • Sturdy and stable
  • Has a clever heavy duty mesh bag for storing the Lego bricks
  • It is preassembled, so no need for any tools to set it up
  • 32(L) x 18(H) x 16(W)
  • Compatible with Lego, Mega Micro blocks, and others


  • Not suitable for children under 5 because the play board is a bit tricky for younger ones

I recommend this Lego table for kids aged 4 or older. It is very well made, but the building plate is difficult to use by very small kids. Made in the USA and of high quality – this is another great Lego table.

Lego Oak Color Play Table

If you prefer a Lego table which your child can use while sitting on a chair – this one could be the best one for you. I personally prefer that the kids are sitting down so there is no shuffling and pushing around while they are playing.


  • The Lego tiles can be removed so that the table can be used for other purposes, games, drawing, etc.
  • Very large 41(L) x 22(W) x 29(H) inches
  • Beautiful oak color makes it look like fine furniture which you can use as a serving or sewing table later on
  • 8 10 x10 inch Lego tiles
  • 3 storage drawers which are removable for added space
  • Legs are 29 inches long which means the child can sit on a chair to use the table
  • Sturdy


  • Too high for very young toddlers

This beautiful Lego table will make your kids very happy and even better – you can use it for other purposes once the kids grow up! Plus, the producer supports “Fightback for Autism”, so you will be contributing to a good cause if you decide to buy it,

Play Platoon Kids Activity Table Set – 3 in 1

This cute Lego table actually incorporates 3 different play variants in 1. It can be used as a Lego table, but also as a water table and a smooth one too. It is a great little table at an affordable price! I gave one as a present for my 2 years old nice and she absolutely loves it!


  • It is a versatile 3 in 1 play table
  • It comes with two toddler chairs
  • Also in the package, there are 25 jumbo bricks
  • Comfortable size for toddlers over 18 months 20 x 20 x 17
  • The chairs are 18 inches height and 10 inches off the floor
  • 1-year warranty
  • Compatible with most building bricks, and Legos
  • Handy storage inside the table for the bricks or for the chairs
  • It is fun, colorful and attractive to toddlers
  • Light and safe for the young ones


  • Flipping the surface of the table is a bit tricky
  • The chairs are somewhat flimsy

This fun and versatile small Lego table is my recommendation for a first Lego table for a very young kid. It is affordable, well made and perfectly safe for kids.

Tot Tutors Kids 2-in-1 Plastic LEGO-Compatible Activity Table

This Tot Tutors Lego table is the first Lego table I bought and still have. My kids loved it immediately thanks to the bright colors.


  • Has a removable Lego and Duplo cover
  • Comes with 2 chairs
  • 23(W) x 23(L) x 17(H) table and 12 x 11 x 18 chairs
  • Has storage space in it for all those bricks
  • Very well made and durable
  • Easy to clean


  • The chairs and table can slide on hard floors because they are so light. You may want to place them on top of a carpet for added stability

This table and chair set is an excellent choice for a gift for a toddler 18 months old or older up to preschool. My kids used it for years until they finally outgrew it, and they still have in their room and use it to store their stuff.


I hope that I have helped you choose the best Lego table for your kid or for a gift to another child. Having a Lego table is such a great idea, especially if you have more than one kids roaming around the house. I was so happy the first time I got my children a table for Legos and Duplos. Suddenly the room and house became silent as they sat there and meticulously built a small Duplo castle. Happiest and quietest few hours I’d had in a very long time!

So, pick the size you want according to the age of the child and the available space. Combined play tables are a good idea in case your child gets bored easily and gets fed up with Legos.

Always opt for a good quality table. You want one which is safe for your child and will endure through some tough games and beatings.

It is a great idea to get a taller table when the child grows up a bit. If it has a reversible or removable Lego building top you can use it as an ordinary table once your child is done with it!

Good luck with your choice and I hope that your kids are as happy as mine where when I got them their first Lego table!

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