Kiinde Kozii Bottle Warmer Review 2022

A bottle warmer is not a must-have baby item. However, it is necessary to have one due to the convenience it provides when warming the baby’s milk. In this article, we shall focus on the Kiinde Kozii bottle warmer review. This warmer is rated among the best for formula and breast milk due to its large capacity and its ability to preserve nutrients and antibodies in breast milk.

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Kiinde Kozii bottle warmer review


Description of unique features

  • Water reservoir

The Kiinde bottle warmer has a water reservoir that should be filled with water. To ensure that the water does not evaporate while heating, make sure that the reservoir is filled above the line.

When the machine is turned on, warm water flows into the heating chamber and starts to circulate around the bottles. This allows the milk to heat evenly.

  • Universal warming chamber

The warmer has a chamber that fits a wide range of bottle sizes, milk storage bags, bottle liners, and food jars.

It is safe to thaw as well as warm breastmilk, food, and formula in different materials including glass, plastics, metal, and silicone baby bottles.

  • Safe heat technology

This warmer uses convective heating rather than steam that is used by most bottle warmers. This heating technology allows convenient, uniform, and fast heating of baby’s milk at a low temperature.

  • Built-in auto shut-off timer

Another unique feature of this warmer is the automatic shutoff timer. This in-built timer stops the machine when the heating time is up in order to prevent overheating.

You can set the time you want the milk to heat based on the contents of the bottle and the type of the bottle. For instance, you may have to set a longer time if you are heating silicone bottles since they take a while to heat.

What makes the Kiinde Bottle Warmer different from others

  • It has a large capacity.

The Kiinde warmer is large enough to accommodate different bottle sizes, including the wide-necked ones like Tommee Tippee and Comotomo.

It also fits baby food jars, so when your baby stops breastfeeding, this bottle warmer will come in handy for warming his food during weaning.

The Kiinde warmer can also be used to heat up reusable and disposable milk storage pouches and bags like the Kiinde twist pouches.

  • Preserves nutrients in milk

Since the bottle contents do not overheat, the nutrients in the milk are preserved. Breast milk is very delicate, so it needs to be warmed at an optimum temperature so as not to destroy the nutrients.

As we mentioned earlier, this bottle warmer uses low temperatures but still warms the milk quickly without overheating. Therefore, it is the best for breast milk as well as formula.

  • Thaws and warms milk quickly

Despite warming milk at low temperatures and using gentle flowing warm water, Kiinde Kozii warmer can thaw and warm breast milk or formula within a few minutes. This makes it very convenient to use for nighttime feeding.

  • No overheating

The milk in the bottle is warmed evenly thanks to the convective heating technology used by the Kiinde warmer. With warm water constantly flowing around the bottle, the risk of breast milk being overheated is eliminated.

Moreover, the automatic timer shuts off when the milk is heated based on the heating time you have set. So if you are not around when the heating is done, you do not have to worry about the milk overheating.

  • It is easy to use

The Kiinde Breast milk bottle warmer is pretty easy to use. You do not have to refill the water reservoir every time you want to heat a bottle. This is because the water that rises up to warm the bottle drains back into the reservoir once the warmer automatically shuts off. This water can be reused during the next heating until it reaches below the marked line, then you can refill.

  • No risk of hot spots (milk warms evenly)

One of the reasons why parents are warned against using a microwave to warm a baby’s milk or food is due to the uneven heating, which creates hot spots.

With the Kiinde bottle warmer, water cycles around the bottles during heating, so the milk is heated evenly. No hotspots are formed that can scald your baby during feeding.

  • Warms a variety of materials

Some bottle warmers use too much heat such that they are not recommended for certain materials of baby bottles, milk bags, and jars.

However, the Kiinde Kozii bottle warmer uses gentle flowing water and not dangerous steam. So it safely warms breast milk, formula, and pureed food in metal, glass, plastic, or silicone bottles and milk bags.

The drawbacks of the Kiinde Kozii breastmilk bottle warmer

  • It is a bit expensive.

The Kiinde bottle warmer is relatively expensive compared to other bottle warmers. This could be due to its ability to warm milk and preserve nutrients through innovative, safe heat technology.

If you have a limited budget, you can try other cheaper options like the Philips Avent or First years’ bottle warmers.

  • No backlight for use at night

Although it warms milk quite fast, it does not have a backlight. This means that when warming your baby’s milk at night, you need a nightlight or flashlight.

  • The beep is not audible.

The automatic shut-off timer works great in preventing the contents of the bottle from overheating.

However, if you are caught up in other household chores, you may not realize that the milk has been heated since the bottle warmer does not have an audible beep to alert you. There is a very slight click that most users feel is not loud enough.

  • Only holds one bottle at a time.

Despite its large capacity, this bottle warmer can only heat one bottle or milk storage bag at a time.

How to use Kiinde Kozii bottle warmer (Instructions)

The following video shows you how to use this warmer. Also, it gives you detailed instructions that you need to carefully follow so as not to spoil the machine when in use.


A bottle warmer is particularly important for exclusively breastfeeding and pumping moms. This Kiinde Kozii bottle warmer review will help you understand the features that make the Kiinde universal bottle warmer unique and the benefits of getting one to help you thaw and warm milk.  For instance, it warms milk quickly yet gently and at a low temperature. So, it does not destroy the nutrients in the milk. Also, unlike the microwave, this bottle warmer warms the milk evenly; thereby, preventing the formation of hot spots.


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