Mimijumi vs Comotomo Bottle Review (2021)

mimijumi vs comotomo bottles

Some breastfed babies have a hard time accepting the bottle. So you have to find one that meets their needs. If you are looking for the most suitable bottle for a breastfed baby who refuses the bottle, then you must consider the Mimijumi vs. Comotomo …

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Huggies Pull-Ups: Best For Preschoolers & Daycare

huggies pull ups with velcro sides

Huggies Pull-Ups With Velcro Sides Most preschool children are not fully potty trained, so ‘accidents’ occur quite often.  Therefore, it is very common for preschool or daycare teachers to ask parents to provide pull-ups with velcro sides rather than those with rip-away connections. This type …

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