How to Correctly Use Dry Shampoo, According to Experts

Dry shampoo has become a staple for people who want to keep their hair clean and oil-free without the need to wash and dry it. It is a convenient product when camping, traveling, and when you don’t have the time for thorough hair shampooing and conditioning.

The dry shampoo contains a starchy ingredient that helps absorb and eliminate the greasy sebum from the scalp, which easily transfers to the hair and gives it a greasy look and feel after a few days of no washing.

With the help of dry shampoo, the hair looks clean, fresh, and adds volume, which means that you can maintain your blowout and hairstyle for longer.

There are many different types of dry shampoo to choose from, and applying these products should be done correctly if you want the best results. 

By applying the dry shampoo properly, you will avoid ending up with dull-looking, dry hair with chalk-like roots and flaking resembling dandruff.

Choosing the best dry shampoo for your hair

Dry shampoo comes in different shapes and forms, the most popular ones being sprays, powders, foams, aerosols, and even tinted shampoos.

You should pick the most suitable type of dry shampoo, depending on the type of hair you have.

People with thick and oily hair will get the best results with dry shampoo in powder form. Powder dry shampoo efficiently absorbs the oil and will leave your hair looking clean and voluminous. On the other hand, the powder dry shampoo products may be too tough on fine hair and weigh it down.

It is recommended for fine and dry hair that you choose a dry shampoo in aerosol or spray form. These types of shampoos dry quickly and add volume to the hair.

People with curly hair should pick a dry shampoo that has added moisturizing ingredients to prevent the hair from drying and looking dull.

For those of you with very oily hair, you should look for a dry shampoo that has a super-absorbent formula.

As for people with dyed hair, there are some excellent tinted dry shampoo products that can help hide the roots which have grown out. There are tinted shampoos for all hair colors.

Aerosol dry shampoos are the easiest and most efficient to apply and use, as they are released under pressure and can reach all parts of the scalp and hair.

For the best results, always read the label of the dry shampoo to make sure that it contains ingredients and is recommended for your specific type of hair and needs.

How to use dry shampoo – a quick guide

Shake the dry shampoo before use

No matter which type of dry shampoo you are using, always shake the bottle or container vigorously in order to mix up the ingredients evenly and adequately. This is especially important if you are using an aerosol spray, as the starch tends to sink to the bottom when the spray has not been shaken and used.

Do not apply the shampoo directly to the scalp

If you are using a dry shampoo powder, avoid applying the powder directly on your scalp in order to prevent the hard to remove and unsightly chalky effect on the hair.

When using a spray, make sure that you spray it from at least six inches away from the roots and the scalp. This will allow the spray to cover the hair and also for the product to spread evenly and absorb the sebum from the oily roots.

Apply it evenly

Avoid spraying or sprinkling the dry shampoo in one spot for longer than needed. Instead, try spreading the product evenly so that it reaches all roots and disperses easily.

When applying the shampoo, you should use a swaying motion from the front to the back of the head and without applying too much product to any area.

Apply it on the greasy areas only

Instead of applying the dry shampoo to your entire head, it is better to concentrate on using it only in the areas where the roots and hair are the greasiest.

This will prevent the dryer hair from becoming dull and stiff.

Please do not overdo it

Even if your hair looks greasy, do not use more dry shampoo than recommended because it can make matters worse and cause your hair to look lackluster and discolored or stiff and dry.

Use a small amount at a time and apply it sparingly on the oily areas only. If your hair still looks and feels greasy when you are done, you can use some more of the product for the best results.

Let the dry shampoo sit

Once you apply the dry shampoo, do not immediately attempt to brush it off. Instead, let the product do its magic by allowing it to sit for a few minutes and absorb the excess sebum from the hair’s roots.

After that, you can proceed to comb, brush or shake it off.

Massage it into the scalp

After waiting for the dry shampoo to sit for several minutes and before brushing it off, you can massage it gently into the scalp by using your fingers. This will make the application even and will prevent your hair from becoming chalky and dull.

Do not use dry shampoo on a daily basis

While dry shampoo is a super-convenient product to keep your hair looking great between washings, it should not be used every day and is not a substitute for actual washing and conditioning.

Overusing dry shampoo can be harmful to the scalp and hair and can cause clogging of the hair follicles and issues such as dermatitis, hair loss, acne, and even infections.

The recommended usage of dry shampoo is up to 2-3 times per week for people with oily hair and once or twice a week for normal hair.

Use it before going to bed

If you want to wake up with fresh and non-greasy hair, you can try applying dry shampoo before going to bed. Follow the above-mentioned steps, and let the product do the work while you are sleeping.

In the morning, your hair will be refreshed and sebum-free.

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