Tips and Tricks on How to Grill a Frozen Steak

how to grill a frozen steak

Nothing beats some yummy good old juicy steak! But what happens when you forgot to defrost your meat and have some guests showing up in a few? Yikes! Likely the first thought running through your head is, “there’s not enough time to thaw out those …

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What is Liquid Smoke and How to Use It?

how to use liquid smoke

Liquid smoke provides a substitute for creating smoke when barbecuing or smoking meat. Despite the criticism from the BBQ community, liquid smoke comes in handy for people who don’t have a means of ordinarily creating smoke. Its main aim is to give the meals a …

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Guide to Cold Smoking

cold smoking

Should you ever think of doing a cold smoke, you first need to take a step back and assess whether you have the skills to do so. The idea of switching up your BBQ style can be exciting but unlike ordinary smoking, (or what is …

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How to Smoke Bacon at Home?

how to smoke bacon

Bacon is one of the most popular pork cuts, favored by many due to its unique taste. It is a salt-cured cut, coming from less fatty parts, like the pork belly. Bacon is very versatile as a meat dish, and you can eat it alone …

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How To Use An Electric Smoker, and How Do They Work

how to use an electric smoker

Smoking is a traditional method of cooking that has been around for a long time and is used for many different kinds of foods, but especially meats. The outside of the smoked meat is often perfectly crispy, while the interior remains juicy. Don’t discount the …

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How to Clean A Rusty Grill [Step by Step Guide]

how to clean a rusty grill

Imagine going to set up your grill for a barbeque or cookout, only to find the grid, rack, or other parts to be rusty. Such a scenario can be very frustrating and may discourage you from putting your cooking skills to the test. Downsides of …

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How to Reheat Ribs So They’re Perfectly Tender

how to reheat ribs

Commonly considered a delicacy, ribs may be cooked in a variety of ways. Ribs may be cooked in a variety of ways, including smoking, barbecuing, and grilling. When everyone has eaten their fill and their bellies are bursting, it’s not unusual to still have some …

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How to Tell When Ribs are Done?

how to tell when ribs are done

When it comes to grilling, ribs are among the top choices. It’s a great recipe that provides a generous helping of meat, and it tastes even better with sauce. Ribs that are overcooked or undercooked are two examples of things that might go wrong on …

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