GRE Promo Code: How to Get a Discount on the Test

The GRE standardized test is a requirement for applying for many of the graduate schools in the US and Canada and other countries around the world, and taking the test and scoring well could be life-changing for you.

The problem is that the GRE test costs $205, the test prep courses and materials can cost hundreds and even thousands of dollars, and many people don’t have money to spare for an exam in these difficult times.

The good news is that you can get a GRE promo code and receive a discount for study materials, books, GRE test prep courses, as well as for the test itself.

Read on to find out what a GRE promo code is, where to find working promo codes, and how to use them, as well as how to get a discount voucher via the GRE fee reduction program for the GRE test itself in order to advance your education and future career.

What can you expect from a GRE Promo Code?

A GRE promo code, also known as a GRE discount code or GRE coupon code, is similar to the other digital promo codes you use for purchasing products and services online.

Only, the GRE promotional code can be used for discounts for purchasing GRE prep materials, for signing up for GRE prep courses, as well as for getting a discount for the GRE fee education program. and the GRE general test

Typically, these GRE promo codes are valid for a limited time period only.

With GRE promo codes, you will need to manually apply the code when you are checking out in order to take advantage of the discount.

Even if you stumble upon a GRE promo code for a book, material, or course, make sure that it is not already available at a lower price on other websites and offered by other retailers first.

Where to find GRE promo codes?

You can search for GRE-related promo codes at the coupon code websites which you normally use for shopping for other things. Some of the most popular promo code websites include,, Deals Cove, and others.

You can also use the dedicated coupon code mobile apps or browser extensions or add ons to search for coupons and discounts for the GRE-related product or service you are interested in.

Be warned, that in many cases, the coupon codes provided may have already expired, or may not work for your purchase, so check out the ratings of a particular coupon code for discounts before applying it.

Another obvious way to search for GRE coupons for discounts is to perform a Google or other internet search with keywords like “GRE coupon,” “GRE discount,” and others.

You can also sign up for the newsletters by leading GRE prep companies like Magoosh, The Princeton Review, Kaplan, examPAL, Achievable, Target Test Prep, PrepScholar, Manhattan Prep, The Economist GRE Tutor, and others, which often offer GRE promo codes for discounts to their subscribers.

You should sign up for as many of the GRE prep companies and platforms as you can if you are interested in enrolling in a GRE prep course or use a GRE prep service but at a lower price.

In many cases, these test prep companies offer quite attractive discounts for the GRE prep courses, which can reach up to $600 dollars, and up to 15% off a course with a suitable and valid promo code.

How to properly use a GRE promo code?

Applying a voucher or promotional code for GRE is the same as applying a coupon code for any other product or service you would normally buy online.

The majority of these discount codes are applied during the final checkout stage of the purchase, but before you make an actual payment.

Just copy the promotional code GRE you found and paste it in the voucher or coupon code blank space. Usually, companies restrict users from applying only one promo code per purchase.

You can purchase a product or service related to your GRE exam directly from the official site of the standardized test – ETS GRE via your ETS Account or at the ETS Store at the webpage of the Educational Testing Service.

In your ETS Account, you will get access to the promotion voucher code window as soon as you pick the materials you need for your GRE exam and head on to the checkout.

You can apply the GRE coupon promo code before paying, and when you click “Apply,” you can check whether the GRE promotional code actually works and automatically applies the discount to the end price.

You can try out as many GRE discount codes as you can find until you find one which works for you in your ETS Account.

The ETS Store works with promo codes for GRE in a similar manner. You will need to pick the materials, books, guides, or other products for prepping for the GRE first and then proceed to checkout.

Your shopping cart will include the materials you have chosen with the current price, and there is a promo code window underneath the product list when you should paste your promo codes.

If the code is active and valid, the price will automatically be reduced. In case the promo code is not valid, you will receive a message in red saying “Invalid promo code.”

In case the promo code for GRE doesn’t work, you will get the chance to try out as many voucher codes for GRE as you want.

Is there a promotional code for the GRE test itself?

Discount codes for the GRE are very rare, but you can still apply for a discount for the GRE fee on the GRE Fee Reduction Program page.

You can apply for a Voucher code for GRE for the reduction program offered by the official GRE general testing service for the GRE fee and may be eligible for a discount if you are:

  • A college senior receiving financial aid from an undergraduate college
  • A dependent college senior with a parental contribution of less than $2,500 for the senior year
  • A self-supporting college senior with a contribution of up to $3,000 for the senior year
  • If you are unenrolled, have applied for financial aid, and have a self-supporting contribution of up to $3,000.
  • If you are an unemployed US citizen or resident alien aged 18 or older and have been unemployed within the past 6 months, or can provide a copy of an Unemployment Benefits Statements from the past 3 months
  • If you have already taken the GRE with a discount voucher in the past 12 months but want to retest
  • If you are a student from one of the programs for underrepresented groups, including:
  • EducationUSA Opportunity Fund Program
  • IRT – Institute for Recruitment of Teachers
  • Gates Millennium Scholars Program
  • MARC – Maximizing Access to Research Careers  Undergraduate Student Training in Academic Research (U-STAR) Program
  • Management Leaders of Tomorrow
  • NSF LSAMP – Louis Stokes Alliance for Minority Participation () Program National Consortium for Graduate Degrees for Minorities in Engineering and Science Program (GEM)
  • SACNAS – Society for the Advancement of Chicanos and Native Americans in Science
  • RISE – Research Initiative for Scientific Enhancement Program
  • TheDream.US
  • PREP – Postbaccalaureate Research Education Program
  • TRIO SSS – Student Support Services Program
  • TRIO Ronald E. McNair Postbaccalaureate Achievement Program

What discount will I receive for my GRE test if I am approved for a GRE voucher code?

If your Fee Reduction Request Form is approved, you will receive instructions and a voucher for GRE via email within 2 weeks by the Educational Testing Service. The GRE fee reduction program discount provided by the ETS voucher code for GRE is for 50% off of the GRE fee (which will reduce it from $205 to $102.50) or a 50% discount off of a GRE subject test fee so that it will become $75 instead of the regular $150.

As well as receiving a 50% GRE fee reduction program discount for the test itself, all recipients of the ETS General Test Fee Reduction GRE Voucher will also receive 100% free access to GRE prep materials, including:

  • Powerprep Plus – a $40 online GRE practice test
  • Powerprep Plus – a second $40 online GRE practice test
  • ScoreItNow – a $20 Online Writing Practice exam

How to apply for a 50% discount GRE voucher for my GRE test?

In order to apply for the GRE fee reduction program voucher which offers a 50% fee discount for your GRE exam and free access to the prep materials and practice tests, you will need to:

  1. Create an account at the ETS because you will need an ETS ID number
  2. Download, fill out and sign the Fee Reduction Request Form manually or digitally
  3. Contact your school’s or future school’s financial aid office, depending on whether you are a student or unenrolled, and ask whether you are eligible for the discount
  4. Wait for a copy of your ISIR and Fee Reduction Certificate from your school if you are eligible
  5. Send all of the documents to the ETS for review

As noted above, if you have already received the discount voucher code for GRE within the past 12 months, you can apply for another one if you want to retake the test with a new GRE Fee Reduction Request Form.

Final words

As you can see, prepping for and taking the GRE doesn’t have to be such an expensive endeavor. You can use the numerous promo codes for prep materials, practice tests, and GRE prep courses, and if you are eligible, you can apply for a 50% discount for the test itself and get free access to two practice tests and test materials by the ETS.

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