10 Best Giro Helmets – 2021 Review

Do you want to buy the perfect Giro helmet to keep you safe while cycling and at the same time be comfortable, aerodynamic, breathable, and stylish?



We have tested a large number of Giro helmets, and after some serious scrutiny and reviewing, we have selected out the best ones on the market right now for you. We based our choice on the price, the design, the aerodynamics, the comfort level, breathability, the lightweight as well as of course, the safety provided by the different Giro helmets.

Giro Helmets

Here are the best 10 Giro helmets for 2021, which are truly worthy of your attention, according to us and the opinions of cycling and safety experts.

Our Pick
Giro Savant Road Bike Helmet

Do you want a light and yet reliable and safe Giro helmet? The Road Savant helmet is just that!


  • The sizing is OK, and the fit is as expected
  • Made of light and sturdy polycarbonate with an EPS liner
  • Available in multiple colors and patterns to meet each taste
  • Features the Giro Roc Loc 5 fit system
  • 25 vents allow for wind tunnel ventilation
  • Suitable for men and women
  • Adjustable straps and a head adjuster for ultimate comfort


  • Some cyclists may be bothered by the straps of this one

Final verdict:

This very stylish bike helmet from Giro is a perfect buy if you want a light, very well-ventilated, and yet safe helmet for your bike rides. You will be amazed at the lightness and the comfort which this adjustable and durable helmet provides!

Giro Chronicle MIPS Helmet

Do you suffer from a sweaty head but want strong MIPS protection? With the Giro Chronicle MIPS helmet, you can be sure that your head and hair will be dry and comfy and, most importantly – that it will be safe in case of an accident.


  • Superb protection perfect for technical trail cycling thanks to the MIPS (Multi-Directional Impact Protection System)
  • Special Coolmax soft padding inside for excellent moisture wicking
  • The fit can be personalized thanks to the Roc Lock 5 system
  • Deep coverage of the head
  • The visor can be lifted
  • The helmet is compatible with goggles


  • The helmet runs a bit large in size, so make sure you try one out at a store before ordering it.

Final verdict:

This is a very resilient helmet for extreme bikers and trail riders. Its MIPS system will keep your head protected at all times. The soft and moisture-wicking padding just adds to the comfort. It looks great and is also offered at an excellent price. So if you want to be on the safe side, buy a Chronicle MIPS helmet to ensure that you stay alive and well even on the roughest trails and tracks.

Giro 2013 Aeon Helmet

Do you hate the feeling of sweat pouring down your face and neck as you commute to your office on a bicycle? The Giro 2013 Aeon helmet can put an end to your misery thanks to its superb breathability and airflow.


  • Ultra-lightweight in-mold polycarbonate shell with an EPS liner
  • 24 wind Tunnel vents to keep your head cool even in the scorching sun
  • Unbeatable protection is ensured by the thermoformed SL roll cage reinforcement
  • An eye-catching design
  • Great for women and for men alike
  • Adjustable shell and internal cup via a knob on the back and supremely comfortable
  • It fits well and answers to the size


  • The slim straps can be uncomfortable for some cyclists

Final verdict:

This is an excellent lightweight Giro helmet that will fit your head perfectly and will keep you safe at all times. The multiple air tunnel vents will keep your head cool and sweat-free. The Aeon is definitely one of the lightest and most comfortable bicycle helmets you can buy!

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Giro Isode MIPS Adult Road Cycling Helmet

The Giro Isode MIPS offers full hard body coverage and has a sturdy in-mold polycarbonate shell paired with the innovative MIPS suspension system, which is designed to reduce the impact and rotational forces on your head and brain in case of impact.


  • An integrated MIPS technology to provide you with better protection on the road
  • 22 vents and quick-dry padding to keep your head and hair cool and dry during intensive cycling
  • Full Hardbody coverage of the in-mold polycarbonate shell
  • Added EPS liner
  • Roc Loc Sport adjustment system, which makes the helmet suitable for all adults with head circumferences from 21.25 to 24 inches
  • Its size is 8 (H) x 10 (W) inches.
  • Available in matte black, matte blue, matte midnight bars, red, titanium, white, and white heatwave color, and pattern options


  • It doesn’t have a visor, so you will need to buy one separately if you need it.

Final verdict

The Giro Isode MIPS is a superb, affordable option for road cycling and commuting. It is comfortable, well-ventilated, and sturdy. The helmet features the protective MIPS suspension system, which decreases the risk of brain injury in case of impact.

It comes in one universal size and adjustment system and is offered at an excellent price for the high quality provided.

The Isode helmet does not come with a visor, but you can buy one from Giro and easily attach it.

Giro Revel Cycling Helmet

Looking for a bright-colored, well-ventilated, and reliable Giro helmet? The Giro Revel cycling helmet gives you a wide choice of more conservative and of bright colors.


  • Very attractive design
  • Available in black, white as well as a number of bright and vibrant color options
  • Suitable for men or women
  • 22 air vents to keep your head cool and breathing even in hot weather
  • A snap-fit sun-blocking visor
  • Roc Loc Sports fit system
  • Made of an in-mold sturdy and light polycarbonate shell with an EPS liner
  • Features a reflective decal on the rear for better visibility in dark traffic
  • Affordable price
  • The bright colors ensure extra visibility for added safety on the road


  • Once again, the straps are too long, so you may consider getting them cut or melted once you adjust them.

Final verdict:

The Giro Revel is a bright, comfortable, and light helmet that will keep you safe on the road. It is light, very well ventilated, and has a stunning design that will suit both men and women. You get a huge color option for this model, so go for it and pick the one you love the most!

Giro Reverb Bike Helmet

If you are not really into the modern style of cycling helmets and prefer a more classic design, you should try out the great-looking Giro Reverb Bike Helmet.


  • Features a cool-looking classic helmet design
  • Available in various colors and color combinations
  • The sizing is great, and the helmet fits as expected
  • Made with an in-mold polycarbonate shell and an EPS liner
  • Has an Auto Loc Fit self-adjusting fit system
  • 9 ventilation vents to let the air in a while riding
  • A removable cap-style visor
  • Lightweight and yet sturdy
  • Great for urban riding
  • Suitable for both men and women


  • The design and the air vents can cause some wind noise while cycling

Final verdict:

You will instantly fall in love with this great-looking, comfortable, and lightweight bike helmet. It looks incredibly cool. It fits the head perfectly and is breathable so that you won’t end up soaking in sweat after a long ride. It is a reasonably priced and very good quality helmet worth buying for yourself or as a present to somebody you care about.

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Giro Hex Mountain Bike Helmet

If you are looking for the perfect rugged, very safe, and light helmet for your mountain bike adventures, the Giro Hex Mountain bike helmet is a top recommendation.


  • Has in-molded upper and lower hard bodies
  • 21 very effective wind-scooping vents to keep your head cool and sweat-free
  • POV color removable visor
  • Available in various colors from bright to conservative
  • Features the new Roc Loc 5 self-fit system
  • Very light, comfortable, and yet will keep you protected at all times
  • It is 40% lighter than the previous version
  • A three-position vertical fit to adjust the helmet perfectly to our head


  • The strap clips can be uncomfortable on the ears and the face for some riders.

Final verdict:

This minimalist, rugged helmet is an absolute jewel for the price it is sold at. It is extremely light but will keep your head safe in case of an accident on a rough trail. It has an incredibly effective airflow system that captures the incoming air and allows it to flow through the helmet as you cycle. So, if you want to ensure ultimate safety and comfort at an affordable price – the Giro Hex is the way to go!

Giro Register MIPS Adult Recreational Cycling Helmet

Do you want a reasonably priced, comfortable, and durable mountain bike helmet? The Giro Register Helmet is a perfect combination of all of these features.


  • Light and strong polycarbonate shell fused with the EPS foam liner
  • Roc Loc 5 fit system
  • A snap-fit visor
  • Excellent airflow and breathability
  • Patented Super Fit sizing provides ultimate comfort
  • Very attractive design and different color availability
  • Affordable price


  • The strap is difficult to adjust

Final verdict:

This is a sturdy, light, and breathable mountain bike helmet which will keep you protected and comfortable even on the hardest and roughest climbs. It is breathable, ventilated, and fits the head perfectly to ensure a better and safer cycling experience.

Giro Register MIPS Adult Recreational Cycling Helmet – Universal Adult

The Giro Register MIPS is an excellent option if you want a reasonably priced, comfortable, and protective bike helmet for your daily commutes or for any other cycling you do. It features the new MIPS suspension system and comes in one size fits all.


  • Utilizes MIPS, which is Giro’s Multi-Directional Impact Protection System
  • A sturdy in-mold polycarbonate shell construction and added EPS liner
  • Comes in one size fits all and offers a comfortable fit out of the box thanks to its Roc Loc Sport system
  • The Adult Unisex size is suitable for head circumferences of 21.25 to 24 inches, and there is an Extra Large version which is 22.75 to 25.5 inches
  • It offers complete coverage and yet is compact
  • There are 22 vents to keep your head cool and sweat-free
  • It is offered in matte red, highlight yellow,  matte black, matte titan, matte white, matte blue, and blue floral colors
  • The helmet is unisex, suitable for all adults
  • It has quick-dry padding
  • There are reflective accents on it
  • The visor can be removed via a quick link
  • It is reasonably priced


  • The visor can be a tad too small for some people

Final verdict:

Overall, the Giro Register MIPS is one of the best deals you can find on the market in 2021 if you want a reliable, comfortable, and sturdy helmet for cycling.

It can be adjusted to fit your head perfectly via the Roc Loc Sport System. The helmet also has reflective accents and 22 vents, and most importantly, it features the MIPS impact protection suspension system, which will protect you better than other helmets in case of impact.

It comes in a wide variety of colors and patterns and is suitable for ladies and men alike.

Giro Section Bike/Multi-Sport Helmet

Are you looking for a skate-style bike helmet for your long rides? The Giro Section helmet is a bike and a multi-sport helmet which will serve its purpose to keep you safe and comfortable perfectly.


  • Very cool skate-style design, suitable for road cycling, trail riding, and dirt jumping
  • Available in various great color and pattern options
  • Strong and light in-mold construction with a fused polycarbonate outer shell and the internal impact-absorbing foam liner
  • A wind tunnel ventilation system and internal exhaust channels to keep your head cool and dry in the heat
  • A three-size Super Fit system that makes it comfortable for anybody
  • Very lightweight – only 296 grams


  • The air ventilation system is not as effective as in other Giro helmets.

Final verdict:
This skate-style helmet is very good-looking. It is startlingly light, but it does provide the protection you need when mountain biking or any kind of cycling. It is comfortable and one size fits all. Perfect choice both for women and men, and offered at a great price too!

Final words

We are definitely Giro fans and believe that Giro helmets are among the top reliable, best designed, and made bike helmets on the market, especially in their very reasonable price range.

All of these models have their pros and cons, so go ahead and pick out the one which will best fit your needs and taste and order it now.

All 10 helmets are great, so whichever one you choose, you can be sure that you will be comfortable and safe every time you get on that bike again.

Have fun and safe riding!


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