Coolers Like Yeti 2021

When it comes to coolers, one of the first brand names which pop to mind is Yeti. The fact is, the Austin-based premium cooler company has been one of the leaders on the market since 2006.

The company offers a wide variety of premium quality and premium-priced outdoor products, including the famous ice chest coolers, soft-sided cooler, and a lot of gear, ice buckets, and drinkware.

The sturdy, roto-molded ice coolers offered by Yeti include ice chests and hard-sided coolers of all sizes and dimensions, including the 20 Qt. Roadie cooler, and the ice chests from the famous Tundra series: Tundra 35, Tundra 45, Tundra 65, Tundra 75, Tundra HaulTundra 105, Tundra 110, Tundra 125, Tundra 160, Tundra 210, Tundra 250, and Tundra 350. The cooler company also makes ice buckets such as the Tank 45 and the Tank 85, plus, you can buy the ingenious Silo 6G cooling hydration system.

Yeti also has a line of soft-sided coolers, including the Hopper Flip 8, Hopper Flip 12, Hopper Flip 18, Hopper Two 30, the Hopper Two 40, and the Hopper Backflip 24 which is a cooler backpack.

Yeti makes and sells a wide variety of outdoor drinkware as well.

The main question which people are asking themselves is – is it worth paying such a large price for an ice cooler, and are there alternatives on the market which could be better and are offered at the same or at a lower price?

YETI Roadie 20 Cooler, Iceblue
YETI Tundra 250 Cooler, White
YETI Tundra 35 Cooler, Desert Tan

Coolers Like Yeti

Here are some of the cooler brands and products which are comparable to Yeti’s coolers.

Read on to find out more about the coolers like Yeti.

Orca Coolers Vs Yeti

Pricewise, Orca coolers are not drastically less expensive than the premium coolers offered by Yeti, but there are a number of other features which are worth mentioning and comparing between the coolers offered by these two leading US cooler making companies.

The Yeti coolers are just slightly more expensive than the analog ones offered by Orca. But to compare the exact same sizes is not really possible, because Yeti has numbered their cooler models in accordance with their model number rather than their actual size, unlike the Orca coolers.

This means that the Orca 20 is not exactly comparable with the Yeti 20, and a Yeti 45 is a cooler which has a capacity of 37 Quartz rather than 45 as the name may imply.

The hard-sided Orca coolers are offered in the following sizes:  Orca 20Qt. , Orca 26Qt., Orca 40Qt, Orca 58Qt, Orca 75Qt, and the Orca 140Qt.  This means that there is an Orca cooler for anyone and for any need. Orca also offers a couple of premium quality soft-sided coolers – the Pod Backpack Cooler and the Orca Podster, as well as a number of accessories to further improve the performance of their coolers including ORCA iceboxes,  baskets, pads, and others.

One of the closer comparisons which can be made by coolers of these two reputable brands is between the Orca 40 and the Yeti 45 for example.

Both coolers have a superior quality build and look great, but when it comes to ice retention, the Orca 40 has been found to keep the ice for up to 6.5 days, while the Yeti 45 retained the ice for just 6 days.

Pricewise, the Yeti 45 is more expensive than the Orca 40, and the most stunning difference which gives the Orca cooler a lead is the fact that like all other Orca hard-sided coolers, it is sold with a lifetime warranty, as compared to the 5-year warranty given by Yeti.

The fact is, Orca is still unbeatable when it comes to the warranty given, as well as the overall robustness of their hard-sided coolers. Of course, Yeti’s chest coolers are of top quality and very durable as well.

Another factor that makes the Orca coolers stand out is that they are made entirely in the USA, while Yeti coolers are manufactured overseas.

Overall, the Orca is definitely our pick when it comes to Yeti vs Orca, due to its lower price, the lifetime warranty, the longer ice retention, and the fact that the name of the cooler is not potentially misleading and 40 means 40 Quarts, while the Yeti 47 has a capacity of 37.6 quarts.

Nevertheless, both Yeti and Orca coolers are of premium quality and will withstand a lot of use, outdoor adventures, and bumpy roads, so it is a matter of your personal preference which brand you pick.

Engel vs Yeti

Engel was actually the first company to make and to offer a roto-molded cooler. The manufacturer is famous for producing a wide variety of outdoor coolers and other products, such as roto-molded coolers, soft-sided coolers, backpack coolers, dry box coolers, AC/DC fridge freezers, rod holder dry boxes, drinkware, and cooler and freezer packs. All of the products are of high quality at a very competitive price. Many online ice retention and endurance tests show that the Engel hard-sided ice coolers offer the same and in some cases better quality and performance than similar ice chest coolers offered by Yeti.

The roto-molded and bear-resistant certified Engel coolers come in a wide variety of sizes, including the ENG25, ENG35, ENG50, ENG65, ENG80, ENG123, and the Engel Deep blue Coolers ice chest.

In the ice retention tests, the Engel Deep Blue 50 proved to do better than most of the other leading ice chest coolers from Yeti and brands tested under the absolute same conditions – temperature, filling, opening, and others. At the end of the 5-day test, the Engel had kept most of its ice intact. In fact, the Engel ice chest coolers can keep ice for up to 10 days.

Engel Deep Blue cooler has 2-inch walls made of roto-molded polyurethane insulation with no seas which can break or leak, and plastic in the inside. The gasket seal will keep the cold in and the heat out of the cooler when closed, so just like a mini-fridge, you will ensure that your foods and sensitive items such as medicines will spoil no matter the temperature outside. Once you lock the cooler with the marine-grade stainless steel latches, the cooler will remain safely closed and your beverages, goods and other stuff will remain inside no matter the conditions of the road when you are traveling.

These coolers are easy to carry and have multiple carrying options including rope handles and molded grips.

The hard-sided Engel coolers are easy to clean and are certified to be bear-proof.

The Engel coolers are cheaper than those of the same size offered by Yeti. They have strong construction, a minimalist design, and a vacuum valve to improve their effectiveness.

These affordable coolers are a tad heavier than others, and their top carrying handle lacks grooves which can make it uncomfortable to use which is where they fall short when compared to the coolers offered by Yeti.

Still, both cooler companies offer high-quality products with quite similar performances. They are excellent coolers but Yeti’s products are more expensive than those made by Engel.

K2 Coolers Vs Yeti Coolers

K2 coolers are less expensive than the high-end Yet, Grizzly, Orca, or Pelican coolers of the same type and size, but yet are more expensive than the Siberian, Igloo, and Canyon products.

The cooler company makes roto-molded ice chest coolers made of 1/8 inch strengthened polyethylene for the inner and outer walls, which is the material used for making hockey rinks and kayaks, so you can imagine the durability and robustness it provides. In between the inner and outer walls, there is insulation made of injected high-density polyurethane foam.

The company offers the following sizes and types of hard-sided K2 Summit coolers:  K2 Summit 20, K2 Summit 30, K2 Summit 30 wheeled, K2 Summit 50, K2 Summit 60, K2 Summit 60 wheeled, K2 Summit 70, K2 Summit 90, K2 Summit 120 and K2 5 Gallon Jug.

In the ice retention tests performed between the Yet Tundra 45 and the K2 Summit 50Q, even though the K2 cooler fitted and held an additional 15 lbs. of ice, at the end of the test the results were pretty much the same – 5 to 7 days for the Yeti as compared to 6 days and even more for the K2.

Furthermore, the K2 cooler is less expensive and is larger than the Yeti cooler.

The numbers in the names of the K2 ice chest coolers do reflect the actual size and capacity of the product, while as with the Yeti coolers this is not the case, and their capacities are lower than the model numbers.

The Yeti coolers come with a 5-year warranty, and the K2 coolers are sold with a longer 7-year warranty.

Overall, we must say that K2 ice chest coolers are a serious competitor of the Yeti Tundra coolers. They have models of pretty much the same sizes, the K2 coolers are made of top-grade sturdy materials which are rotationally molded and insulated. Also, the K2 has a warranty of 7 years which is 2 years longer than the one offered by Yeti.

Last but not least, the K2 ice chest coolers come in a much wider variety of colors including various team colors to pick from.

Grizzly vs Yeti

Grizzly has been giving Yeti coolers a run for their money in the last few years. Grizzly ice coolers are less expensive than the Yeti hard-sided coolers but are still excellent ice chests to have when spending time outdoors camping, fishing or tailgating.

The bear tested ice chest coolers offered by Grizzly include: The Grizzly 15, Grizzly 20, Grizzly 40, Grizzly 60, Grizzly 75, Grizzly 100, Grizzly 165, and the huge Grizzly 400 coolers.

Ice tests including similarly sized Grizzly, Yeti, and other ice chest coolers showed that at the same conditions and use, the Grizzly cooler held the ice for 5 full days of moderate use, and yet didn’t manage to hold it as long as the Engel or Yeti Tundra coolers in the same size category of 40 quarts.

But for the smaller coolers, the results are completely different. The Grizzly 20QT retained the ice for over 4 days which is more than the Yeti and Engel coolers of the same small size.

Overall, Grizzly hard-sided coolers have an incredibly well-built construction out of top-quality materials. These coolers have been bear attack tested and will hold ice for up to 5 days.

They are less expensive than the Yeti cooler and again have a significant advantage when it comes to the warranty because the Grizzly ice coolers are sold with a lifetime warranty.

Pelican Elite Vs Yeti

The Pelican Elite coolers are definitely excellent alternatives when looking for coolers like Yeti. The company has been making hardcore cases for the outdoors for over a century, so they sure know what they are doing there. The Pelican Elite coolers have paramount insulation which makes them one of the strongest competitors to the premium Yeti coolers.

You can choose between the following Pelican Elite Coolers:  Pelican 20QT, Pelican 30QT, Pelican 35QTPelican 45 wheeled, Pelican 50QT, Pelican 55QT wheeled tailgate, Pelican 65QT, Pelican 70QT, Pelican 80QT wheeledPelican 95QT, Pelican 150QT, and the gigantic Pelican 250QT.

Following an ice retention challenge which included the Pelican Progear Elite 45, it turned out to be one of the best performers. This amazing cooler was able to keep the ice for 5 days with no problems. In fact, the manufacturer advertises it for a 10-day ice retention capability which is absolutely possible given the top quality and the fact that it has the thickest insulation in the industry and the 2inch thick freezer gasket of this product.

Both Yeti and Pelican coolers are very well made from premium quality materials and with sturdy roto-molded constructions. The prices of the hard-sided coolers offered by both are fairly similar, and so is their ice retention, even though the Pelican coolers are claimed to retain ice for up to 10 days.

The biggest difference is the warranty that Yeti and Pelican offer. As mentioned above, the Yeti warranty is 5 years. On the other hand, the Pelican ice chest coolers are sold with a lifetime warranty on the materials and craftsmanship, and a 90-day guarantee for the gasket.

So, the difference is in the warranty, and possibly in the ice retention but both ice cooler brands offer premium quality ice chest coolers, so whichever one you choose – you can’t go wrong!

Siberian vs Yeti

You may not have heard of Siberian coolers yet, but these inexpensive and yet efficient and good quality coolers seem to be here to stay. The Siberian Alpha hard-sided coolers like the Siberian Alpha Pro 22, the Alpha Pro 45, the Alpha Pro 65, and the Alpha Pro 85 are all superior performance coolers at a very affordable price.

The fact is that the Siberian Alpha Pro coolers not only look great but perform perfectly. In the ice retention tests, they outperformed the Yeti coolers of similar sizes.

These affordable, family-friendly coolers are roto-molded, certified bear-resistant, have 2.75 inches of insulation, stainless steel hinges, and lockable lids, and can keep ice up to 8 days and more.

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Igloo vs Yeti

Igloo has become synonymous with good quality ice coolers, so there is no doubt that there are people having serious doubts about whether to invest in a Yeti or an Igloo Sportsman hard-sided cooler. Yes, the Yeti is a cool cooler but it comes with a seriously higher price tag. The fact is you can get the premium Igloo Sportsman cooler for about $100 less than a Yeti with a similar capacity and features. The smallest Igloo coolers are about $80 less than the Yeti, and the large-sized Igloo Sportsman 70 can be found at a price lower by $150 than the Yeti 75.

When it comes to ice retention, both Yeti and Igloo will hold ice for 5 or more days, and the test results show that they perform just about the same when coolers of similar sizes were tested under similar conditions.

The Igloo hard-sided coolers come in a variety of sizes starting at 15 quarts or less up to 100 quarts and more.  The Igloo Sportsman 20, the Igloo Sportsman 40, the Sportsman 55 are just several excellent examples of high quality, sturdy and efficient ice coolers which come at a price quite lower than that asked by Yeti for similarly-sized coolers.

Overall, with the discounts which are almost always provided for the Igloo Sportsman ice coolers, if you want to get the best bang for the buck rather than break the bank for a high-end Yeti cooler, we strongly recommend the top quality Igloo coolers which are an excellent cheaper alternative to Yeti coolers.

Bison vs Yeti

Bison is a relatively new name in the cooler market, unlike Yeti which has established itself as the ultimate leader in the premium ice cooler segment. Bison is still relatively new and is quite smaller than Yeti with fewer products, but still, there are Bison roto-molded ice chest coolers as well as some excellent soft-sided coolers as well.

The Bison Generation 2 ice chest coolers come in 25, 50, 75, and 125 quarts sizes.  Like Yeti, Bison offers a 5-year warranty for all of its coolers.  They are made in the USA and provide ice retention of 5 or more days thanks to the roto-molded construction and the 2-inch insulation. The smallest cooler has 40-hour ice retention and the largest – 160 hours.

The prices of the ice chests made by Bison are lower than those asked by Yeti but are higher than those of Engel or RTIC.

The coolers come in several colors, but the company offers to customize your cooler or drinkware with personalized lid patterns, graphics, engraving, and embroidery for the soft-sided coolers.

Both Bison and Yeti coolers have almost the same ice retention capabilities, they are durable and they come with a 5-year warranty, but Bison’s coolers are less expensive, so if you are not willing to pay the price for a top of the line Yeti cooler, you may want to opt for an excellent alternative from Bison.

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Why do people prefer Yeti?

Yeti makes these top-of-the-line coolers, which are really cool and desirable. A large part of this following and the cult of Yeti coolers is due to the highly successful marketing strategy of the company and partly because of the premium prices of these ice chests and other outdoor products.

In other words, Yeti has turned into a status symbol just like the Mercedes and the other premium-priced worldwide brands have.

Why are people looking for alternatives to Yeti?

The real reason why people are looking for coolers which are like Yeti is the price tag of these top-of-the-line ice coolers. When compared to Yeti, other premium and high-quality brands like Orca, Pelican, and Grizzly offer ice chest and soft-sided coolers at prices which are seriously lower than Yeti’s, and yet offer similar products which are sturdy, with longer warranties, and with larger capacities and longer ice retention capabilities than Yeti’s coolers.

In conclusion

Whichever ice cooler brand you choose from this list, you will be investing in a good quality product which will serve you well for years, and will help you enjoy your outdoor adventures, even more, knowing that your beverages are ice cold and that your food is safe no matter the weather conditions.


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