The 9 Best Compass Watches 2020

If you love hiking or going on adventures in the wilderness, a good quality compass watch is not only a handy accessory, but it can also help save your life if you happen to get lost.

According to our in-depth reviews, the top-rated Casio Compass Twin Sensor Sport watch is the overall best watch with a built-in compass feature for 2020, but there are others which are definitely worth considering as well.

Read on to find out which the best compass watches are for 2020, and what amazing features to look forward to when you buy one of them.

Best overall

Casio Men’s Digital Compass Twin Sensor Sport Watch

The best compass watch for 2020 is affordable, sturdy and has multiple functions useful for hikers, athletes, and runners.

The watch is a 660ft. water resistant and is a great option for all types of outdoor or indoor activities where there is water.

The large and bright LCD timepiece is divided into three separate segments with easy to see and understand useful data displayed simultaneously. The green-blue backlights make the display easy to read even when it is pitch black dark outside.

The mineral glass is scratch proof and will withstand a lot of wear and tear during your adventures or sports activities.

The digits are large and easy to read, no matter the conditions. The sports compass watch by Casio has a precise Japanese quartz movement.

It has a 1/100 second stopwatch s you can track your time hiking, running or enjoying time exploring the wilderness. It has a measuring capacity of 59’59.99”. It also has an alarm you can set easily, and use whenever needed.

The sports watch also has a graphic direction pointer, a magnetic declination correction, and a bearing sensor correction, so you will always know when you are on the right track, no matter where you are.

The design is simple and intuitive, and the watch will serve you well in all kinds of weather conditions.

The Casio Digital Compass Twin Sensor Sport Watch has an accurate thermometer with a range of 14 to 140 degrees Fahrenheit.

It has a preprogrammed auto calendar for up to 2099, and you can choose between a 12 and 24-hour time format, whichever suits you best. You can use the multi-city time function when traveling as well.

It is powered by a CR2025 battery which has a long life of about 3 years.

The flexible resin band is sturdy and comfortable, with a 9-inch length and a width of 23mm, and has an adjustable buckle, so it will fit on any wrist comfortably. The entire watch weighs only 1.92 oz.

Overall, this affordable, waterproof, comfortable and multifunctional compass watch by Casio is just what you need if you want a reliable and long-lasting watch which will show you to correct directions no matter where you are.

The runner-up

Garmin Foretrex 401 Waterproof Hiking GPS

The Garmin Foretrex 401 Waterproof Hiking GPS is a must-have if you spend time outdoors and need a reliable GPS and compass watch.

This reliable wrist-mounted GPS navigator will provide you with all the directions and information you need at a glance, no matter whether you are skiing, hiking or camping.

It has a digital compass and a barometric altimeter and a highly sensitive GPS receiver all fitted in the slim and lightweight device.

You can use the Foretrex 401 to keep track of all of your adventures. You can actually view your path in the form of a dotted line on the large screen of the compass watch by Garmin.

You can also retrace your path back to the starting point, so you will never get lost with a useful GPS like this. This is particularly useful for locating your vehicle after a hike, or for finding your campsite after a long day of exploring.

You can share your data easily by sending wirelessly to another device, or by connecting the Foretrex to a computer via USB.

The GPS compass watch allows for saving waypoint locations in its memory and also to share them wirelessly with another person who has the same device and is on their way to the same waypoint as you.

It has Military Grade Reference System (MGRS) coordinates. It also shows an accurate direction at all times. You can also use it to view your waypoints, your home base location, the elevation you are at, as well as the speed you are going and the distance to your next waypoint.

It has bright backlighting, so you can view the display even when it is dark.

Best of all, it is completely waterproof, so you can rely on it even when it is pouring or snowing outside.

It has a 17-hour battery life and works with replaceable AAA batteries, so you never need to worry about running out of power, as long as you carry replacement batteries with you.

After your adventure, you can explore and analyze your path via Garmin Connect, where you can view your activities on an actual Google Earth map. You can also use the website to explore other routes and share your experience on social media.

The size of this wrist GPS by Garmin is 1.7 x 0.9 x 2.9 inches and it weighs 3.1oz.

This is an absolutely superb option for hikers and adventurers and can be a life-saving device if you happen to get lost in the middle of nowhere.

Best budget-friendly option

Men’s Military Digital Watches Multi-Function Compass 50M Waterproof World Time Countdown 3 Alarm Stopwatch Sports Watch

If you don’t want to break the bank for a compass watch, but still want to be able to rely on finding your way around when you are exploring the outdoors, the Military Digital Multi-Function Compass Watch by FANMIS is one of the best options you can buy now.

It costs just about $20, but this watch is sturdy, looks great, and has a Japanese quartz movement.

It is a multifunctional accessory which includes a precise compass, 3 alarms, a world time function, a calendar, a countdown function, and it is 164ft. water resistant.

The affordable compass watch is shock and abrasion resistant, with a stainless steel and waterproof cover making it a perfect option for the outdoors. The mineral glass mirror and hard ABS material will ensure that the watch stays intact and functioning even after a particularly rough adventure outdoors.

The bright backlit LED display will allow you to see the time and the direction in all light conditions.

The watch is comfortable to wear, and the overall design makes it suitable for sports and for work too. You can pick among several color options, including black, blue, red and green.

You can choose between a 12 and a 24 hours military time display.

The case is 30 mm in diameter and it is 16mm thick.

The band is made of durable and comfortable polyurethane.

For this price, this useful accessory by FANMIS is definitely the best option if you want a budget-friendly compass watch.

The rest of the best

Casio G-SHOCK SKY COCKPIT with Compass & Thermometer GA-1000FC-1AJF

The limited meditation compass watch from the Casio G-Shock Sky Cockpit series is a superb option if you want a smart looking, comfortable and reliable watch with multiple functions and with enhanced durability.

You can wear this watch during your wildest adventures, without worrying about breaking or even scratching it.

Key features:

  • A Japanese high-quality quartz movement
  • A precise digital compass function
  • The watch also has a useful thermometer
  • You can use it as a stopwatch or countdown timer
  • The watch has 5 alarm setting options
  • You can set up an hourly audio signal
  • A durable resin band and a sturdy stainless steel case and bezel
  • The band is flight composite
  • The watch is protected by durable and crystal clear inorganic glass
  • The watch is shock resistant
  • 20 BAR waterproof up to 660 feet in depth
  • It has a world time and summer saving time functions
  • The calendar is automatic
  • Easy to switch between 12 and 24-hour modes
  • The display has a neon illuminator and neon-bright backlight for easy visibility no matter the lighting
  • The accuracy is +-15 seconds per month
  • Battery life of 2 years
  • The case is 52.1mm wide, 50.8mm high and 16.6mm and the watch weighs 6.16-oz
  • Made in Japan

Casio Men’s SGW-1000-1ACR Triple Sensor Digital Display Quartz Black Watch

This sturdy compass watch by Casio is made to withstand all scrapes, bumps, and shocks during your outdoor adventures or sports. It is a multifunctional sports watch which has an extremely accurate compass which holds the calibration for long.

Key features:

  • Very durable make
  • The watch has a compass, barometer, and altimeter
  • Thanks to the large face with a LED backlight, you can read the time or other data on the display no matter the lighting
  • The watch also has a thermometer and can work in freezing conditions
  • You can easily view the 31 world time zones at any time
  • It allows for storage of up to 5 different alarms, as well as a snooze alarm
  • It also has a 1/10 second stopwatch and can be used as a countdown timer
  • The automatic calendar is preprogrammed to 2099
  • You can choose between a 12 and 24-hour time display
  • Great for hiking, hunting, skiing, or all kinds of sports
  • Water resistant to a depth of 330 feet
  • Japanese quartz movement of the watch
  • The diameter of the case is 54.7mm
  • The CR2025 battery has a long life of up to 3 years
  • The compass watch is very reasonably priced for the quality offered

Casio Men’s Pathfinder PAG240-1CR Solar Powered Triple Sensor Sport Watch

If you prefer the convenience of having a solar-powered compass watch, so you don’t need to worry about the batteries running out while you are on your next adventure, then we suggest you consider buying this excellent quality Pathfinder PAG240-1CR watch by Casio.

Key features:

  • Solar powered, so you don’t have to worry about replacing the battery – the charge holds for 6 months without any further light
  • A Japanese quartz movement
  • It has multiple functions including a digital compass, a thermometer, barometer and altimeter
  • The watch is resistant to low temperatures
  • You can set up to 5 daily alarms
  • It also has a nifty 1/100 second stopwatch as well as a countdown timer
  • The stainless steel case is 51mm in diameter and is shock resistant
  • The display will illuminate itself automatically when you tilt your wrist for a hands-free view of the time even at night
  • It has a power saving option which turns the display off after a minute of inactivity
  • The digital compass can be adjusted for magnetic declination, as well as calibrated northerly and bidirectionally
  • You can store a chosen angle in the memory of the watch
  • The watch also has a sunrise and sunset time display
  • It is water resistant to 330 feet

Garmin Instinct, Rugged Outdoor Watch with GPS, Features GLONASS and Galileo, Heart Rate Monitoring and 3-axis Compass

If you are shopping for a smart compass watch, you definitely should consider investing in the excellent Garmin Instinct GPS watch.

Key features:

  • A sturdy GPS watch which can withstand the roughest weather and adventures
  • Made in accordance with US Military standards for thermal, water and shock resistance
  • Water resistant to up to 100m
  • It features a built-in 3-axis compass
  • It also has a barometric altimeter
  • Support by multiple global navigation satellite systems – Galileo, GLONASS and GPS
  • A heart rate monitor, which also measures stress and activity levels
  • It has preinstalled activity profiles to choose from when training
  • Connects to smartphones, and displays smart notifications from your phone directly on the display of the watch
  • Auto data upload to the Garmin Connect fitness community online
  • It has a nifty TracBack feature to analyze your route and track it back to the starting point
  • Can connect to the Garmin Explore website so you can find future routes to hike, bike, run or explore
  • 14-day battery life in smartwatch mode, 16 hours with GPS and 40 hours in battery saving mode
  • Sold in various color options including Graphite, Flame red, Lakeside Blue, Seafoam blue, Sunburst yellow, and Tundra
  • Its size is 1.8 x 0.6 x 1.8 inches, and it weighs 1.76-oz

Timex IQ Tide Temp Compass Black Dial Black Ion-plated Mens Watch T2P140

The Timex IQ Tide Temp Compass Ion-plated T2P140 will look great on your wrist, no matter whether you are in the wilderness or at work. It is a reliable watch and compass with a built-in thermometer to give you all the information you need when you are out on a new adventure.

Key features:

  • A multifunctional analog watch which displays the time, the date, the direction, and the temperature at all times
  • Backlit for better visibility in low light settings
  • A sturdy Black Ion-plated stainless steel case with a 45 mm diameter and a 13mm thickness
  • The bezel is bi-directional and rotating with a compass
  • It weighs 3.52-oz
  • A precise quartz movement
  • Elegant metal bracelet strap and sturdy mineral glass
  • A Japanese’s quartz movement
  • 100m water resistant
  • Sold with a 2-year warranty

Casio Men’s Pro Trek PRW3500 Solar Powered Atomic Digital Watch

This energy-efficient, solar powered compass watch by Casio has a precise multi-band 6 atomic timekeeping functions as well as a number of sensors which are extremely useful in all kinds of conditions.

Key features:

  • Resistant to low temperatures, the watch will work at temperatures as low as 14 degrees Fahrenheit
  • It is solar powered, and the charge will hold for 5 to 23 months
  • A large digital display with a day and date
  • A rotating stainless steel bezel
  • The watch has atomic timekeeping and syncs with one of the 6 transmission stations in the world for a precise time reading
  • It features a digital compass and memory bearings to keep you in the right track
  • It also has an altimeter, thermometer, and barometer
  • A useful barometric pressure tendency alarm will warn you when there is a sudden change in the pressure which indicates weather changes
  • The watch also shows the sunrise and sunset time and has a world time feature
  • The auto illumination of the LED display makes it perfect for nighttime use
  • The backlight has an afterglow so you can see the display even in the middle of the night
  • Four separate daily alarms and a snooze function
  • A 1/10 second stopwatch function
  • A large 56mm resin case and a clear mineral window on the dial
  • Japanese quartz movement
  • Water resistant to 660 feet



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