8 Best Survival Knives on The Market in 2020

Best Survival Knives

Best Survival Knives Knives have been used by humans for ages and are still in use every day for cooking, work, and other everyday chores. A suitable knife is a must for any serious survivor, as well as for anyone who enjoys spending time outdoors hiking, fishing, hunting, or trekking. A good survival knife can … Read more

5 Complete Suture Kits for Medical Emergencies

Suture Kit

In this article, we will help you find the best suture kit that will fit your needs. Have you ever wondered what the largest organ in your body is? Well, actually, it is your skin- it holds your internal fluids and organs together, keeps them from spilling out like, protects them from external forces, and … Read more

3 of The Best Get home Bags: How to Organize and Build a Get Home Bag

Get Home Bag

A get home bag is like a smaller version of a bug out bag. It is a bag with contents that will help you survive for 24 hours in cases of emergencies when you are away from home, such as a vehicle break-down, power outages, tornadoes, storms, fires, floods, terrorist attacks, or other emergencies and … Read more

Best Compass for Survival in 2020 – Tips and Reviews

Best Compass

It is a well-known fact that a compass is an essential part of any survival kit. This tool can easily guide your way home if you get lost. Nothing can ruin your adventurous trip like if you get lost. Yes, you can undoubtedly rely on your mobile device, but the battery life is not eternal, … Read more

7 Best Water Storage Tanks for Homes – Water for Long Term Survival

Water Storage Tanks For Homes

Did you know that at least 60% of your adult body is made of water? Fascinating, huh! Another interesting fact is that a person can survive without food for approximately three weeks, but when it comes to drinking water, the situation is completely different. Maybe because of the fact that our body consists mainly of … Read more

7 Best MRE Meals to Prepare for Emergency Situations and Survival

Best Mre

Food is the most essential and fundamental necessity, along with water and shelter when it comes to emergencies. It is the fuel that keeps and sustains your body alive, just like an engine. It is a requirement with no exceptions – you will need it until your final breath. The best-case scenario is that you … Read more

8 Best Survival Tents For Emergencies and Preparedness in 2020

Survival Tent

Survival tents are an essential item when you go out camping. There are many different survival scenarios, and we really hope you won’t experience any, but still, you need to be prepared for everything, and what better way to do so than having the best survival equipment. Survival Tent In this article, we have gathered … Read more