Catherine’s Cheese & Nougat Spread

Cheese Nougat Spread 1020x510

You know those types of days when your child refuses to eat certain foods? The “I don’t want to eat XYZ anymore!” days. If you’ve raised (or are raising one at the moment) a child, you know what I’m talking about. There’s a well-known secret for all the moms out there; when your youngster doesn’t … Read more

Chicken Patties In Tomato Sauce

Chicken Patties In Tomato Sauce 1000x510

I’m going to go straight to the point. I love BBQ, especially when my husband makes it. But with the recent weather developments, it’s not possible to enjoy a proper BBQ session. That’s when the magic happens.   Catherine’s Way of Saying Occasional “NO” To BBQ Patties I’ve made them in my convection oven. There … Read more

Deep Dish Pizza Recipe: My-Style Pizza

Deep Dish Pizza Recipe

Let’s be honest, I’m all about the healthy lifestyle, but there is nothing sweeter than making a sinfully caloric meal, except eating that sinful dish. One of such recipes is definitely Deep Dish Pizza, otherwise known as Chicago-style pizza. I prefer the traditional Italian pizza with thin crust, but my boys love the deep crust … Read more

Easy CrossFit-Approved Spaghetti

Easy Crossfit Approved Spaghetti Recipe 1020x510

The Protein-Packed Dish, Quickly Done in Few Steps Oh, how good life gets when you do something simple yet so effective. My older boy is all hyped up about CrossFit thing. He’s working out a lot, eating way more meat and protein related stuff than usual, and he’s really thriving. So, his meals aren’t like … Read more