The 5 Best 240hz Monitors in 2019

As every experienced eSports or other gamer knows, the refresh rate of the monitor can make a heck of a difference for the gaming experience and for the results of the gameplay. For newbies, regular monitors with 60Hz refresh rate can be perfectly sufficient, but for more advanced players, a monitor which has a faster … Read more

The Best 40 inch TVs 2019

You may remember the time (not so long ago) when a 40 inch TV was considered a very large TV. Well, today TVs are getting thinner and lighter…and as you may have noticed – larger. In fact, nowadays, the “normal” TV size for a living room is 65 inches. But if you want to upgrade … Read more

Best Portable Projectors 2018

Portable projectors have become a thing today when people want more mobile and on-the-go solutions. With a small, easy to transport and set up projector, you can ensure that you and your family can enjoy your favorite movies or videos wherever you want. You can also use it for your business presentations, for educational needs … Read more