25 Best Dog Foods of 2020

Like all dog parents, you always want the best for your pup, right? Well choosing the right type of dog food is essential for the proper growth, health, wellbeing, energy level and longevity of any pup. This is why, after thorough testing and reviewing, we have picked the top 25 best dry dog foods for … Read more

Best Dog Treats in 2020

Of course, every dog parent thinks they have the best dog, and every best dog deserves the best dog treats, right? Well, we can all agree on this, but the fact is, there are so many different types of treats out there, that the choice can be overwhelming. In order to help you make the … Read more

Best Weight Loss Dog Food 2020

Many dog parents have problems withstanding those cute begging eyes and allow their dogs to become overweight and even obese by overfeeding them. Unfortunately, this is one of the most dangerous things for your pup, because too much weight can cause joint and bone problems, decrease the mobility of the dog and can lead to … Read more

Best Senior Dog Food Reviews – 2020

Unfortunately for all dog parents, dogs do get old much quicker than we do. But just like us, as dogs age, they start facing common age-related problems such as weight gain, joint problems, memory loss, and lower activity and energy levels among others. This is why it is essential that you provide your mature dog … Read more

American Journey Dog Food – 2020

American Journey Dog Food

If your dog is allergic or sensitive to grain, you may be worried about the recent news regarding certain grain-free foods and their potentially harmful effect on the health of the dogs. For a healthy and safe alternative, you can switch to American Journey dog food and rest assured that your pup is getting all … Read more