7 Best Cat Trees, Towers & Scratching Posts 2020

Cats do have a natural instinct and tendency to exercise, play and mark their territory by scratching on all kinds of surfaces. If this is left unmanaged you can end up with ruined furniture and a lot of expenditures for replacements and repairs.

This is why, buying a good quality, safe and well-designed cat scratching post like the Pioneer Pet SmartCat can be a true lifesaver.

We have carefully reviewed all of the scratching posts and cat trees which are currently being offered on the market, and have come up with our top best cat scratching posts for 2020 for you.

Best overall

Pioneer Pet SmartCat the Ultimate Scratching Post

We simply love this durable cat scratching post by SmartCat, and it seems like our cats love it as well. Thanks to its length of 32 inches, your cat will be able to enjoy a full stretch and enjoy some clawing whenever it feels like it without destroying your furniture while at it.

The fact is that cats do need to perform this type of stretching to keep their muscles toned and to mark their territories, so your kitty will be doing it anyway with or without a cat scratching post.

The cat tree is made of durable sisal which is fibrous and seems to attract the felines to do some scratching and clawing.

It is very easy to assemble with two screws which are included in this affordable package. Thanks to its sturdy base, you don’t need to worry about the cat tree tumbling, wobbling or falling. The base has a 16 x 16 inch footprint. The whole thing weighs 16.6 lbs. and is a very durable item which will keep your cats entertained, your furniture safe, and your home a happier place for all inhabitants – furry or not.

The post is beige colored with a natural look which will fit in any décor. You will like it and your cat will definitely appreciate it too!

The runner-up

Sofa-Scratcher’ Cat Scratching Post & Couch-Corner/Furniture Protector

If you are having problems with your kitty clawing on the side or back of your couch and have lost hope that anything will stop this destructive behavior you should try out this incredibly nifty couch corner cat scratching post.

It is available in 8 different colors, so you can choose the one which will blend in with your furniture and décor the best.

The scratching panel is made of top quality woven sisal fabric which will attract the cats at home to use it for scratching purposes instead of turning to your upholstery, curtains, wallpaper or other furniture at home. The sisal covered panel is 24 x 10 inches in size and is placed on a cut pile carpeting backing. The 8 x 10 inch polycarbonate base can easily be slipped under the couch to keep the scratching post in place and protect the furniture. The overall size of the product is 24 (H) x 10 (w) x 10 (D) and it weighs 7 lbs.

A very light assembly including screwing 3 screws is required.

This cleverly designed cat tree has been hand made in the US and approved by vets, cat lovers, and breeders as an excellent product. At this cost, it is a true bargain if you want to save hundreds and thousands of dollars for repairing and replacing your sofa, so we strongly recommend it to all cat lovers with felines which love to play with their couches.

Best budget-friendly option

4CLAWS Wall Mounted Scratching Post 26″  – BASICS Collection Cat Scratcher

If you want a cat tree but don’t feel like spending too much on one, then one of the best budget-friendly options you can find on the market in 2020 is this 4Claws wall mounted 26-inch cat scratcher. It costs less than $30 and yet will provide your cat with a favorite and safe place to stretch, mark its territory and enjoy some nice scratching.

The dimensions of this cat tree are 26 (H) x 5.7 (W)  x 5.5 (D) inches, so it will allow your cat to stretch up vertically in full for a satisfying clawing experience, which will keep it away from doing the same on your furniture.

The cat scratching post is wall mountable, so you can ensure that it stays in place no matter how vigorously your cat is using it.

It comes with adhesive steel mounting hooks allowing for easy installation.

The affordable cat tree is made of durable premium pressed cardboard, which is 100% recycled, and so is the scratching post too.

Overall this is an excellent reasonably priced way to keep your cat entertained and happy and to prevent it from damaging your home. It is so affordable that you can get several of these to ensure that your kitty always has where to do some scratching and stretching.

The rest of our top picks for 2020

PetFusion Ultimate Cat Scratcher Lounge

Well, this cat scratcher lounge is definitely one which your cat will immediately love and will never want to leave.


  • Made of safe, toxic free, recycled and very durable cardboard and non-toxic glue
  • It includes organic catnip leaf
  • Promotes healthy and natural scratching which provides exercise for the cats and helps relieve stress
  • The curved design provides a comfy and cozy resting place for the cat
  • The size of the cat lounge is 34 x 10.5 x 10.5 inches
  • You can reverse it for twice as long use
  • An award-winning design, and featured on Animal Planet’s program “My cat from hell”
  • It comes in white, grey and walnut brown colors
  • Its stylish contemporary design will look great in any setting
  • Sold with a 6-month warranty

Go Pet Club 62-Inch Cat Tree

If you are looking for a way to keep your kitty entertained for hours, and which will keep your furniture safe from scratching, then this excellent cat tree is one of the best solutions on the market right now.


  • It comes in beige, blue, black and brown color options
  • The overall size of the cat tree is 62 (H) x 38 (W) x 27 (W) inches
  • The footprint of the base is 26 x 19 inches
  • There is a cozy condo which has a 5-inch diameter and a height of 12.5 inches
  • The top perch is 13.25 (W) x 13.25 (L) x 2.75 (H) inches
  • The tree also has a hammock for your cat to lounge in
  • The cute design will look great in any home or another setting
  • It is an excellent play space which your kitten will enjoy for very long
  • Made of high quality, completely safe materials
  • Covered with soft faux fur
  • All of the 8 posts are lined with sisal rope which your cats will love scratching

AmazonBasics Cat Activity Tree with Scratching Posts

This cat tree from AmazonBasics is the perfect toy and scratch post for households with one or more felines.


  • It has three platforms and a cat bed on top
  • All of the 7 scratching posts of the tree are wrapped in jute
  • The design is perfect for placing the tree in the corner of the room
  • Made of sturdy MDF, paper tubes, jute, and carpeting
  • Very simple assembly is required with all screws and tools included in the package
  • The size of the cat tree is 17.7 (L) x 17.7 (W) x 45.9 (H) inches
  • It is also available in a smaller medium sized version

Trixie Pet Products Miguel Fold and Store Cat Tower

If you want to buy a fun scratching post for your cat but have limited space, the Trixie Pet Products Miguel cat tower could be the best option for you.


  • It is available in a smaller and larger size and in different color options
  • Perfect for tight spaces
  • You can fold it for quick and easy storage
  • Excellent for traveling with cats
  • There is a condo with a 7-inch opening and a hammock which are covered with soft plush
  • The 16 x 10 inch scratching surface is made of safe and natural sisal
  • You can machine wash the cushion which is removable
  • There are a couple of hanging toys which will keep your kitty happy for long
  • The size when unfolded is 20.25 (L) x 13.75 (W) x 25.5 (H) inches and it weighs 11 lbs.
  • Suitable for cats of all ages

Final words

A good quality cat scratching post will not only keep your cat happy, exercised and stress-free, but will also save you the frustration and money for repairs of your scratched and damaged furniture.

We have picked the best cat trees and cat scratching posts for 2020 for you, and hope that you have found the perfect one to install in your home for a happier and damage free household.

Good luck with your purchase, and we are pretty sure that your feline friend will appreciate it even more than you will!

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