4 Best Women’s Golf Clubs on The Market in 2021

There is a lot of women that leave golf playing soon after they started. This happens because, without the proper equipment, you cannot fully enjoy the game itself. If you stay in golf, you will definitely experience excitement and satisfaction while playing. This is why your first task after deciding to dive into golfing is to find the proper golf club.

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Best Women’s Golf Clubs

Women’s golf clubs are specially designed for females. Men’s clubs have absolutely nothing in common, and no woman can use it. This is because women have a totally different type of game than male golfers could do.

You will need to choose the right golf club for women at the beginning of your career. These days, the number of women athletes is growing fast, and due to the higher demand, there seem to be a lot of women’s golf clubs, which could make your choice even harder.

This is why we have carefully reviewed many products on the market and are presenting the top golf clubs for women. Keep scrolling down to boost your game.

Callaway Women’s Strata Ultimate Golf Club Set

This complete golf set is made with great performance in mind. The 16 piece set has flexible, lightweight graphite shafts for extra comfort and power. If you find it hard to hit from the fairways with the wood, hybrids are a great alternative. The hybrids are a good replacement for longer irons as well, so you can play a variety of shots with more confidence. And in this set, the 4 and 5 are replaced with hybrids. And these two come with headcovers.

The full titanium driver will provide you with a large spot, and it has much more forgiveness to shot it off the tee. There is an extremely forgiving 5 fairway wood built that will ensure long, high shots and will provide more aerodynamic head shape.

With these clubs for women, you can expect your gaming skills to improve, and you will definitely love it!

The golf has separated sections, so you can always keep your clubs and essentials organized. On the other hand, the headcovers are good for saving the club heads from any damages when you carry them. The bag has additional straps to easily carry it, a stand, when it is resting, which can be used as a cart bag or a motorized one.

  • 16-piece complete set
  • High forgiveness of the clubs
  • Durable and stylish bag with many compartments

Wilson Women’s Complete Golf Set

If you are just getting into golf, we recommend checking this complete set from Wilson. This set of clubs includes all you need. It comes with 10 clubs – number five fairway wood, a number five hybrid, irons six, sand wedge, a cart bag, and three premium matching headcovers.

The size and materials are specially designed and chose to meet the requirements of women golfers. The set has everything that the women’s best golf clubs should have – performance, durability, and comfort.

The clubs are made to provide maximum control, and the low center of gravity heads will significantly improve the launch trajectory. This will definitely result in a greater distance for your shots. At the same time, platinum technology positions increase the precision of every single shot.

And because the looks matter – this set comes in classy colors that can perfectly match your outfit. Wilson is a well-known brand for quality equipment at a good and reasonable price. Even though they use the highest-quality materials and designs, this model is perfect for both beginners and advanced golfers. To prove it as even more convenient, it comes two ways – for left and right-handed women.

  • Complete Golf club Set
  • Lightweight premium golf bag, shoulder-padded staps
  • sand wedge

Cobra XL Complete Set 4.4/7

This comprehensive set is made of quality materials, and it is made to last! If you do not want to buy the clubs one-by-one, this product has every single item needed for a flying start of your career. The set contains the essentials fr any golfer, It has a lightweight driver and fairway woods. It comes with the right hybrid and irons that are each made to provide supreme distance and forgiveness. Many women golfers find it hard to manage long game improvement irons, so the 5 22 degrees will allow you to avoid them. Overall, the set will provide you with versatility during any long shots.

All of the clubs are made with a low and back center of gravity, which allows for an optimized spin and greater distance. The deep undercut will make the irons easier to launch. At the same time, the putter will ensure much control over the game. This is thanks to the easily visible alignment aid. In addition, the clubs have quality effective grips to improve your performance.

The spacious bag is made of top-quality materials and has 7 pockets, all zipped, and a velour-lined pocket for your valuables. But this is not all! It has a large beverage cooling compartment that can hold up to fourteen cans.

  • Full 13-piece golf set for women
  • Premium bag with zipped pockets and cooling compartment
  • Stylish and classy color combination

Wilson Women’s Stretch Golf Club Set

This complete women’s golf club is one of the best choices if you are beginners or casual golfers. This does not mean that Wilson compromised over quality and performance, of course. The set includes 9 clubs, which will boost your performance and swing speed, and any woman golfer will love it!

It comes with a driver with a 10,5-degree loft that ensures long and straight shots from the tee. The set includes a 5 wood that allows for fairway shots. For difficult shots, you can use the 6 hybrids included, which replaces the 6 iron. The 7,8 and 9 irons can be perfect for approaching shoots and extra ball speed and control. If you are to shoot from the bunker, you can use the pitching and sand wedge to ensure more precise shots. Wilson included a stretch XL heel-toe putter for controlled puts and higher head speed, which results in a longer distance of the shot.

The golf clubs come with a lightweight, durable golf bag to gather them all, plus any additional items. It has 5 compartments, an upper grip, and a stand. There are also rings for hanging your towel or gloves and shoulder straps for comfortable carrying. Wilson also included a holder for tees and an umbrella and pouch for balls and beverages.

  • Complete 9 golf clubs set
  • pitching wedge/sand wedge
  • high-quality clubs

Tips on Finding Your Women Golf Clubs

If you want to feel the pleasure of playing golf, and if you are a beginner, investing in a high-quality golf set is crucial for your growth. But this job could be really hard, as there are a lot of different sets of clubs on the market. The main thing every woman should remember is that men’s golf clubs are a lot different than women’s ones. This is why it is important to get a set designed for women to play properly and with ease.

One of the main differences between male and female golf clubs is their length. Women are physically different than men in terms of height, strength, and grip. The golf clubs designed for ladies are shorter and have much more flexible and light graphite shafts. They are also designed to ensure better forgiveness and power of your shot.

Another thing to keep in mind is that if you play with an inappropriate golf club, you might lose interest in the game quickly, which will be disappointing. A good set of golf clubs can be an investment or a great gift for any holiday. You cannot go wrong with it – they are mandatory for golfers, good looking, and improving the performance.

It is better to get a complete set and not buying the clubs separately, as the best women golf sets have everything needed – it will be easier for you to get one product than researching for 16 or more separately. Plus, the sets come with specially designed carts and bags to fit all the items.

Of course, if you are not an advanced golfer, you might be confused with your choice, so there are a few things you need to determine before buying one. To make your choice easier, here they are:

  • Skills level

To start searching for a golf club, you need to be aware of your experience and skill level. Many of the clubs are designed for different levels, and all of them have different pros. For example – an advanced player or an expert will demand better control and ball speed while a beginner should look for more forgiveness and a lightweight graphite shaft. However, some models can be used by each level.

  • Graphite shaft and grip

Most of the golf clubs for women have lightweight graphite shafts. These can assist in providing long-distance shots and ease in swaying the club.

Here is important to know what length and weight of the flex shaft will be more beneficial to you. It should be related to the height of the player. Therefore, a shaft that is lighter will provide faster swing and distance. Following this login, the proper length will offer better control.

You also need to know the type of shaft needed for your game. Women with a slow swing speed will need to get a graphite shaft with extra flex because this will allow for more distant shots. On the other hand, women who have a faster swing will benefit from a stiffer shaft.

The grip is also one of the key differences between men and women. For a women golfer, you should choose a club with a smaller grip because it is not the correct one, every aspect of the game will become harder.

  • What is included in the golf club set?

Basically, a golf set should contain the following essential: driver, fairway wood and/or hybrid, numbered irons, wedge, putter, and golf bag that will accommodate them all.

The driver has to be light and offering the most of every tee shot. A higher loft will allow you to launch easier even if you have a slow swing speed. The fairway woods could be used and beneficial for longer holes.

Irons are numbered differently according to the face cup. For example – the lower the number of iron is, the further balls will go. The lower numbered irons have a closed clubface or vertical one. With increasing the number, their face tends to open and ensures the ball will be shot higher.

Irons with cavity back can be more forgiving, but the blade-style ones ensure extra control. It would be best if you got yourself a custom-fit iron. Your golf club will then align to your own spin rate, swing speed, launch angle, ball speed, and more.

However, the low lofted irons can be hard to use. They are not recommended for golfers that are just starting to know the game.

But here come hybrids – they can be a great substitute for the irons. They have more forgiveness and are easier to hit. They could not only be perfect for any beginner golfer but the advanced golfers as well.

It is vital to get a golf set that comes with sand or a pitching wedge. They will help you get out of any sand traps.

Another thing that is worth noticing is the bag. It should be lightweight so that any woman can carry it, but at the same time, it needs to be big enough to gather all of your clubs in one place. Additionally, some golf bags have additional features such as a zippered compartment, additional pockets for your belongings, and even beverage holders. Some can be waterproof so that you will be prepared for any surprises. Some golf bags can be turned into carts as well.

The complete golf club usually has them all – and you got everything needed to start playing.

  • Budget and looks

Of course, the cost of your golf club set and its looks are important things to consider as well, especially for a woman. Some golf sets offer value for money, while others can be considered as an investment.

If you are sure you want to develop yourself and become a professional golfer, invest in a high-quality golf club set. And if you are unsure if this is your thing, you can start with more budget-friendly golf club sets.

There is no woman in the world that will not carry about the looks. The look of the ladies’ golf clubs must match their personality, style, and personal preferences. Luckily, there are many different designs on the market, so you can be sure you will find the preferred one!

Wrap Up

We hope that now you know why a properly chosen golf club is crucial when playing. It makes golf itself a much more pleasant and enjoyable sport. For women, it is even more important to get the right one. And with the increased number of female athletes, more and more women get into golf over time.

With this guide, we have not only pointed out the main aspects to look for but also gathered the top golf sets that will meet the requirements of every woman. We hope that you are not prepared and ready to start your journey in golf.


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