The Best Water Softener Resin in 2021: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

If you face some significant issues with hard water at your home, it would be wise enough to get a hold of the high-quality water softener to convert the hard water into soft water. The water softeners’ resin also improves the water quality for bathing and soap foaming. Hard water damages your skin in numerous ways; while taking a shower, the water’s minerals reacts with your soap and forms a soap scum, which leads to an itching sensation and dryness to your skin.

By replacing the resin in a water softener, you can even prevent itchy hair, rough scalp, and dry skin. The water softening resin will help separate magnesium, calcium, and several other minerals present in the drinking water. Water softener resin beads trap the magnesium and calcium and further swaps them with potassium and sodium.

Best Water Softener Resin

Nearly everyone has dealt with difficulties like limescale buildup and heavy metal ions in hard water. Here is the list of the highest-quality water softeners that will sort your problems to a greater extent.

Purolite water softener resin

Purolite c100e is a self-developed brand that manufactures premium and industrial-grade resin. Purolite resin beads in water softeners are high-quality premium beads designed to treat beverages, potable waters, foodstuffs, and water used for the cooking process. It is the soft water resin that manufactures the best resin for a water softener, whose high bead probity, physical stability, and excellent chemical play a significant role in the brand’s successful employment. The variant is manufactured in the United States of America. Investing in this product would be no less than a blessing.


  • It is an excellent resin bed for all the water softener.
  • The product works fine and won’t give you a single chance to complain of any parameters.
  • This water softener has easy installation; not much effort is required to fix it.
  • This 10 crosslink resin has a hard shell that lasts longer on a chlorinated supply of water.
  • This resin for softener is worth the money.

Kolar labs water softener resin

LAXNESS DI holds the experience of 75 years of producing ion exchange resin. Its high standard and right functioning products are now in use for decades in several industries that help purify and treat water and some other liquids into rigorous quality. Kolar labs deionization resin is color indicating resin that acts as the prime solution for ponds, aquariums, and fish tanks. This brand’s water softening resin is a popular cation and anion exchange resin. The mixture of this resin is made ready with component resin that is manufactured with full purity to be safe for drinking water.


  • LAXNESS manufactures a premium grade water softening resin bed that has a high capacity.
  • Packing is done in a vacuum-sealed mylar bag and preserves the freshness of the water softener.
  • The product eliminates the TDS left in the filtration system and serves you with impurity-free water.
  • This brand’s water softeners hold a color indicator feature, which instantly changes the color from purple to brown when it gets exhausted.
  • Kolar labs water softener resins are designed to provide you with ultra-pure and safe quality water that can come in useful for all the water types, be it saltwater or freshwater.

AquaTrol water softener resin

AquaTrol water softener resins provide you with a high rise purity cation resin. The product designed offers you the treatment of beverages, food items, potable water, and the water we use in food making. The variant holds super hydraulic attributes for flawless flow rates. It is insoluble in strong acid and dilute alkalies. This water softener resin replacement assures 100% ion exchange and is generally used to soften the hard water and prepare high-quality fresh and pure water. AquaTrol resin bed is considered one of the top resin among the other water softener resins.


  • The packaging item weighs 50 pounds, and the quantity is appropriate for 9-inch sized tanks
  • This water softening resin is certified by NFC and can come in well use to treat beverages and food items for humans to consume.
  • This resin for water softeners holds mind-boggling chemical and physical stability.
  • This water softening resin has eight crosslinks.

Resin water softener resin

Resin is a self-made label that manufactures very good quality water softener resin. It helps remove hard minerals like iron content, calcium, and magnesium through the fine mesh and replaces it with sodium ions and serves you with a high-quality water supply. It’s a high capacity water softener resin, polystyrene sulfonate standard ion exchange resin that can be used in industrial and household water. When the resin gets exhausted, the hard ions start to break, and the reclamation restores the capacity with salt. The ability acquired depends majorly on the quantity of the common salt that is used in regeneration.


  • The resin has eight crosslinks.
  • It features up to 48,000 grain capacity per 1.5 cubic feet and 32,000 grain per 1 cubic foot.
  • This product provides you with groundbreaking results.

Tier 1 water softener resin

Tier 1 resin is regarded as an ideal soft water resin for most water softener systems and is one of the best resin in the market and has a great life. It ensures you with the quantity you need and never fails to meet your expectations. This Tier 1 fine mesh resin is an essential commodity required by you to treat household water systems and food items for human consumption. The ion exchange reduces limescale and soap scum and further extends the life span of the water appliance. Investing in this excellent product would be worth each penny as the brands give their 100% to make your clothes and dishes feel super great.


  • It is used to soften water; adding this into hard water reduces the film of soap scum that is left on the body after bathing. Its one use helps in lessening the unpleasant and harmful consequences of hard water.
  • The product completely removes the minerals and charged particles from hard water.
  • The variant makes sure that it has multi-functioning, well suited for use in commercial and residential softener systems.

Resintech water softener resin

Here is one more option for you if you are planning to buy a resin medium. It is suitable for residential and commercial use and makes sure to satisfy your needs by offering high standards performances that you’ll need. It has a color indicator, and both anion and cation are mixed in one bag. The moment it is exhausted, the indicator changes color, and the appearance of the resin bed changes into violet color from green color. This Resintech product is designed to provide water with the resistivity of 10 megohms.


  • It is a 5 pounds bag of Di resin that provides you with a spot-free water supply.
  • The medium features a 90% screen-sized distribution.
  • It is specially designed for use in clear and see-through cartridge applications.

iFilters water softener resin

iFilters is a reliable and constant brand when it comes to softening water. This durable, strong acid resin is an ideal medium for households that sits perfectly for portable water. It is certified by U.S. Food and Drug Administrations that it can be used in treating food items for a man to devour it. Its certifications assure you with confidence that your water supply will be hazard-free. The installation is relatively easy too. It turns hard water into soft water without causing any harm to your softener system.


  • The resin is highly recommended when it comes to residential purposes.
  • Extremely budget-friendly, it functions at its best and has longer life as it can run without interruption and replacement for a long time.
  • It features up to 8000-grain capacity that makes it ideal for residential use.
  • It holds better hydraulic characteristics.

Oceanic water softener resin

This durable, strong acid water resin is a must-have product for your tools and home improvement. You can rely on this one for a longer life and use it for many years. Moreover, these Oceanic water systems are very much compatible with all the other standard resin water softeners. It works perfectly and can be used for bathing, cooking, and laundry. With this resin, you can always stay stress-free as it won’t let the high iron content cause any health hazards to your loved ones. Investing in this will make you feel super good inside as it is worth each penny.


  • The resin system has 10 crosslinks.
  • It is easy to install. It is a ‘do it yourself’ process; no extra efforts and help are required.
  • FDA and NSE approve it.
  • The product is highly recommended for residential purposes.

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Things that have to be kept in mind before buying a water softener resin

This segment will mark down all the elements and components you should consider while looking for water softener resin for your household.

Resin size and type

There are two types currently available in the market – the ion exchange resin and fine mesh resin, and the model has sizes – 8 crosslinks and 10 crosslinks. The selection totally depends on the level and quality of the water. If the water has high iron content, then fine mesh resin would go well.

10% crosslink is good and effective against chlorine and ammonia and is usually taken into work while treating municipal water or well water. On the other hand, 8% crosslink is well suited for treating waters that have low concentrations.


Lifespan is one of the crucial factors that have to be kept in mind before making a purchase. Most of the resin holds a lifespan of 10 years to 15 years, but it might increase as per the water’s hardness.

Maintenance and Installation

No one would want equipment that is tough to maintain and install. So you should always use your wit and see if the installation and maintenance are easy and handy, and then make an ideal choice.

Quantity of resin

The amount that has to be used will always depend on the size of the tank. So you need to be well aware of your water tank’s diameter and height and then make a choice.

Some final words

Water softener resin is considered one of the essential components for softening the water by replacing the hard minerals with sodium and potassium. Minerals like iron often cause red stains in your pipes, and further clocks them up. Therefore, buying a good quality resin is necessary as it dictates water quality and overall potency.

Listed above are the numerous model types and forms of softener resin that are readily available in the market. When you are thinking of shopping one but find it challenging to select, you can always take a glance at the above-mentioned trusted brands that offer you with high-quality resin for your system and make a compelling choice for yourself.


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