The Best Water Heater Blanket You Can Buy in 2021 Reviews

The primary purpose of an ordinary blanket is to provide warmth and insulation. This insulation is offered by trapping your body heat between the fine layers of yarn and reflecting the heat to warm you up. The process conserves energy and effortlessly keeps you cozy and comfortable in a natural way.

The same principle is applied to the water heater blankets. Water heaters keep the water inside them warm by using the power from oil, batteries, or gas. This usage of natural resources not only exhausts them but also goes to waste if not monitored. These insulating blankets for a water heater wrap around it and trap its heat. This heat is then used to warm up the water in case the fuel gets exhausted.

Using water heater blankets conserves a massive amount of energy and saves our natural fuel. If you believe in sustainable life and conservation of energy, this article is all about you. Listed below are the most rated water heater blankets that have been sorted out from the wide variety available to help you pick out the best of all. Hence, scroll down to get a suitable match.

Top 7 Best Water Heater Blankets

The seven top-rated water heater blankets are explained below. Let’s see what unique features they have to offer us.

SmartSHIELD Thermal Insulation Blanket


This water heater blanket has a reflective foam on the inside, which helps it retain the heat radiating from the heater and then reflect it when needed. This is a high-quality water heater insulation blanket that can also improve the insulation during winters. You can use these to insulate water heater, attic, swimming pools, ceilings, etc. This product features an aluminum silver shade that suits every location. It is quite thick, and this thickness helps in maintaining the level of warmth.


  • This insulated blanket for a water heater is incredibly useful and reflects the majority of the heat radiated.
  • It can be used anywhere as it stays unaffected by any substance like humidity, mold formation, etc.
  • It works both as a heat and sound barrier. If your room echoes, this insulating blanket is all you need to stay warm and quiet.
  • This blanket is easy to install, cut, and clean. The material is thick and robust but extremely lightweight.
  • It has a class A/ class 1 fire rating and is non-toxic.

Frost King Water Heater Blanket

This blanket offers excellent insulation for water heaters. It reduces the amount of heat loss and retains the heat in its fine layers. It can wrap a heater with a capacity of 60 gallons, whether it be a gas or electric or oil heater. This water heater blanket is 3 inches thick, which aids in providing outstanding insulation and warmth. This blanket can be used in all seasons and yields the desired results. It can be easily cut with an ordinary scissor, which doesn’t harm you or your apparatus. Investing in this water heater blanket is the perfect choice for this blanket, with all the benefits you search for in any heater blanket.


  • It is made of vinyl, which is backed by fiberglass for enhanced warmth and durability.
  • The set includes a plastic tape roll that can be used to wrap it around the heater.
  • It weighs about 70 pounds and features a shiny silver color.
  • This product has a good R-value, which is not easy to find in other products.
  • This blanket is a great choice if you are searching for one to save energy and use it in a better way.

Thermwell Products Water Heater Blanket


This insulating blanket for a water heater wraps around any tank up to a capacity of 60 gallons. It helps save a lot of heat energy by reducing the time the heater takes to recover. This water heater insulation blanket is made of vinyl and fiberglass, making it incredibly durable and long-lasting. The insulation offered by these two materials is excellent and keeps your heater warm for a long duration. It is designed for all water heaters, whether it be a gas or an electric water heater. The set also includes a plastic tape roll that enables you to secure it around the tank firmly.


  • This blanket’s thickness is 1-1/2 inches, while the length and width are 48 inches and 75 inches, respectively.
  • This blanket minimizes heat loss and helps in saving fuel and energy for the heater.
  • It is manufactured using materials that are highly durable and offer maximum insulation.
  • This insulation blanket is secured to the water heating tank with highly adhesive plastic tape.

Water Heater Blanket

Hot water heaters are the essential appliances of any house because they provide you with warm water all day long. However, this equipment also surprises you with huge electricity bills. This product by SmartJacket is an aluminum foil water heater jacket that can wrap around a heating tank up to the capacity of 80 gallons. There are no batteries because this blanket is sufficient to fill the void of proper insulation. These water heater jackets are secured to the equipment using foil tape included in the set.


  • This is the best water heater blanket that increases your gas or electric heater’s efficiency by maintaining the water’s temperature inside it.
  • With this product in your house, you save energy, money, and the environment.
  • It has a thickness of 5 millimeters, and the material doesn’t include fiberglass.
  • The R-value of this water heater blanket is 7.1, which is an incredible number.
  • It fits all the tanks with a capacity of 60 gallons to 80 gallons.
  • It is easy to install and clean and also includes foil tape for better attachment.

Hot Water Tank Heater

This water heater covers traps up to 97% of the heat that gets radiated from the heater’s walls. Ecoshades manufactures water heaters covers that start heating the water as soon as it gets cold. With this feature, you can get hot to warm water whenever you need it. This reflective foil blanket saves a huge amount of energy and increases your water heating device’s life span. This blanket consists of polyethylene bubbles whose single layer is stuffed between two reflective materials.


  • This hot water heater cover is an excellent product to invest in as it improves energy conservation in your house.
  • It contains commercial-grade reflective foil.
  • This product is verified and entirely tested and contains no harmful toxins.
  • It has a fire rating of class A/ class 1.
  • Any 40 to 60-gallon tank can be wrapped using this cover.
  • It’s relatively easy to install, clean, cut, and wrap. The foil tape helps in securing it around the tank.

US Energy NASATECH Heater Blanket


This USA made heating tank cover minimizes the heat loss from your tank by 40% as it retains the heat and then reflects it when required. It is made from high-quality materials and stands true to its claims. You won’t get disappointed by investing in this product because this is an excellent cover that reduces your electricity bills expenses and provides you monetary benefits. It helps the essential equipment of your household to enhance its performance and do its job efficiently. It maintains the temperature efficiently and gives you warm water every time you access it.


  • The materials it is constructed to do not contain fiberglass.
  • This cover can wrap around an 80-gallon tank very quickly.
  • It includes a core made of reflective foam and not bubbles and is secured by seam tape.
  • Its thickness is 1/4th of an inch, which makes it extremely lightweight.
  • The R-value of this tank jacket is 7.2, making it a perfect choice for water heating devices.
  • It can be used on any tank, whether powered by gas or electricity.
  • It is effortless to clean and install on the device.
  • This product is non-toxic and does not harm the ecosystem.

M-D Building Water Heater Blanket


These blankets are suitable for 60-gallon tanks and wrap around them completely. The material of this cover includes vinyl and fiberglass. This is a high-quality heater cover that has an appropriate thickness to trap the radiated heat. It starts heating the water the moment the temperature drops. This is the perfect addition to your water heater.


  • The dimensions of this cover are 48 inches in length and 75 inches in width.
  • It features a shiny white color.
  • The R-value of this cover is 6.7, which indicates that it provides excellent insulation.
  • This cover can be effortlessly wrapped around your heating tank using adhesive tape.
  • It reduces the cost of electricity to a significant extent and maintains the desired temperature.
  • The weight of this tank cover is 8.8 ounces.

Some Final Words

Water heating equipment is an essential household appliance that comes in handy during winters. However, installing these devices at home can add to the utility bills and create a massive hole in your pocket. Purchasing an eligible water heater blanket can reduce the considerable amount spent and the energy wasted. With this motive in mind, we brought you the list of the widely chosen heater blankets that are affordable and essential for your heating equipment.

Therefore, scan each of them carefully, understand their features and other critical values, and then pick out the appropriate one in which you want to invest.

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