The Best Triathlon Watch in 2021: An Easy Way to Track Your Achievements

Are you looking for the best triathlon watch? If yes, do note that a triathlon watch is dissimilar to other standard watch and fitness trackers, as it has a triathlon mode in it. It can thus, quickly scan your heart rate and even track swimming, biking, and racing. These triathlon watches often appear on the high end of the expenditure.

In this guide, we’ve mentioned all the top-recommended triathlon watches of 2021, which are flawless and quite eminent in the market. Let’s take a quick look at it.

Top 11 Triathlon Watches to Track Your Swim, Cycle, and Run

Want to buy a triathlon watch for yourself? Your wait is over. Listed below are the top watches for triathlon and watches for triathletes with the pre-installed heart rate monitor and GPS mode in them.

Triathlon Garmin watch

Garmin Forerunner 35 is a graceful and feathery watch, too light-weighted. This Garmin watch is praised as a perfect and faultless model for daily use of biking, racing, swimming, and triathlon training. Also, this watch is a triathlon watch with GPS that can easily trail your intervals and distance. Garmin watches triathlon is widely used by the people. Garmin developed it for triathlon use in a significant quantity. Getting yourself this product will enhance your daily routine by energizing you.


  • Garmin Forerunner 35 is great Garmin triathlon watch. It is the heart rate monitor watch that can easily track your accurate heart rate at the wrist.
  • Forerunner 35 has a pre-built GPS mode in it, which observes all your activities like how far you have traveled, how fast you have traveled, and even tracks your location that where you are running or biking at the moment.
  • It has a music playback system pre-installed in it.
  • Tracks the activity of your whole day and evaluates the steps you have covered, calories you have burnt, and the number of minutes you have traveled.
  • It is the best Garmin watch for triathletes as it mechanically transfers your details to Garmin Connect, our online strength group, where you can easily take part in challenges and confront the opposition, collect awareness and experience.
  • Garmin Fenix wristwatch is a must to have.

Timex triathlon watch

Timex triathlon watch is taken into account as a great triathlon watch. It has a pre-installed chronometer, timer, and alarm. This unceremonious digital outdoor wristwatch is planned and designed to hold out against the roughness of daily use.


  • This Timex wristwatch is a quick wrap band with a hitch made of 16 mm black nylon that adjusts up to 8 inches wrist border.
  • Timex watch has a pre-installed feature of the calendar with days, dates, and months in it and has excellent battery life.
  • It consists of other additional features like 24 hours countdown timepiece and 100 hours chronometer.
  • Consists of a 33 mm case with a chroma lens in blue and black.
  • This watch has an absolute water resistance feature, which makes it well suitable for snorkeling and swimming into the water.
  • It is waterproof and can run up to 100 meters in water.

Tomoro triathlon watch

Tomoro is a self-made brand. It is a triathlon watch that is waterproof up to 100 meters. Along with this, it has a sports mode and is considered the best watch for multi-sport. This Tomoro watch has a black resin case; it can be well used while water swimming, surfing, snorkeling, and other water sports. It is examined as a number one tri watch. Also, it gives a digital display of week, hour, minute, second and day details well managed on the foremost screen. These Tomoro watches are acknowledged as the best triathlon watches for daily rough use.


  • The watch is 100% resistant to water, and the buttons function well in the water; it can be well pressed underwater, unlike other bands.
  • It has a time monitor feature that gives you a detailed digital display of time, day, and date on the leading screen.
  • This product has superb durability with a weight of 39 grams, relatively light weighted.
  • It is a multifunctional watch with additional features like an alarm, countdown timepiece, chronometer, and dual time display pre-installed in it.
  • The Tomoro brand provides you with durable products with work experience of 40 years. It uses higher quality materials to manufacture the products, which are 100% reliable. It is the greatest watch for a triathlon.

Coros triathlon watch

A Coros watch is a multi-sport watch with GPS mode installed in it. When you are into a challenge while racing, biking, cycling, or swimming, you don’t have to worry about your performance as the Coros watch calculates it well. It helps you reach your fitness goal by providing you with the appropriate fitness training.


  • Coros manufactures triathlon watches suited to athletes for their advantageous features. It helps you get the body type you dreamt of by leading you on the right fitness track.
  • It has a pre-installed feature of scanning or tracking your running, biking, cycling, and cardio activities.
  • This product has a heart rate monitor and Bluetooth connection.
  • Its battery life is of top class, works for straight 30 days in regular use.
  • They are also a built-in compass and barometer to get the appropriate tracking of the workout.

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Garmin triathlon watch

Garmin forerunner 735xt is a multi-sport watch with GPS tracking mode and a heart rate tracker in it. This watch evaluates your activities well, so you don’t have to worry about your performance. For more advanced cycling or running, you can always add a chest strap and enjoy and train yourself with all your heart. Garmin, the most reliable brand, manufactures this smartwatch for triathlon. Thus, this Garmin Fenix watch is a must-have.


  • Garmin triathlon watches calculate your pulse rate at the wrist.
  • Their battery life is of 11 days with no interruptions.
  • Garmin triathlon has smartphone app features in it, so you can easily do live tracking.
  • It tracks the activities of your whole day and calculates your steps, calories burnt, and minutes you have traveled.
  • The triathlon watch Garmin manufactured is widely used by the mass.

Trimex triathlon watch

Trimex produces the greatest triathlon watch that has a pre-installed timer and alarm chronograph in it. The watch is designed in a way so that it can be used for daily use. It tracks your activities and has excellent battery life.


  • The Trimex watches are easy to adjust on the wrist.
  • These watches have a stunning green nylon strap 18 mm long that sits up to 8 inches on the wrist area.
  • It has an additional feature like 24 hours countdown timepiece and 100 hours chronograph.
  • The watch is 100% resistant to water up to 100 meters.
  • Trimex watch has a pre-installed calendar that displays date, day, and month on the screen.

Polar triathlon watch

Polar vantage watch is an advanced multi-sport band with GPS and heart rate tracker in it. It is very slim and light-weighted, designed with the latest technology. Polar vantage M is a watch for every individual who loves to set new records. It will provide you with all your activity data and improve your activity performance in your favorite sports. It is manufactured by one of the greatest triathlon training brands.


  • This Polar vantage watch has long battery life.
  • Polar vantage monitors your heart rate through the wrist and gives you an accurate detail.
  • The band is 100% waterproof. Owing to this, you can easily use it inside water while snorkeling or water swimming.
  • You can get a customized polar vantage band for yourself and your near and dear ones.

Timex triathlon watch

Timex Ironman is the best watch for Ironman. It provides you with a big digital screen on the round band, and the strap is made of silicone. It is an Ironman watch with super outstanding characteristics.


  • Timex manufactures perfect Ironman watches that are easy to adjust on the wrist.
  • The band is made of a black silicone strap 18 mm long that sits up to 8 inches on the wrist.
  • Timex ironman has a pre-installed calendar that displays the date, day, and month on the main screen.
  • The band is 100% water resistant up to 100 meters
  • Timex triathlon watches are suited for triathletes due to its fantastic working; it enhances your daily routine and turns your fat into a fit.

Garmin triathlon watch

Forerunner 455 is the number one triathlon watch manufactured by Garmin. It’s a GPS running band, easy to be used, and the best Garmin watch for triathlon. It tracks all your activities and monitors day stress. Garmin watches for triathlons are pocket-sized bands that are easy to carry and handle and can be worn in daily use. It is one of the perfect watches triathlons can use.


  • Forerunner 455 is easy to run, tracks distance, location, and even intervals.
  • The band has a connected smart feature that provides you with notifications on screen; you can see emails, texts, and calls on the screen.
  • It has a sports app for running, jogging, doing yoga, cardio, cycling, biking, swimming, and many more activities.
  • The Garmin Forerunner 455 has a battery life of 7 days.

Timex triathlon watch

Timex Ironman watch is a sleek and beautifully designed model. It is available in different shades. Light-weighted and super easy, and comfortable to wear, this watch has high durability with unique features. In this triathlon watch, the GPS mode is pre-installed.


  • Timex is a quick wrap band that sits up to 8 inches on the wrist and is easy to adjust.
  • The band has a pre-installed calendar in it that displays the date, day, and month on the screen.
  • It has superb battery life.
  • This band has an additional feature of 24 hours countdown timepiece.
  • Timex band is 100% water resistant up to 100 meters, can be used while snorkeling or swimming.

Garmin triathlon watch

Garmin forerunner 235 watch is an advanced triathlon watch with gps and heart rate in it. It is the best gps watch for triathletes. Also, it is available in 3 colors, namely, frost blue, black, and marsala. Moreover, it measures the pulse rate at the wrist. This watch also tracks your activity well and lets you know about the distance you have covered, calories you have burnt, and the number of minutes traveled by you. Triathlon watches Garmin manufactured are widely used by the people.


  • Garmin watch is a GPS watch for triathlon that tracks your exact location, where you are at that moment.
  • Garmin band connects you to live tracking and social media sharing.
  • It counts your daily steps and the calories you burnt.
  • Garmin watch strap is made of silicone, and this band can run up to 200 hours.
  • It has a battery life of 12 weeks without any interruption.
  • This Garmin band provides you with online notifications on the screen; you can quickly see emails, texts, and calls popping up on your screen.

How to choose the best triathlon watch for yourself?

Swimming features

In the first place, you need to make sure that the device is waterproof; when you are in a swimming triathlon, your watch has to be water-resistant. To know whether it is waterproof or not, you always need to check the ATM (atmosphere) rating and make sure to recheck the characteristics before buying. It will only cost you a few seconds.

You also need to ensure that your watch is tracking your performance well while swimming.

Cycling features

You always have to be all agog to know if your watch holds a cycling mode or not. The cycling feature on the watch provides an accurate measurement of speed, distance covered, time taken, and rotations completed per minute.

The other feature that you would want to have is a power meter. This feature gives you precise measurements of rotation, speed, distance, and time. It lifts you to another level and helps in improving your activity skills.

Running features

You always have to check if your watch calculates your distance, steps, calories burnt. Generally, most of the band have this feature.

Some bands are steps ahead and count your measures in cadence, which helps you in becoming a great runner.

Battery life

It is another crucial factor that has to be kept in mind before buying a triathlon watch. Make sure to look at the life of the battery before making any purchase. You have to keep in mind that bands with 24 hours countdown will run for a week without charge and no interruptions.

Data transfer

It’s one of the most critical factors. You need to make sure that your smartwatch has a data transfer option in it so that you can quickly transfer your data to your cellphone, computer, or pen drive.


It would help if you stay assured that the product you are purchasing is worth the price tag or not.

Some Last Words

Concisely, the brands mentioned above have the best tri watches. Their watches are taken into account as great triathlon watches with gps, calendar, heart rate tracker, location tracker, and many more features. They all monitor your overall activity performance and help you with further improvement in your favorite sport. These are all trusted brands that assure you with durability, reliability and provide you with the perfect triathlon watches.

These triathlon training watches prioritize health first and provide you with groundbreaking results.

So, whenever confused while selecting a triathlon band for yourself, you can always look up to the above triathlon watch review and make a better choice for yourself.

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