The 10 Best Toilet Paper for Sensitive Skin in 2021

Not all toilet papers are the same, even if they may look similar to you. But in reality, they are by no means equal. So “All toilet papers are the same” is not right for sure. They may differ in strength and formula.

Some may have been formed with recycled materials, while some are integrated with chemical ingredients like chlorine and formaldehyde. Many people have allergies and other sensitivities related to the skin, so they require different toilet paper. There is a wide variety; you can easily find the appropriate one for you.

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Luckily for people with sensitive skin, several brands of hypoallergenic toilet paper are within your easy reach. We have listed some of the finest options for people who have sensitive skin to go for the one that suits you.

Angel soft store toilet paper

Angel soft store delivers high-quality toilet papers that do not compromise on the skin’s strength and softness. Each consists of 420 + 2-ply sheets, which can easily fit in holders. It is entirely safe for use. It is dissolving toilet paper.


  • It provides softness and strength at a reasonable price.
  • The rolls can last for long as they have 425+2- ply sheets each.
  • You can easily flush it as it will break down with water, so it is safe for the sewer system.
  • This product consists of 36 mega rolls.

Cottonelle Ultra-soft toilet paper


Cottonelle bathroom tissue is quite soft on the skin. It has thrice thicker and twice higher absorbing power. Also, this 2-ply paper is not made using any dyes or harmful chemicals and is completely paraben-free. Thus, it does not contain alcohol, plastic and is eco-friendly.


  • It contains 24 family mega rolls of toilet paper. It has 325 sheets per roll.
  • It is a soft, 2-ply paper that is three times thicker and absorbs two times more.
  • This product is fully biodegradable and developed with plant-based fibers.
  • It is completely clog-safe and septic safe.

Presto toilet paper- Amazon brand


This hypoallergenic toilet paper offers excellent softness, strength, and comfort for the skin. This septic-safe paper does not leave lint behind; it is laboratory tested. Each mega roll lasts four times longer than standard rolls. It is made from sustainably managed forests.


  • It includes 24 mega rolls, i.e., 4 packs of 6 huge mega rolls.
  • It is laboratory tested that this product leaves less lint behind on the skin and is absorbent.
  • The paper for sensitive skin is made from pulp from forests.
  • You can quickly restock by asking Alexa, “Alexa, order Presto! toilet paper”.

Quilted Northern Store toilet paper


This Quilted Northern Store toilet paper is one of the best as it does not cause a rash from the toilet paper. It is incredibly soft and strong. The roll fits in most standard bathroom holders. It is entirely eco-friendly and septic-safe to be used in traditional sewer systems.


  • It is ultra-gentle toilet paper and provides a comfortable clean.
  • This 340 2-ply toilet paper with durable layers gives comfort as well as strength.
  • It is flushable and safe for the standard sewer system.
  • This toilet paper has 24 supreme rolls of white paper, which has 340 tissue paper.

Seventh Generation Store white toilet paper


Seventh generation 100% recycled paper bath tissue is gentle and robust toilet paper for sensitive skin. Can you be allergic to toilet paper? Yes! But this product does not contain any added dyes, inks, or fragrances, so it is for people with sensitive skin toilet paper.


  • For its softness and strength, it is designed as a 2 ply tissue.
  • Rain forest alliance certified paper, and it is septic tanks safe.
  • No dyes, fragrances, or ink is added to these toilet papers. Thus, the manufacturer has developed each pack of this toilet paper from 100% recycled paper.
  • It contains 24 roll packs of 240 sheets per roll.

WHOLEROLL Organic bamboo toilet paper


The WHOLEROLL is hypoallergenic toilet paper for people with sensitive skin. It is totally organic and completely chlorine-free. There is zero BPA in the product. Thus, it is lint-free, soft, and absorbent. It prevents toilet paper rash, and zero trees are cut down in the making.


  • The packaging is sturdy, i.e., 100 % recyclable.
  • It is 3 ply, which is softer and more absorbent.
  • Each roll is huge with butterfly embossing, and 100% bamboo pulp is used in making it.
  • It is responsibly sourced from bamboo forests.
  • This product is unbleached toilet paper.

Charmin Ultra soft cushiony touch toilet paper


The next one on the list is the Charmin Ultra soft mega family roll. Charmin ultra-gentle toilet tissue has a great cushion-like touch and is 2X more absorbent than the top brand. The best part: it is big, smooth, and long-lasting.


  • This one pack is inclusive of 18 rolls of Charmin ultra soft sheets.
  • It is uniquely soft with a cushiony soft touch and more absorbent than other brands.
  • This product is clog-safe and septic-safe.
  • It keeps you away from toilet paper allergy.
  • One Charmin mega roll= 5+ regular rolls.

Toilet paper from the Scott Store

Scott Comfort Plus Bath tissue is designed to care for you and provide you comfort. It is tested for strength and softness. It is 3X times stronger than the leading brands and is both sewer and septic safe. It also avoids any toilet paper irritation.


  • The packing is inclusive of 12 double rolls, which are equal to 24 rolls. It has 231 sheets per roll.
  • This tissue is sewer and septic safe.
  • It provides perfect cleaning as it has thick and plush sheets.
  • They are sourced from sustainable forests.
  • It is tested for strength and is 3X more robust than other brands.

Elvissmart Ultra-soft bamboo toilet paper


This fantastic eco-friendly product is made from natural bamboo pulp; it forms three soft layers. It is 3X more absorbent and thicker. It consists of 200 soft 3-ply sheets and is entirely biodegradable.


  • It has 3600 total sheets, which are combined in 18 rolls per case.
  • It is 100% eco-friendly as it is made from natural bamboo pulp.
  • The sheet is too soft, durable, flexible, and suits sensitive skin.
  • It can fit in any toilet roll dispenser and is hygienic.

Cottonelle Ultra CleanCare 


Cottonelle Ultra CleanCare Bathroom tissue is 1-ply toilet paper, which is exceptionally soft and has a ripples texture which helps in faster absorption and removal at once. It is 100% biodegradable as it is made from water and renewable plant fibers. It has no added chemicals or dyes.


  • It consists of 24 mega rolls of toilet paper. It contains 4 packs of six rolls.
  • This product is clog-safe and biodegradable as it is made with plant fibers.
  • The paper is completely septic and sewer safe.
  • Its raw material is taken from different forests that are responsibly managed.
  • The 1-ply paper is 3X stronger and 2X thicker.

Some Last Words

Each of the toilet papers mentioned above has different characteristics, which makes it highly suitable for different people. We tried to list some of the best toilet paper for sensitive skin for people who need chemical-free, soft sheets. You can choose the toilet paper which suits you from our buying guide.

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