6 Best Table Saw Under $200 in 2021 – Reviews

Are you looking for a quality table saw that will help you do miracles with your woodworking? You should know it can be very costly, though. Some may cost thousands of dollars and can be some of the most tools on a high value in the shop.

Let’s just agree that not everyone would be able to afford the highest quality table saw. Luckily, for you, we have some cheaper options. You don’t need to spend thousands to get your job done.

With just a couple of hundred bucks, we will help you choose the most decent saw that will do just fine for your home workshop.

Best Table Saw Under 200

We have some tips on how to spend your money wisely when buying low-budget saws. You better start reading because here goes our list of the top-quality table saws under 200 dollars. They are much more reasonably priced than their expensive relatives.

We should note that our list below includes a couple of saws that cost more than $200, but our most favorite choice remains under this threshold.

Metabo HPT Compound Miter Saw

The Metabo compound saw is one of the quality table saws for under 200$. You should know that a professional grade table saw is enormous, weighs hundreds of pounds, and takes quite a bit of space. On the contrary, this craftsman table saw is very lightweight and easy to transport.

Its 15 amp motor generates a speed of up to 5000 RPM for making different types of cuts, including crosscuts, miter cuts, and bevel range of 0-45 degrees to the left for clean and accurate bevel cuts.

This saw is made for woodworkers and craftsmen who are seeking precision, reliability, and flexibility on the work and cutting tasks. It cuts smooth, straight, and fast with its powerful motor. It may be a dangerous thing to use without reading the instructions first.

Please have in mind that we do not recommend you use it for big serious projects. It will do really good for a small shop, home projects or site work. An excellent choice for all users – professionals or hobbyists.

SKIL 3601-02 Flooring Saw with 36T Contractor Blade


Very easy to install this saw cuts the floor right where you put it, and it can do everything as a standard miter. It will cut PVC flooring planks like it is nothing. Make sure to have your vacuum up and running not to prevent making a mess while cutting. It is waterproof, scratchproof, portable, lightweight, and durable, the easiest and fastest wood floor installation.

All dyers and flooring specialists agree it does the service it is meant to do. You can make a cross and rip cuts in solid hardwood and laminate. It doesn’t need any special blade. This is the top budget table saw in our list that is exceptionally lightweight and portable, which doesn’t necessarily mean its a bad thing.

Its compact design makes it easy to carry, set up, use, and store it in your workshop. This is one of the top-rated products. The saw comes with a durable aluminum fence, dust bag, a contractor saw blade, and vertical workpiece clamp. This saw works really well for its price and is a good one for home use.

WEN 3921 16-inch Two-Direction Variable Speed Scroll Saw


This saw’s unique design can cut in two directions to allow for infinite ripping capacity. Take on the most complex and crafty cuts with its 9/16-inch saws through hardwood up to 2 inches thick with speed anywhere from 550-1600 strokes per minute.

This is one of the cheapest scrollsaws with fantastic quality for the price. Very easy to adjust and start using it. Within reason, it can be used for job site-based projects as well.

In some cases, this can be an advantage because it is among the greatest low budget table saws that might have just what you are looking for.

With plenty of capabilities, this device will be of great benefit to your performance.

Making dull angles and shallow curves is really easy, even for a beginner. It comes with three blades, a foot lock clamp, a flex light, a cast iron base that prevents vibrations, and a thumbscrew blade adapter.

This is a portable table saw with its own work surface that you may find useful for your creative concepts with precise cuts. Be sure to check it.

WEN 3959 2.5-Amp 9-Inch Benchtop Band Saw

Here comes another of the leading saws under 200$, both compact and powerful. This saw is reliable and well built and is able to cut boards 9 inches wide. It cuts up to 3-1/2 inches deep. It will fit your needs perfectly. Easy to assemble and adjust.

The motor is 2.5 amp and rotates the 1/4 inch blade at up to 2500 feet per minute and is able to make both intricate and powerful cuts.

This is a low budget table saw with a large work plate that measures in at 12-1/4 x 11-7/8 inches in size. The package includes a fence for creating a straight cut, an onboard dust port, a milter gauge, and an adjustable blade guard that provides smooth work and long-lasting, reliable service.

This certainly is a great table saw under 200$ backed up with a 2-year warranty. A nationwide network of skilled service technicians and polite and accomodating customer phone lines to make sure you have the most significant outcome in your work.

We know that finding a high grade saw under 200$ is not an easy task. Always trust in good quality tools.

Rockwell Bladerunner X2 Table Saw

The Rockwell Bladerunner x2 portable model is one of the recommended tabletop saws that you may want.

It’s a program designed to provide you with all in one functions like ripping, cross-cutting, miter, or scroll cutting actions. This portable table saw is compatible with any four inches T-shank jigsaw blade.

The fact it is less than 15 pounds makes it very lightweight and easy for you to carry around always ready for light on-the-go projects.

Some of the best value tabletop saws are much lighter than the “real table saws.” The Rockwell x2 portable tabletop saw makes it really easy to use, swap out blades, and make cuts – especially straight cuts.

The saw will be less effective when cutting a miter and useless for cutting metals.

This x2 portable tabletop saw is best suited to cut through trim, crown molding, or simple copper piping, but we do not recommend you deep cuts or hardwood. Anyway, for its price range, this is possibly one of the greatest saw under 200 dollars. We highly recommend you check this product.

WORX WX572L Table Saw

When it comes to tabletop saw, this model is the best on the market. With this portable tabletop saw, you can make all kinds of cuts, including rip cut, crosscut, and even left or right miters.

This portable table saw is not very big, but its classic guard system and riving knife system allows limitless capacity for ripping and crosscutting.

You can adjust the miter gauge up to 60 degrees either left or right, which should be enough for home DIY projects and ideas.

It performs excellently on woodworking projects, trimming down tiles, PVC, and even metal. It is basically inverted jigsaw blades put together in a portable stand that will fit almost any T-style saw blades without any tools needed for replacement.

It cuts in a maximum of 2 inches depth, so if you are planning anything other than that, for example, ripping or cutting through larger posts, you may need to find a bigger saw. It is most suitable to perform light work because the maximum blade depth may vary depending on the material you are cutting.

For this price point, it is definitely the greatest table saw under 200$.

Wrap up

Buying the perfect table saw, with table, or no, can do miracles in your woodworking – especially if you want to make clean rip cuts.

Remember that good quality table saws can be pretty expensive. In our review of different models table saws, we have given you specific criteria you need to pay attention to when you are about to make the perfect choice for you.

The conclusion of our research that includes reading more than 200 reviews and not only, is that portability, stability, capability, durability, manufacturer, functionality, adjustments, pressure is really important factors, but when it comes to safety, there is nothing more essential than it.

Do not compromise on safety features because an accident or injury may occur if you risk buying a bad product.

Many manufacturers guarantee usefulness and results with a warranty to their customers no matter if they are beginners or experts with much more experience.

Buy your equipment with a precise decision and spend your money wisely on your investment.

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