6 Best Screen Tents for Camping in 2020

Do you like to host garden parties, or other outdoor events? What do you do when it suddenly starts raining or the sun is scorching hot and you have guests that you need to entertain?

A very easy and quick solution is setting up a screen tent to accommodate your family or guests, and protect them from rain, shine, insects and other outdoor elements. At the same time it will let the fresh breeze inside and will keep you happy and cool.

There are various excellent screen tents which take seconds or minutes to set up and which will allow you to enjoy spending time outdoors, no matter the weather and the pesky bugs.

You can take them on picnics, camping, festivals, sports events, the beach and any other place where you would like to have shelter while spending time outside, but without the hassle of setting up a traditional tent.

Screened tents are also useful for a quick shelter setup when you are enjoying time outdoors in your pool, patio or garden and you are attacked by insects or unpleasant weather elements.

The best screen tents are very easy to set up, fold, store and transport, and are also made to ensure seasons of use without breaking down or getting ripped and torn.

Here are the best screen tents you can buy in 2020.

Coleman Instant Screened Canopy Tent Instant Setup


The Coleman Instant Screened Canopy Tent is among the top-rated and the best screen tents for 2020.

It has a 12 x 10 ft. footprint, and an indoor area of 90 square feet which will allow you to set up your table, gear or invite your friends and stay sheltered from the sunlight, the rain and from bug bites.

The canopy has a center height of a generous 8 feet and 4 inches, so you can stand up straight comfortably underneath it.

The screen tent sets up in just 60 seconds, and all you need to do is set up the single-piece frame, cover it, and expand the telescoping poles. The setup is faster and easier if two people are involved in the process.

There is a comfort grip feature which will keep the canopy in place.

It has two large doors for easy entry or exit from each side, as well as breathable mesh walls, which will keep the insects out and let the breeze in. when you don’t need them, you can easily detach one or more of the mesh screens.

The canopy’s roof offers 50+ UV protection from the harmful sun rays.

Its poly guard double -thick fabric is durable and will last for years of use.

When folded, the tent can be stored in the included wheeled carry bag for easy transportation.

Its size when folded is 4’ x 12” x 12”.

You can use it in your garden, on your deck or patio, or take it with you when out camping, on a picnic or on the beach.

It is also perfect for hosting outdoor events, and for music festivals and others.

Wenzel Magnetic Screen Tent House, Black

The Magnetic Screen House by Wenzel is another reasonably priced option if you are looking for a screen tent to keep you comfortable and away from the bugs and sun when you are having dinner or relaxing outdoors.

The screen tent has an 11 x 9 foot footprint and a spacious inside area of 99 square feet. Its peak height is more than 7.5 feet, so you can walk inside it freely, and also fit a picnic table comfortably.

All of its walls have mesh screens to keep the insects away and let the air inside.

What makes this screen tent unique is the nifty magnetic closure of the doors. This makes opening them and closing them quick and effortless even if you are carrying something in your hands, as well as entry and exit of children or pets without having to get up and zip and unzip or otherwise manually secure the doors.

The tent is made of high quality 68D polyester taffeta and mesh, and comes with two doors on both sides.

It is sold with all the steel and fiberglass poles you will need to set it up, and a convenient storage bag for portability, transport and storage. It also comes with small stakes to keep it stable on the ground, when it is windy or when needed.

The folded size of the screen tent is compact and it weighs only 17.44 lbs. so you can take it with you to the beach, mountain, or wherever you are planning to spend time outdoors.

Overall, this is another one of the best screen tents which are available on the market right now.

Alvantor ScreenHouse Tent Room Outdoor Camping

This eye catching screen tent not only looks futuristic and stylish but is also one of the most versatile, easy to set up and lightweight screened rooms for camping.

The Alvantor Screen Tent comes in three different size options, including 10 x 10 feet, 12 x 12 feet and 15 x 15 feet.

The 10×10 x7 (H) foot option can fit 4-6 people, the 12×12 x7.5 (H) foot option is for 8-10 people, and the largest 15x 15×8.5 (H) foot tent is sufficient for 12-15 people.

You can use it as a protective cover for your garden or patio furniture, your jet spa bath or for any other outdoor or indoor need.

Thanks to its innovative design and its durable and light fiberglass frame, one of the most popular screen houses weighs about 3x less than other tents and canopies in this range.

It is designed to pop-up automatically, and to be folded in a matter of seconds, so it is also the easiest of all screen houses to set up.

The hexagonal shaped instant screen house has six mesh walls to keep the bugs away and to allow for the fresh air to enter.

It is tested for providing reliable UV 50+ sun protection, but keep in mind that it is not rainproof or waterproof.

The quick set tent has two large doors with easy to zip silicone zippers. Inside, there is a hook to hang your coats or gear.

It also comes with 12 guy lines, 12 stakes, and 6 sandbags to keep it stable in windy places.

The smallest 10 x 10 foot tent folds down to a size of just 39.3 x 2.4 inches and weighs 15 lbs., so it is easy to store and transport in the added carry bag.

The screen tents for camping  from this series are sold with a 1-year limited warranty and a 100% satisfaction guarantee by the US based manufacturer.

ZJRIGHT Screen Tent Room, Canopy Mosquito Tent

This affordable and portable screen tent is perfect for camping, outdoor dinners, picnic and fun.

It has a built-in floor which will keep dust, dirt and insects away, and its mesh screen walls will allow for perfect air ventilation inside, while keeping the insects out.

When expanded, the screen tent is 7.5 x 7.5 x 7 (H) feet in size and can easily fit your picnic table and about 4-6 people.

It has an easy pop-up design, so you can set it up in a few minutes. Folding it is equally as easy and quick. The screened tent for camping can be set up on hard ground, on soft surfaces like sand, soil or grass, or anywhere you want.

One of the best screen tents for campers weighs a mere 15 lbs. so you can take it with you to any outdoor adventure or trip, and store it away easily when not in use.

The canopy top offers 50+ UV sun protection, and it has a large door with an easy to open and close zipper from inside and out.

The tent is made of durable 190D oxford material, and the floor is made of abrasion and water-resistant fabric which is easy to clean.

One of the top-rated screen house tents is an affordable and durable screen room for camping which is sold with a 30-day satisfaction guarantee and a 1-year warranty for peace of mind.

Ideaworks Outdoor 9-Foot Umbrella Table Screen

This umbrella table screen is a unique alternative to a standard screen tent. It comes in two size options of 9 and 11 feet, and is among the easiest to set up.

The mesh screen can be set up on top of your existing patio, beach or garden umbrella and you can spend time relaxing, or eating without being invaded by pesky insects.

The mesh screen has tubes along the base to keep it in place and to keep the insects out. All you need to do is to fill them up with water for added weight and stability.

It comes with a durable double zippered entrance, and thanks to its adjustable upper closure will fit on a patio umbrella of almost any size and type.

When folded this nifty mesh screen tent is only 4 x 10 x 6 inches in size, and weighs 1.2kg, so you can carry it with you when vacationing, camping or anywhere else you want to use it.

One of the best camping screen tents is made of durable polyester and 190T fabric, and the tubing is made of PVC.

Overall, this is one of the most compact, quick set up and inexpensive screen tents camping alternatives you can find in 2020.

Alvantor Winter Screen House Room Camping Tent

If you are shopping for a camping screen tent which will protect you from wind, rain and other elements even in colder days, then this Winter Screen Tent by Alvantor is one of the best options available.

It is offered in three different size options, of 10 x 10 x 7 (H), 12 x 12 x 7.5 (H) and 15 x 15 x 8.5 (H) feet.

It has clear PVC screen walls which will keep you away from the elements and the insects in all types of weather.

Thanks to the added covers with the tent, you can invite people in this tent screen house when it is raining or snowing outside.

One of the best camping screen room tents is designed to be windproof, rain-proof and waterproof, and you can use it in all seasons and in all kinds of weather conditions.

One of the top-rated screen houses has two windows on top which can act as vents, and has two large doors on each size secured by double-sided silicone zippers.

The screen tent has an easy and quick pop-up design, and also comes with guy lines, stakes and sandbags which you can use to keep it safely in place.

Even though it is roomy and has a generous center height, it folds down easily into a compact size, and fits into the included carry bag effortlessly.

The instant screen house is perfect for enjoying a panoramic view while remaining away from the weather elements, and socially distancing yourself from other people when needed.

It comes in beige and blue color options and is backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee and a 1-year warranty.

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