6 Best Running Shoes for Knee Support in 2021 Reviews

After a couple of months of lockdown, we need to turn to our sporting habits, get rid of those few extra pounds, and get in shape.

If you are not a person for team sports then running is probably the alternative for single-player training routines. After such big pauses, people most often sense problems in their knees.

Even if you suffer from knee pain, you should not stop practicing, as a life without movement will lead to even more significant problems. This is when we ask ourselves – What are the right shoes for runners with bad knees?

Best Running Shoes for Knee Support

There are many companies providing high-quality running shoes, but in this article, we are going to share some of the leading running shoes for painful knees. As fans of the sporty lifestyle, we want to help our readers to achieve their goals, and thus we share all the valuable information possible.

Brooks Adrenaline GTS 19 Running Shoe

When searching for the favorite running shoes for bad knees, you need to keep an eye on the sole. The Brooks

Adrenaline GTS 19 model comes with a rubber sole, which provides great foot support. Its specially designed GuideRails Support System not only provides support for your feet but helps in securing the most injury-prone part of every runner – his or her knees.

These running shoes for bad knees compliment your feet by a cushioned feel, which resembles floating with every single step. Feel safe and protected during walking, running, or going your everyday chores.

Its cushioning is well balanced and features a BioMoGo DNA cushion and a DNA LOFT crash pad, which provides the right amount of softness so that you do not lose durability or responsiveness on the runway.

With a weight of 311.8g, it will not slow you down when you mean business. It has a 12mm midsole drop and is offered in various color options.

The Brooks Adrenaline GTS 19 running shoes are a perfect fit for long-distance, treadmill, and road running, and its cushion experience is classified by the manufacturer at a level two out of three. This should be the choice of people with broad feet who need extra wide shoes.

This Brooks model comes with a 3D Fit Print upper mesh part, which looks modern and is suitable for everyday usage. As the manufacturer describes it, it is a fine Go-To-Shoe with a streamlined look. If you still have some doubts check the numerous user reviews, which are mostly excellent.

  •  Colors: grey/blue, black/orange, black/ebony, white/grey, navy/gold, black/blue, blue/nightlife, white/black, black/green, grey/white, black/grey, blue/red, nightlife/black


If you do not know from where to start, the French athletic shoe company, Hoka One One offers great shoes for bad knees. Many beginners and enthusiasts trust this brand for their running experience.

Thie Bondi 6 Vapor trail running sneakers are a great choice that will serve all your casual sporting needs, lessen the pressure on the knee cap, and will help you get rid of any hip pain. It has a synthetic sole, which provides slight shock absorption and will help you in preventing most knee issues.

These running shoes are among the best well-cushioned in the manufacturer’s road-shoe lineup. They provide a smooth, well-balanced run.

All these comfort features are brought by the full- EVA midsole, the comfortable and breathable upper, and its innovative Meta-Rocker design. That way, you receive a consistent ride for all kinds of distances.

Its upper mesh material will keep the air flowing through your feet even at the longest distances. The Bondi 6 will take you far and wide in comfort levels and are a great starter kit for every marathon enthusiast.

  • Colors: grey/blue

HOKA ONE ONE Clifton 6 Running Shoe


As we said before, Hoka One One provides excellent shoes for bad knees, and we could not mention them once more. The company’s Clifton series is quite popular among sports enthusiasts and has been selected as a Runner’s World Editor’s Choice.

Well, the Clifton 6 model does not fall behind and still provides a great mixture of lightness and softness for a comfortable but fast run. It delivers even a smoother ride and now features a new embroidered design that enhances lockdown without adding any extra weight to slow you down.

Its 37mm of cushioning is excellent for people with flat feet and you can say goodbye to all the hurting after a long walk or run. All this cushioning lessens the pressure on your joints, which goes eventually to your knees, as well.

If you plan to run longer distances such as a 5k or 10k, Clifton 6 will be the right tool for this endeavor. These running shoes will deliver the right comfort on long-distance runs, so you have the strength to endure the whole distance.

Keep in mind that if you have a wide foot type, it is probably better to get one size bigger – these are shoes made for running after all.

As users report, this model is more durable and softer than previous versions and has a great toe-off from the forefoot, which is an important factor when running marathons.

  • Colors: lead/lunar rock, black/white, ensign blue/plein air, lunar rock/nimbus cloud, nebulas blue/lemon, red/blue, mandarin red/imperial blue, gull/obsidian, ensign blue/plein air, lunar rock

New Balance Fresh Foam 1080 V10 Running Shoes



New Balance is one of the most popular brands, which delivers both a modern trendy look and high quality for sports enthusiasts and professionals.

It will be a valid argument if we say that New Balance can provide the finest running shoe for bad knees and the 1080 V10 model could very well, compete for the trophy.

This running shoe is qualified as neutral and is made from 50% synthetic and 50% mesh, like most of its modern alternatives. If we dive deeper into the construction, we can share that it has a rubber outsole, a fresh foam midsole, and a hypoknit upper part.

It supports your feet, shin splints, plantar fasciitis, and knees. This option’s mesh upper provides excellent breathability for those extra hard training moments. Furthermore, its upper part keeps your foot in the supportive platform and its heel cup takes your foot for an enjoyable ride.

Benefit from a wonderful energy return that will boost your speed.

Its sleek modern design is wrapped with data-driven comfort for the training possible. Take advantage of its extra cushioning that will not leave any extra tension to your knees.

As the user reviews point out, these running shoes are excellent for people with wide feet, so if you are one of them –this is a great alternative for your needs. If you are a fan of traditions and want to feel as one with the surroundings, its low heel-to-toe drop will provide that natural feeling.

  • Colors: black/steel

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HOKA ONE ONE Gaviota 2 Walking Shoe


Whatever your running style is you should not make any compromises with your training shoes and pick ones that provide decent knee support.

This is why we again turn to the Hoka One One shoe brand and their Gaviota 2 model, which is one of the softest options from this manufacturer.

The Gaviota 2 running shoes for knee pain will keep your feet fresh through its mesh upper, which includes seamless synthetic overlays, and textile lining for abrasion-free wear.

If we go down, these running shoes for bad knees come with durable full-length EVA foam midsoles that provide excellent shock absorption and stability for your posture. Its foam-padded insole, which delivers all cushioning and support is removable if needed.

Knee pain quite often comes from the fact that our foot rolls in way too much in the shoe. Essentially, this is a common problem with cheaper alternatives. The Gaviota 2 delivers effective motion control through its innovative J-Frame technology.

This technology maintains medial support for your feet through its j-shaped support network. This type of support is exactly what you need to prevent knee problems.

Many users describe the cushions on these shoes as walking on little clouds, which is quite the metaphor for softness.

They were characterized as quite suitable for people with excessive body weight who need to be careful with the tension in their knee joints. In addition, the Gaviota 2 features a smoother gait, in comparison to a common stability shoe.

  •  Colors: black dark shadow, lead anthracite, imperial blue anthracite, black/wrought iron, frost grey/seaport, moonlit ocean/Aegean blue, moonlit ocean Aegean blue, grey, lead/ anthracite

Saucony Hurricane 22 Running Shoe



If avoiding knee injury is a top priority, and you are looking for the top running shoes for bad knees, it is always a great option to look for innovative approaches.

This is what Saucony’s Hurricane 22 running shoes deliver through their next-generation cushioning technology called PWRRUN+. They are designed to provide a unique luxurious underfoot feel that will be your companion during training sessions.

Similar to their other famous shoes, the Saucony Cohesion 10, these sneakers provide great ankle support and will conform to your feet from each side. Forget about the knee pain after a race with your personal records.

With an offset of 8mm and weighing 335g (25% lighter than previous models), these trail shoes will aid you in reaching your running form. Its EVERUN landing zone creates kind of a trampoline effect that will boost your performance.

Stride Rite is creating shoes, especially for growing children, and has enhanced the toe box in these shoes preventing wear and tear occurrences. Their shock absorption method will take the pressure of your knee joint for better endurance.

All overpronators will feel like Usain Bolt in these babies. Hurricane 22 are excellent shoes for knee pain, but also their engineered breathable mesh will bring better support and keep you fresh throughout the workout.

  • Colors: grey/black, blackout, black/white, charcoal/red

Benefits of Running

The pros of running are widely known. In addition to being a great weight-bearing exercise, which burns many kilojoules, it improves cardiovascular fitness and strengthens our leg muscles. Everybody can run, as you can do it almost everywhere but not everybody can do it properly.

This is why many people suffer from knee pain, which is the most often result of or running ‘not the right way’.

Sometimes the reason for knee pain is not your lack of knowledge on how to do it but over-training.

Even if you run correctly choosing the right pair of running shoes can make the difference between a fruitful workout and one that ends with injuries.

As we shared in our reviews, good running shoes that help with knee pain should have high arches for proper arch support, excellent gel cushioning, a strengthened toe box, and other comfort aspects. The bottom line, we hope that with our advice. we can help people to be healthy and fit

Wrap up

Knee pain is something that we should not underestimate as such problems tend to last forever. Right running is essential, but having proper stability shoes is a must even for healthy runners.

You need to search for appropriate arch support, impact protection features, overpronation protection, and an excellent cushioning system.

Our list includes some of the best running shoes for bad knees that the market offers.

We didn’t go into a price comparison because we believe health is more important. Whichever you can be sure that your knee pain will remain a thing of the past or will never occur in your daily routine.

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