The Best Pre-Workout for Running in 2021: Top 10 Food Supplements for Runners

In this era of fit and muscular bodies, exercising has become an integral part of life. With the zeal of intense workouts, many forget to provide nutrition to their muscles. Amino acids are your muscles’ food, and pre-workout supplements are the only source.

Best Pre Workout for Running

To help strengthen your muscles, we have brought you the top 10 variants of supplements. This list will save you time. Also, it will adorn you with excellent supplements for the perfect pre-workout for running.

Glanbia Optimum Nutrition

Many sprinters prefer this pack containing 24 grams of top-quality Whey Protein. The delicious vanilla ice cream flavor indulges you in its mesmerizing taste and makes you forget what you are having.  This is the first thing that you grab as soon as you wake up. Enriched with the goodness of protein, it strengthens your muscles to endure the strain while running.


  • It comprises of whey protein isolate, concentrates with whey peptides. This supplement reduces muscle fatigue.
  • This can be instantly prepared. You don’t have to worry about lumps formation.
  • This product has been tested for quality controls. This testing assures that it is very safe to be consumed.
  • Every five grams contains Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAA). These chemical molecules help build your muscles and repair the worn-out tissues.

Optimum Nutrition Pre-workout Amino Energy Plus Electrolytes


This keto-friendly watermelon flavored energy powder holds 30 servings of pre-workouts for runners. Whether you want to gain energy or increase hydration level in your body, Glanbia Optimum Nutrition fulfills all your requirements. This product includes natural ingredients that have no side-effects. To replenish the lost minerals, this electrolyte-loaded supplement is an incredible source.


  • This mixture includes 0.01 grams and 5 grams of caffeine and amino acids, respectively.
  • Thirty servings of pre-workouts for running include 60 grams of calories and zero sugar.
  • It is the best pre-workout supplement that enriches your body with all the vital minerals and electrolytes.
  • This product supports your muscles’ growth and balances the fluid in your body.
  • There is no dedicated time to take it. The frequency of intake depends on your needs.
  • It is not gender-specific.

BSN N.O.-XPLODE Pre Workout


This is another vastly preferred runners’ pre-workout powder. It contains 30 servings, and each serving is loaded with Creatine, energy, and Beta-Alanine. It comes in an appealing flavor of fruit punch. The athletes who don’t like having fruits rely on it for its great taste and health benefits.  This product is being used since 2004 and has helped many runners convert their dreams to reality. This is great to enhance your performance by boosting up your strength.


  • This is the perfect workout supplement that you can have. It is performance-oriented and gives the desired results.
  • Each scoop enhances your endurance level and helps you push the boundaries.
  • It increases your energy and acts as a power booster whenever you feel drained.
  • It has been rated as one of the greatest pre-workout supplements so far.

C4 sport Pre Workout Powder


If you are feeling weak and wondering about running on a pre-workout supplement, this fantastic product by Nutrabolt is curated just for you. This powerful pack contains 30 servings for both men and women.  Runners and professional athletes widely trust this running pre-workout powder. This company is known for its promising results and stands fourth in the sports nutrition industry.


  • This supplement has a blue Raspberry flavor, which is unique and delicious.
  • Every scoop contains Creatine monohydrate and 135 milligrams of Caffeine. Besides, it also includes crucial NSF-certified ingredients like Beta-Alanine, Arginine, and minerals.
  • If you have lean and weak muscles and want to gain mass, this product is an excellent choice.
  • It combats fatigue and increases muscles’ endurance.
  • It is clinically tested and safe for consumption with zero side-effect.

KAGED MUSCLE Pre Running Supplements


The best pre-workout powder in the town, this product provides adequate energy for an intense workout. This is one of the highly-rated pre-workout supplements. You need a scoop and to see your energy reach its highest level. The flavor induced is that of fruit punch, which makes it suitable for those who don’t like to consume specific fruits. It should be used pre-workout, during, and post-workout.


  • The ingredients included are organic Caffeine, Taurine, Tyrosine, and BCAAs.
  • The muscles are triggered to build massive pumps and increase muscle strength.
  • This product is entirely free from banned substances and is clinically tested.
  • You experience increased mental focus after having a few servings.
  • The divine blend contains 30 different fruits and vegetables that make your body enriched with nutrition.
  • Only high-quality ingredients are used so that you get the desired results.

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BPI Sports Pre Workout Supplement

Every scoop out of this box is packed with ingredients that provide you maximum strength and support. This is one product that is ruling the market right now with the stern promise of offering you the best after every workout session by enhancing the blood flow in your system. This is a perfect option for those who lose interest in exercising due to lactic acid formation. This pre-workout reduces the formation of lactic acid in your muscles and provides you relief.


  • The key ingredients include Beta-Alanine, Citrulline, Nitrosigine, and Caffeine.
  • The benefits that you gain by using this product are enhanced endurance, growth of muscular strengths and pumps, and boosted energy.
  • The entire blend is FDA-approved and matches its standards. If you don’t like this product or find any discrepancy, your total investment will be refunded.

OPTIMUM NUTRITION Gold Standard Pre-Running

With the ecstatic blueberry lemonade flavor, this pack contains 30 servings. This product helps enhance mental focus, muscle strength, and endurance. To achieve the brownie points, you can always rely on this pre-running powder. This brand has established its benchmark in the sports nutrition industry and is trusted by many. Besides offering good performance, it also has a pleasing taste.


  • Free from all the banned substances, this golden mixture includes 175 milligrams of Caffeine, 1.5 grams of Beta-Alanine, Creatine Monohydrate weighing 3 grams, and 1.5 grams of L-Citrulline Malate.
  • It comes in visually appealing packaging with the high-quality component treasured inside.
  • This product has no side effects and is beneficial in the long run.
  • It caters to your overall body needs.
  • This product is as pure as gold, and once you use it, there’s no looking back.

ProSupps Mr. Hyde NitroX Pre Workout Energy Drink


The primary requirement for running is energy. To energize yourself, a reliable energy drink is required. Unlike the powder, these drinks work faster and energize you instantly. This product is the most reliable energy provider that is committed to its brand’s standards. This is an all-in-one solution to all your nutrition-related issues and solves them with ease. It treasures all the energy-boosting ingredients.


  • Enriched with 420 milligrams of organic Caffeine and 2.5 milligrams of beta-alanine, this product uses only natural ingredients and food color.
  • This instills you with instant energy and helps build strong muscles and pumps.
  • The pack contains 30 servings and comes in 10 exciting mouth-watering flavors.
  • You get a 30 days guarantee of 100% satisfaction, else you get money back.

GU Energy Original Sports Nutrition Gel

Another effective pre-workout supplement manufactured by GU Energy Labs comes in the form of gel beans. This product aims at enhancing the performance of the runners to become successful. The first version of this pre-workout supplement was introduced to the world by Dr. Vaughn in 1993.  He developed this product to prepare his daughter for marathon races. This gesture shown by Dr. Vaughn inspires the manufacturers. Hence, this product helps all the athletes belonging to different sports to achieve success by rectifying the deficiencies in them.


  • It comes in highly portable packaging that enables you to take it along.
  • The ingredients in every Vanilla flavored bean are 60 milligrams of Sodium, 20 milligrams of Caffeine, and 40 milligrams of Potassium.
  • This nutrition gel also consists of Branched-chain Amino acid that is needed to reduce fatigue and damages.
  • The energy to perform comes from fructose and maltodextrin that is used to make the gel shells.

Cellucor C4 Ripped Pre Workout Supplement

This is the oldest pre-workout for runners in the industry of sports nutrition. The primary aim is to give you gym-like results. Their regular improvisation and promising results have established a legacy of manufacturing highly efficient pre-workout supplements for energetic runners like you. This supplement does no harm if combined with your routine pre-workout lifestyle and eating habits. Cellucor is a top-selling product and focuses on the overall development of its customers.


  • This product contains 150 grams of Caffeine in each scoop. The manufacturers make use of only verified ingredients.
  • Cellucor forms a range of the best pre-workout supplements. No amount of calories is added to your body.
  • It contains 1.6 grams of Beta-Alanine.
  • The Cherry Limeade flavor tickles your taste buds. This flavor of the energy provider has a sweet aroma that attracts you.
  • For increasing, muscle endurance athletes can always rely on this mix of chosen ingredients.

Some Final Words

All the products listed above are the most preferred pre-workout energy suppliers. The majority of them have Caffeine in their blend that is extremely helpful for athletes’ performance and bodybuilding. Now that you know all the benefits that each one possesses move ahead and make an advantageous purchase.


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