The Best Oscillating Sprinkler – 2021 Reviews

You know the saying “the grass is always greener on the other side”, right? Well, metaphorically, this might be true, but when it comes to gardening, it’s all about consistency, consideration of what tools would be efficient, and the right adjustments.

Your neighbors’ yard doesn’t have to be prettier and cleaner than yours. You have to do a little work and make sure you got everything you need by your side.

Lawn or garden maintenance should be easy and pleasurable. To help you with this mission, our team gathered the top 4 oscillating sprinklers for lawn, vegetable garden, or flower garden.

Our team did thorough research to help you find the best oscillating sprinkler for you on the market, without wasting any more time. Check our recommendations out!

Aqua Joe Metal Base Oscillating Sprinkler 

This easy to use indestructible oscillating sprinkler is definitely a best seller. It will keep your lawn lush and your garden beautiful. You can try stepping or jumping on it, but the durable metal base will keep this item unbreakable. The sturdy connection is leak-resistant, so you will no longer waste additional water as with some low-quality alternatives.

The coverage area is completely customizable. If you are looking for sprinklers that will spray the water precisely where you want it, this Aqua Joe unit is the right one for you.

It covers up to 3 600 square feet and features a turbo drive motor and 16 clog-resistant rubber nozzles. There is a convenient built-in clean out tool for the nozzle heads to keep them clean and reliable years after years. This sprinkler also comes with a 2-year warranty for repairs.

  • Materials: Durable metal base, rubber nozzle heads
  • Coverage: 3 600 sq. ft.
  • Clog resistant

GARDENA Aquazoom Oscillating Sprinkler



The best oscillating sprinkler just has to have a wide coverage area and since Gardena is known for making evolutional gardening products, it created a sprinkler that does just that!

This oscillating sprinkler is designed to provide even watering for rectangular areas of different sizes. It features an adjustable spray width control from 13-feet to 55-feet and a spray length control from 23-feet to 69 feet. With its great spray distance, this lawn sprinkler will take away the annoyance of the frequent garden watering.

The Gardena Aquazoom 3900 sq. ft. is equipped with a patented long-lasting turbo drive motor. Made in Germany, this turbo oscillating sprinkler is exceptionally reliable and will resist heavy rain, too much sun, and unexpected wind.

The brand provides 12-month parts and labor warranty. Although it’s quite unlikely to use the warranty, we should warn not to be rough with the sprinkler, since it’s not as tough as some of the metal suggestions on our list.

  • Material: Plastic
  • Coverage area: 3 600 square feet
  • Only 12 months warranty

Melnor Turbo Oscillating Sprinkler

Being one of the best oscillating sprinklers out there, this Melnor’s product is quite affordable as well. It features simple range controls that make it easy for you to adjust the watering area and has a rectangular-shaped coverage.

We really enjoyed the fact that this Melnor oscillating sprinkler features an end plug that is a cleaning tool as well. The brand provides a lifetime limited warranty if any malfunctions occur.

Do you want a healthy lawn? You got it! This sprinkler for lawn has 20 brass nozzles that give coverage up to 4 000 square feet.

In case you need the sprinkler for vegetable gardens, or you have a lot of flowers, it’s still an excellent choice. Since the water flow is not heavy, it will not harm any of your plants. The turbo drive motor provides even water sprinkling and works well during windy weather.

  • Materials: Sturdy metal sled, brass nozzles
  • Coverage: 4 000 sq. ft.
  • Lifetime warranty

Dramm ColorStorm Best Oscillating Sprinklers



The Dramm ColorStorm sprinkler is one of the best oscillating sprinklers out there that has an eye-catching design along with various excellent features. Speaking of features, this bad boy allows you to control the flow and the pattern if you want to cover a large square area up to 3 036 sq.ft.

The sprinkler also comes in 6 colors: Blue, Green, Orange, Red, Yellow, and Berry.

The ColorStorm sprinklers include a needle plug for simple clean up. The various spray distances and water spray patterns deliver the best lawn care. Since you can lower the water flow, kids would love to play around and go back and forth during the hot summer days.

The 18 heavy-duty brass nozzles provide invariable water spraying to cover evenly the area you prefer. The hose connector is made of heavy-duty aluminum for extra durability.

  • Materials: Zinc and brass construction, rubber-coated aluminum connector
  • Coverage area: 3,036 sq.ft
  • Lifetime guarantee

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When to use your sprinklers, lawn tips and more

Knowing how to take care of your lawn and when to water it is essential. Running a sprinkler during night time is a recipe for disaster.

Setting up too light water flow, on the other hand, will leave the roots of the grass closer to the surface and will not allow them to grow deeper into the ground. This will cause issues during the hot summer days when the sun is shining unforgivingly upon your garden.

Nobody likes a dull, grayish lawn. In order to have the opposite, you should water it properly. Here is a fun way to know if it needs more hydration or not.

One thing you can do is walk on the lawn, and if there is no sight of your footprints after a while, it doesn’t need more moisture. However, if you can see exactly where you walked, it means the top of the grass needs more sprinkling to get its shape back.

The best time for using your sprinkler is in the morning. Ideally, in the hours before 10 a.m. This is so, because the temperature is lower, and the wind is likely to be calmer. This will allow the water to saturate the soil thoroughly, and the roots of the grass will absorb it before it turns into vapor.

Watering in the evening is only acceptable between 4 and 6 p.m. This way, the grass blades will dry before sundown.

Lawns are quite resilient if you have already cared for it properly. It can survive a long time without water.

For example, once you get the basics and establish the right care, you can be gone on a trip for weeks, and when you get back, just start maintaining it as regular. To withstand these conditions, the color of the lawn usually turns brown, but then goes back to green once it is watered.

Why choose oscillating sprinklers?

There are different types of sprinklers. “Oscillating” means that this sprinkler is watering back and forth at a regular speed. It is entirely portable, which provides safety if you have kids that will be running around.

Regular sprinklers need to be fixed with a spike to the ground. Without getting into details, we know you would agree with us that this could be slightly dangerous.

If you have a large yard that requires a lot of water, an oscillating sprinkler will be much more efficient. The reason is once again its portability. You can move this type of sprinkler to a new place, depending on where you want to water your lawn, and you won’t have to use two different sprinklers for the same purpose.

What’s more? An oscillating sprinkler covers the ground evenly, so you get a beautiful lawn with no withering grass here and there.

Wrap up

Success in gardening, as with anything in life, comes only if a man invests a lot of his time and effort. However, high-quality gardening tools are a must if you want to have more time enjoying and relaxing in your garden, rather than working on it.

The main thing you need is a sprinkler. Lawns can be quite hard to maintain, but if you want to be one step closer to your dream backyard paradise, you should go on a search for the best sprinklers for lawns and gardens.

Each sprinkler model has different water patterns, adjustability, and so on. You can get lost in all features and opinions and manufacturers will always claim their product has the best performance. For that reason, we made this list of the best oscillating sprinklers to make your pick easier.

One Chinese proverb states, “Life begins the day you start a garden”. Having you here means you have started the journey. We wish you happy gardening!

Kenneth Martinez

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