Top 10 Best Magnetic Screen Doors to Buy in 2021

With the increased instances of people getting the dangerous West Nile Virus from mosquito bites this year, it comes to no surprise that people are seeking the best ways to keep their families protected from these blood-sucking insects.

A high-quality magnetic screen door like our top-rated Flux Phenom will help keep all mosquitos and other bugs or flying debris out of your home, and at the same time will let the sunlight and the fresh air in.

Good quality magnetic screen doors will keep you protected from insects, but will also allow for easy exit or entry, even when your hands are full, and even when your young child or pets want to get out or get in. they will close instantly after each passing through, so there is no risk of any mosquitos finding their way through them.

We have thoroughly reviewed numerous screen doors and have come up with our ultimate list of the best magnetic screen doors for 2021 for you.

Read on to find the perfect magnetic screen door for your needs.

Best Magnetic Screen Door

Best overall

Flux Phenom Reinforced Magnetic Screen Door, Fits Doors up to 38 x 82-Inch, Black

The best overall magnetic screen door for 2021 is a combination of everything we have been looking for in such a product. It is reasonably priced, takes just a couple of minutes to set up or remove, and opens and closes easily every time, no matter whether an adult, a child, or a pet decides to pass through it.

The Flux Phenom Reinforced magnetic screen door can fit all kinds of doors, which are up to 38 inches wide, and up to 82 inches high.

It comes with a complete assembly kit, which includes metal black thumbtacks and a weather-resistant backing hook and loop. The screen door is incredibly simple to set up, and it even comes with a detailed instructional video for installation.

The mounting hardware is black, so it will remain hidden and won’t clash with your interior décor.

It is suitable for doors of all kinds, including front, back, exterior, interior, glass, balcony, patio, garage and sliding doors.

This excellent magnetic screen door opens and closes without any effort, so you can simply pass through it with your hands full, and not worry about having to manually open and then fasten the middle seam.

This is possible thanks to the 26 nifty magnetic cubes and strips along the seam which ensure that the screen door closes automatically and seamlessly.

This makes walking through the door easy in any direction, and at the same time ensures that any insects and pests will stay out of the house or room while the nice fresh air comes in.

The screen door is pet-friendly, and will not stop your cat or dog from getting in and out without leaving any claw marks or destroying the door. Plus, you don’t need to get up to open the door every time your pet decides it wants to come in or go out.

The screen door is made of high quality, resilient mesh with a higher thread count than many of the other similar products on the market.

When you don’t need the magnetic screen door, you can easily take it down, and roll it up for easy storage, because it doesn’t have a hard frame.

The size of this top-quality magnetic screen door is 38 x 82 inches when unfolded, and 14.9 x 11.7 x 2.1 inches when packed up. It weighs 1.46 lbs. and is easy to store away for next summer.

With a magnetic screen door like this one, your home will stay free of nasty insects and other pests and at the same time will let the fresh air in. best of all, you, your kids, and your pets can easily pass through it without the use of hands or paws.

This is definitely the best magnetic screen door money can buy in 2021.

The runner-up

Homitt Magnetic Screen Door with Durable Fiberglass Mesh Curtain

The runner-up in our list of the best magnetic screen doors for 2021 is an upgraded version of the excellent Homitt Magnetic Screen Door.

The screen is made of strong fiberglass mesh which will let the air in and keep the bugs out of your home. Thanks to the sturdier material, the screen is much more durable and scratch-resistant than the traditional screens made of polyester.

The screen door can fit any door which is up to 83 inches high and up to 39 inches wide.

The seam in the middle closes securely and opens easily thanks to the 26 strong magnets and magnetic seals on both sides.

There are 8 gravity sticks on the bottom of the screen door, which will keep it closed even when there is strong wind outside. These weights also help the screen door to close instantly after you pass through it.

This will minimize the risk of nasty mosquito bites, and other insects from entering your home.

The Homitt Magnetic screen door has a full-frame seal and comes with push up pins which allow for easy and quick installation on any door – exterior or interior. In fact, no tools are required for mounting or demounting it.

The screen door allows for kids and pets to go out and get back in without any hassle and without pushing or damaging the screen itself.

It has an added hook and loop for added security.

It is also available in a smaller size suitable for doors up to 34 x 82 inches.

This superb magnetic screen door is sold at an affordable price and comes with a 12-month warranty and 12 hours of useful customer service.

The best budget-friendly option

AUGO Magnetic Screen Door – Self Sealing, Heavy Duty, Hands-Free

If you want to protect yourself and your family from those pesky insects but still want to let the fresh air in your home during the warm seasons, the AUGO magnetic screen door is the best budget-friendly option on the market right now.

This patent-pending, inexpensive screen door allows for hands-free entry and exit and closes automatically right after you, your children or your pets have passed through it.

The screen is made of a durable polyester mesh, which will let the light and air in while keeping the mosquitos, flies, bees and other insects out.

Its full door frame has Velcro strips allowing for quick and secure installation. It also comes with extra push pins to secure the screen even more securely to any door in your home.

The middle seam of the screen door has magnets and magnetic strips that are placed along the entire seam, which will ensure that the door is properly sealed and will keep you protected for insects every time, no matter how often somebody passes through it.

The budget-friendly magnetic screen door is suitable for doors that are up to 38 inches wide, and up to 83 inches high.

It has a keep open feature, in case you want to open up your doorway completely without demounting the screen door. This is particularly useful when you are hosting a party with a lot of guests, or when you need to bring in large packages or bags.

This keep open feature is unique for magnetic screen doors and is actually patent pending.

The dimensions of the door when it is folded are 13.1 x 10.9 x 1.5 inches, and it is easy to remove and store during the winter.

The screen door is designed and made to withstand thousands of exits and entries, and can easily be opened by small children and pets.

Its durable make will ensure that you will be using it year after year.

The rest of the best

Homitt Magnetic Screen Door with Heavy Duty Mesh Curtain

If you like our runner-up but want a cheaper version of the excellent Homitt Magnetic Screen Door, then we strongly recommend this budget-friendly original version.

Key feature:

  • The size of the screen door is 39 x 83 inches, and it is suitable for doors sized up to 39 x 83 inches
  • The screen is made of durable and strong, dense mesh
  • The door will help keep insects and flying objects from entering your home while letting in the fresh air
  • It has 4 sets of 2 gravity sticks on the bottom, to keep the door closed when it is windy, and to ensure faster automatic closing
  • The middle seam is fitted with 26 strong magnetic points, which allow for hands-free entry and exit, and automatically closes the screen door after you
  • It is pet and child-friendly
  • It is easy to attach on all kinds of door frames via the included push pins and hooks and loops
  • It is also very easy to detach, roll up and store away
  • The door is sold with 12 hours of friendly customer service and a warranty of 12 months
  • It is inexpensive
  • When folded it is 14 x 10 x 0.9 inches, and it has a total weight of 1.3 lbs.

Fiberglass Magnetic Screen Door 30 x 80, Heavy Duty for Entry Front Door Size

If you have a smaller or larger door than the standard sized ones and need a good quality magnetic screen door to keep insects and flying leaves and other objects out of your house, then the Fiberglass Magnetic Screen door by Yotache could be the best option for you. It is available in more than 10 different size options.

Key features:

  • The screen door is available in sizes from 30 x 78 inches up to 38 x 96 inches and 29 x 82 inches, so there is a suitable size for any type of door
  • The screen is made of high-quality fiberglass mesh
  • It is easy to install via the hooks and loops and push pins – no tools are required
  • It has thick webbing on all sides, which will make sure that the screen door stays undamaged for years
  • The door has thick and sturdy stitching to further ensure its durability
  • The middle seam is double stitched and there is a cushion-like label in the middle to protect the screen from tearing
  • The hooks and loops on the middle and the bottom of the screen will prevent it from being blown open by the wind
  • It is easy for pets and children to use without effort, and without damaging the screen
  • Yotache offers 24-hour customer support
  • When packed up, the door is 13.4 x 7.9 x 1.6 inches, and it weighs 1.5 lbs.

Pauto-P Magnetic Garage Screen Door for Double Garage Doors 16 x 7 FT

If you need a large-sized magnetic screen door for your single or double garage, then the best one you can find on the market right now is this top quality Pauto-P reinforced fiberglass door screen.

Key features:

  • The magnetic screen door is specifically designed for single or double garage doors and comes in two versions – for garage doors which are 8 x 7 feet, and 16 x 7 feet
  • It has a full-frame with strong magic tape for easy installation
  • Made of heavy-duty reinforced fiberglass mesh which is durable, fire-resistant, corrosion-resistant, breathable and attractive
  • There are magnets along the entire middle seam, allowing for automatic sealing
  • The door is pet and kid-friendly, and they can all pass through without effort
  • It is frameless, detachable and durable, and easy to store away when not in use
  • The screen door stays closed even when there is a strong wind
  • It comes with everything you need for installation, including a roll of hooks and loops and push pins
  • It is sold with a 100% money-back satisfaction guarantee

Mag-Connexion Premium 72″x80″ Magnetic Screen Door for French Door

You may be having trouble finding a suitable magnetic screen door for your beautiful French door, but the good news is that the Mag-Connexion Premium screen door has been specifically designed for these types of doors.

Key features:

  • It is available in various sizes including: 32 x 80, 36 x 83, 39 x 83, and 72 x 80 inches
  • The screen is made of fire-resistant fiberglass mesh which has 400 holes per square inch
  • This screen door will keep even the tiniest insects and airborne debris out of your home
  • The design allows an easy hands-free walkthrough
  • Easy to use even by children, cats, and dogs
  • It will close automatically every time you pass through it
  • No drilling and no special skills are required for installing or removing it
  • It comes with the Velcro tape and push pins you need for setting it up
  • Sold with a 100% satisfaction guarantee

Magnetic Screen Door 36 x 82 Max Removable Screen Door

This magnetic screen door has more magnets than most of the others on the market, which will ensure that it is properly sealed at all times, while at the same time allowing for easy entry or exit without the use of your hands.

Key features:

  • It has an elegant black design
  • The screen fits doors which are up to 36 x 82 inches
  • It is sold with an installation video and is very easy to set up or remove
  • It is safe and easy to use even by toddlers and pets
  • The seam closes with 32 strong magnets
  • It has a full-frame design which attaches with hooks and loops
  • The mesh and the door are heavy-duty
  • The manufacturer promises a free replacement if the magnetic screen door gets damaged
  • The dimensions of the packed product are 11.5 x 9.6 x 1.6 inches, and it weighs 2 lbs.

TradeGear Magnetic Screen Door Fits Full Frame Door Openings Up to 38″x 82″

The TradeGear magnetic screen door is one of the most durable ones on the market. Made of sturdy, fireproof, waterproof and scratch-resistant mesh, it can withstand years of wear and tear.

Key features:

  • The fiberglass mesh is exceptionally sturdy and will withstand rain, shine, fire, and any scratches
  • It is suitable for doors which are up to 38 x 82 inches in size
  • It is transparent, so it will let not only the fresh air in but also the light from outside
  • It will protect you from all kinds of insects
  • It is hand sewn for added quality and durability
  • The 26 strong magnets will keep the mesh curtain closed whenever it is not in use
  • It is pet and toddler-friendly
  • The frame is reinforced with durable and strong Velcro
  • No tools are needed for installing this excellent quality magnetic screen door

Magnetic Screen Door 60 x 80, Double Door Screen Curtain for Sliding Door

If you need a suitable magnetic screen door for your sliding doors, then you should definitely check out the Yotache double door screen curtain.

Key features:

  • It is available in various sizes for various door types
  • The sliding door options are sized 60 x 80 or 72 x 80 inches and are suitable for all large doors, double doors, sliding doors, French doors, and others
  • It has a unique double door design with two entrances, allowing two people to walk in and out simultaneously
  • The screen is made of premium quality fiberglass mesh
  • It is sold with a pack of push pins and a roll of hooks and loops for easy attachment and detachment to the door
  • The thick webbing on the frames of the screen will protect it from damage for years to come
  • The entire screen door is double stitched for added resilience
  • It allows for easy walking in and out by one or more people and is safe and easy to use by toddlers and pets too

MAGZO Magnetic Screen Door 36 x 96, Reinforced Fiberglass Mesh Curtain

The MAGZO magnetic screen door is an easy to install, pretty and durable product which is available in a wide variety of sizes, so you can find the perfect fit for just about any door.

Key features:

  • The magnetic screen door is offered in over 10 different sizes from 28 x 72 inches up to 38 x 99 inches
  • Thanks to its unique HASP sticker in the middle and on the bottom of the seams, the screen door will stay closed even when there are strong gusts of wind outside
  • It is made of dense 15 x 17 fiberglass mesh which will let the sun and air in and keep all bugs out
  • The screen door provides easy, hands-free entry
  • It is safe and easy to use even by young children and pets
  • The fiberglass mesh is fireproof, chemical and corrosion resistant and much more durable than ordinary nylon mesh
  • It is easy to install and de-install in just a few minutes by a single person
  • The screen door is easy to clean and store
  • It is sold with everything you need for installation, including a hook tape roll and push pins, as well as a detailed instruction
  • It is grey colored which is easy on the eyes

TheFitLife Magnetic Screen Door – Heavy Duty Mesh Curtain

This mesh curtain by TheFitLife is an affordable, durable and high-quality magnetic screen door that is sold with a replacement or money-back guarantee for up to 180 days after the purchase.

Key features:

  • It will keep all bugs out and let the air and the sunshine in your home
  • The mesh door is available in various sizes from 36 x 83 inches, up to the impressive 74 x 81 inches
  • The door closes itself automatically after being opened thanks to the 26 strong magnets sewn in the seams
  • It is easy and quick to set up or remove and comes with the hook and loop roll and the push pins you will need for the installation
  • No tools are required
  • It is stain and scratch-resistant
  • The door is safe for children and pets too
  • It is transparent and provides excellent visibility from inside
  • This is an affordable and very durable product
  • It is sold with a 180-day guarantee


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