9 Best Luggage Locks for International Travel in 2021

Today, air travel has become more scrutinized than ever, with increased security measures on all airport checkpoints, especially when it comes to worldwide air travel.

The Transportation Security Administration checks of luggage can occur at any moment while you are traveling, which is why you should ensure that the TSA agents have access to your luggage without having to break the locks you use for securing it.

There are various excellent TSA accepted locks on the market, which will make the entire process more comfortable and safer.

Best Luggage Locks for International Travel

Here are the leading luggage locks which are accepted by the TSA for international travel you can buy in 2021.

BV TSA Approved Luggage Travel Lock

The TSA approved locks for airport screening and checks by BV are one of the top-rated and affordable products on this list.

They are sold in packs of two for a price of less than $9.

The locks can pass TSA screening and inspections and are acceptable for all airline traveling, as they can safely be opened and locked back by the officials.

Thanks to their keyless design, you won’t end up on the other side of the world with no idea where the key for your luggage lock is.

The numerical keyless combinations are easy to set and reset to up to 1,000 possible combinations. The numbers are shiny and easy to read.

Thanks to their design and reliability, your belongings and personal valuables will be safe from the everyday occurrences of “grab and go” thefts that happen on airports and other transportation stations.

The locks are 1.1 inches wide, 3.93 inches high, and their locking cable loop is 2.36 inches in height with a maximum width of 1.1 inches, suitable for most suitcases and bags. The loops can pass through most zipper tab holes (of up to 4.37mm in diameter), too, so your luggage doesn’t have to have dedicated locker rings.

Forge TSA Luggage Combination Lock – Open Alert Indicator, Easy Read Dials, Alloy Body

The Forge TSA Combination Locks are one of the bestselling keyless, and TSA approved locks on the market.

They are tough and hard to break in thanks to their sturdy bodies made of alloy metal, and their shackles constructed of hardened steel.

The internal locking mechanism has been tested to withstand a lot of pounding and theft attempts.

The locks will automatically unlock with the open alert indicator when a TSA agent is checking the luggage. If somebody else attempts to unlock them, the red indicators will pop-up from underneath the shackles.

You can easily set any three-digit combination, as the numbers are big, white, and easy to read. They can be used on different types of luggage, as well as for lockers, locks for backpacking, laptop bags, and others.

You can buy these reliable TSA locks on luggage of all types in a wide variety of color options and in different packs of 2 or 4 locks with or without added cables.

They are sold with a lifetime warranty, and Forge is ready to refund you or replace the locks if they get damaged or broken in.

Forge TSA Approved Travel Luggage Locks Ultra-Secure Dimple Key Locks with Zinc Alloy Body

If you prefer to use a key lock without risking forgetting your number combination, then the Forge TSA approved key travel locks are one of the greatest options you will find on the market.

The premium quality luggage locks have zinc alloy bodies, and hardened steel shackles, and have a locking mechanism which is designed and tested to withstand breaking and lock picking. Like the previous entry, these locks are sold with a lifetime money-back or replacement warranty in case somebody manages to break into them.

The locks are locked with modern dimple keys and a reliable hardened steel tumbler.

The TSA locks can safely be locked and unlocked by TSA agents for inspection, plus, the key needs to be locked in order to be removed so your luggage will always be locked after an airport inspection.

The locks are suitable for all kinds of suitcases, bags, backpacks, hostel or gym lockers, purses, and others.

They are sold in packs of different colors and numbers and come with identical keys per package, so you only need to carry a single master key no matter how many pieces of luggage you have when you travel.

Master Lock Padlock, Keyed TSA-Accepted Luggage Lock, 7/8 in. Wide, 4683Q 

The Master Lock for luggage keyed locks is another superb option if you prefer keyed rather than combination locks for your travel and storage needs.

The padlock is made of a solid body with hardened steel shackles, which are cut and break-resistant.

The best-keyed lock is 7/8 (W) x 7/16 (L) x 9/16 (W), and its shackle has a diameter of 3/32 inches.

The tough keyed locks by Master Lock are lock TSA accepted and can be unlocked and locked safely by Transportation Security Administration officials when you are traveling.

The locks are sold in packs of 4 at a very reasonable price and can be used on suitcases, backpacks, bags, and any other use indoors or outside.

Forge TSA Approved Cable Luggage Locks, Re-settable Combination with Alloy Body

The Forge cable locks are often preferred due to their flexible locking cables, which are more versatile than locks with metal shackles.

The cables are thin enough to fit through all standard zipper holes and hard case locks. At the same time, they are sturdy and cut-proof, so your luggage and belongings will remain safe when you are traveling or when you are in the gym or anywhere else.

The flexible cable lock by Forge is TSA approved and key-less. You can easily set and reset the three-digit combination luggage lock, and the numbers are easy to see even without your glasses on.

Resetting the combination of the TSA lock requires activating a lever, so there is no risk of accidentally resetting the combination code without your knowledge.

The length of the cable loop is 1.5 inches, which is sufficient to pass through and lock just about any suitcase or other type of luggage.

The combination of cable locks TSA are sold in different color options and in packs of 1, 2, 4, and 6.

Each cable lock comes with a lifetime guarantee by Forge.

Tarriss TSA Luggage Lock with SearchAlert (2 Pack) 

The Tarriss TSA Lock is sold in packs of 2 and different color options.

They have cable locking loops with a length sufficient for passing though all types of handles, holes, zipper tabs, and others.

The locks open with a three-digit combination, and feature a Search Alert indicator, which will turn red when your luggage has been inspected by a TSA agent and will be green when the lock has not been opened.

The nifty luggage locks are sturdily built and have easy to read numbers on the front.

The bodies of the locks are made of durable zinc alloy, and the steel cable loops are cut-proof.

The locks are sold at a reasonable price and come with a 100% satisfaction lifetime warranty offered by Tarriss.

Fosmon TSA Approved Luggage Locks Open Alert Indicator 3 Digit Combination Padlock 

This compact TSA travel lock is actually a bit longer than a standard AA battery, and yet it will withstand theft and break-in attempts and keep your belongings and luggage safe at all times.

The combination lock is approved and accepted by the TSA, so you can use it to keep your belongings safe no matter where you are going.

The lock has an alert indicator that will let you know whether it has been opened for inspection at the airport or not.

The 3 digit lock combination is easy to set to hundreds of different possible combinations.

It is perfect for traveling as well as for use for lockers in hostels, gyms and other needs.

The size of the compact TSA approved lock is 2.28 inches in height, 0.77 inches in width, and the shackle is .71 inches high.

The body is made of sturdy zinc alloy, and the shackle is made of cut-proof steel.

The TSA lock comes in packs of 4, and with a lifetime warranty by Fosmon.

Luggage Strap ELASTRAAP Superior Strength NON-SLIP with TSA Combination Lock

The Luggage Elastraap strap is a unique TSA approved luggage locking system.

It is a very sturdy strap that is slip-proof and which is locked with a TSA accepted combination lock to keep your suitcases safely locked as you travel the world.

The strap comes in a wide variety of color combinations, some of them very bright so that you can easily spot your luggage when it comes out on the airport conveyor belt at the baggage claim.

The strap is expandable but strong and will not loosen or slip during the travel.

It will keep your suitcase safely closed at all times, keeping your belongings safe even when the luggage is not handled with too much care.

The ProudGuy TSA accepted combination lock strap is 45 to 80 inches in length, and 2 inches wide with a TSA approved lock buckle.

It is perfect for suitcases of all sizes, as well as for securing equipment and items to your car seats or to your luggage.

TSA Approved Luggage Locks With Key For Travel – Flexible Lock Keyed Alike


This TSA approved luggage lock for traveling has a unique and nifty design making it easy and safe to use on all types of suitcases and bags.

The barrel style lock is sleek and yet sturdy and looks very cool too.

The lock is made of zinc alloy and has a flexible cable stem that can easily pass through all luggage zippers, latches on purses, bags, backpacks, and duffle bags.

The barrel TSA lock can be used as a zipper-lock for any need, and is TSA accepted, and can be opened by officials for inspections and then closed without the need to break it.

The innovative locking system for traveling comes in packs of 1 to 6 and in bright orange or more discrete black color options.

Each of the locks in the pack can be opened with the same key, so there is no need to carry all the keys with you when traveling.

It is sturdy, compact, and comes with a lifetime warranty.


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