The Best Lawn Mower for 2021

If you want to keep your yard looking perfect without hiring a landscaping company, you need to buy an appropriate lawn mower for your needs.

We know how using the wrong kind of mower can turn the otherwise Zen-like experience of mowing into a tedious task. This is why we have asked a number of landscaping experts and lawnmower owners about their experience with these useful garden tools and have come up with the ultimate list of the greatest lawn mowers on the market for 2021.

Greenworks 10 Amp 16-inch Corded Mower, 25142
PowerSmart DB8621SR Gas Lawn Mower (Old Version)
BLACK+DECKER BESTA512CM Electric Lawn Mower, Orange
Greenworks 10 Amp 16-inch Corded Mower, 25142
PowerSmart DB8621SR Gas Lawn Mower (Old Version)
BLACK+DECKER BESTA512CM Electric Lawn Mower, Orange
Price not available
Greenworks 10 Amp 16-inch Corded Mower, 25142
Greenworks 10 Amp 16-inch Corded Mower, 25142
PowerSmart DB8621SR Gas Lawn Mower (Old Version)
PowerSmart DB8621SR Gas Lawn Mower (Old Version)
Price not available
BLACK+DECKER BESTA512CM Electric Lawn Mower, Orange
BLACK+DECKER BESTA512CM Electric Lawn Mower, Orange

Best Lawn Mower

Our top pick is the GreenWorks 25142 corded mower, but for those of you interested in other types and models, we have added detailed reviews of all 10 of our favorite lawn mowers for this year.

Read on to find out what to expect from each of these mowers, as well as to find out more about the different kinds of lawn mowers, how to choose the one for you, and some tips for making your lawn look absolutely impeccable.

Best overall

Greenworks 25142 16-Inch Corded Lawn Mower

Our leading choice for a lawnmower for 2021 is a very compact and lightweight (37.5 lbs.) corded lawn mower, which is perfect for keeping a small or mid-sized lawn looking great. It has an excellent 2 in 1 mulching and rear discharge capability and comes with a nifty grass catcher to make life easier on you. You can choose whether to bag or mulch the trimmings depending on your specific needs.

The Greenworks 25142 16 corded lawn mower has a 16-inch cutting deck, which will make mowing efficient and easy. Thanks to its powerful 1 Amp motor, you will be able to cut through all kinds of grass, even all through all those rough patches.

The cutting height of the blades can be adjusted from 5/8 inches to 2 5/8 inches and has 5 adjustability levels, which are suitable for all types of grass.

The height is also very easy to adjust with a single push of the handle, which will level both wheels at the same time. This eliminates the need to level each wheel separately with tedious levers.

This electric powered Greenworks mower is eco-friendly and is quieter than others, so if you have noise-sensitive neighbors, you won’t have any more problems with them.

The rear wheels are 7 inches, and the front are 6 inches, which helps for easier maneuvering on uneven terrains and around flower beds.

It comes pre-assembled, so you won’t need to engage in complicated and time-consuming assembly.

The 16-inch cutting deck is light but sturdy and is made of high-grade plastic. You can easily adjust the mowing setting as you go until you find the most comfortable one for you. The highest setting can go through all the unwanted weeds, and you can use the medium setting for the rest of the lawn.

Thanks to the powerful suction, you can also get rid of any leaves and debris along with the grass trimmings by collecting them into the clip bag instead of leaving them in unsightly and hard to clean up clumps, or you can choose the mulching function to help fertilize the lawn.

One of the features which we appreciate the most about this GreenWorks lawn mower is the fact that it is sold with a 4-year warranty, which is more than that offered for other mowers.

The GreenWorks 25142 is an excellent investment because it is reasonably priced, and you won’t need to pay for expensive fuel or for new batteries.

So, we must conclude that if you need a compact, ergonomic, light and highly efficient, eco-friendly lawn mower for a small or medium-sized grassy area, this corded mower by Greenworks is definitely the ideal option available right now on the market.

Best runner-up

Honda HRR216K9VKA 3-in-1 Self-Propelled Gas Mower

Our runner-up choice for 2021 is the Honda HRR216K9VKA gas mower, which we found to be the most reliable choice if you want to keep your lawn perfect without putting in too much effort.

The Honda self-propelled lawn mower comes with a very large capacity bag of 2.4 bushels, so you won’t have to stop mowing to clean it out as often as you would with most of the other mowers in this range. And it comes with a very efficient mulching function too.

The mowing can be set to 6 different grass cutting levels easily.

The heights of the wheels is adjustable via the useful 4-lever setup, so you can customize your Honda lawn mower for the type of terrain and the type of grass you will be mowing. Plus, the rear wheels are variable, so your mower will have a stronger self-propulsion.

You will find mowing as easy as ever thanks to the comfortable cushioned handle, which allows for effortless maneuvering, and which will protect you in case of jolts along the way. All of this will make mowing your yard a much less tiring job.

Although the gas lawn mower is quite low, with a handle height of 14 inches, and it is relatively light (only 84 lbs.), you will still find it comfortable to use no matter how tall you are.

The engine is only 160cc, but it is definitely enough to get the job done with ease, and you will end up with a smooth and clean lawn in no time at all every time you use it.

You will receive a detailed user manual as well as complete customer support service and a 3-year warranty with the Honda HRR lawn mower.

Overall, with its low weight, very comfortable design, and large bag capacity, this lawn mower is our second favorite for 2021. It is offered at a reasonable price and is powerful enough and easy to use for anybody looking for a lawnmower for a mid-size lawn or yard.

Top budget-friendly option

BLACK & DECKER BESTA512CM 12″ 3in1 Compact Electric Lawn Mower

If you are on the market for a budget-friendly lawn mower, we suggest that you choose the Black & Decker BESTA512CM.

This 3 in 1 compact lawn mower will cost you less than 100 dollars, but you can use it for mowing, trimming, and edging jobs.

Despite its size and low price, the Black & Decker mower can handle even the toughest weeds and tackle overgrown grass pretty easily thanks to its roaring 6.5 amp motor with 8000 RPM and the PowerDrive transmission.

You can use it to first mow your lawn, and then once you detach the mower deck, go ahead and use it as a string trimmer. If you want, you can finish up with your green area maintenance by rotating the trimmer head and using it as a very precise edger.

It has an adjustable cutting height from 1.6 inches to 2.4 inches.

The 3-in-1 mower has an Automatic Feed Spool system, which will allow you to continue working on your lawn without the need to stop to adjust the spool and without bumps.

The mower is very light, and its handle is adjustable, so you can do all kinds of lawn maintenance jobs pretty effortlessly.

It has a useful cord retention system that will prevent any unwanted cord disconnection during use.

If you prefer cordless operation, you may want to opt for the slightly more expensive but still affordable cordless version of this multifunctional mower.

Since it weighs only 9.9 lbs. and is highly maneuverable, this is a superb option for areas that are inclined or other areas that are difficult to reach and mow with standardly sized lawn mowers.

It is also an excellent option for lawn maintenance of small-sized yards and green areas.

So, if you want to get three wonderful landscaping tools in one for a very reasonable price, and you need a mower, trimmer, and edger for your small lawn, this versatile and inexpensive lawn mower by Black & Decker could be the most suitable one for you.

Our other top picks for 2021

PowerSmart DB8621S Gas Self Propelled Mower

If you want an easy to use and easy to maintain gas-powered lawn mower for your yard, you may want to consider buying the PowerSmart DB8621S self-propelled mower.


  • It has a versatile 3-in-1 capability to bag, discharge (to the side) or mulch the trimmings and spread to them on the lawn
  • It is sold almost completely assembled, so you won’t be spending hours trying to get everything together
  • The mower is powered by a 159cc motor which contributes to compactness, light weight, and performance of the lawn mower
  • It features highly efficient and reliable easy pull starting so you don’t need to deal with a primer button, or with choke adjustment
  • With a weight of just 76 lbs. the mower is easy to use and store
  • The 8 inch high rear wheels and the rear wheel drive mode make pushing the mower easy even on rougher terrains
  • The trim container is located on the bag and has a capacity of 18 gallons and it also easy to release and clean out
  • The height can be adjusted easily in 5 different positions from 1.18 up to 3 inches
  • The mowing deck has a 21-inch radius and is made of durable steel
  • The deep dome deck with sharp and strong blades make mulching a fast and efficient task on the go
  • It is sold with a side discharge chute, a grass catcher, 2 handles (upper and lower), a spark plug wrench, screws, bolts, and a cable clip
  • Suitable for lawns and yards sized ¼ to ½ acres
  • Its compact size of 18 x 33 x 23 inches makes it great for tight spaces, or when tackling obstacles in the yard
  • It has a start and stop lever which will prevent unintentional starting of the engine

EGO Power+ LM2001-X 7.5Ah Lithium-Ion Cordless Lawn Mower

If you prefer the comfort, quiet operation and maneuverability of a cordless lawn mower, we suggest that you check out the EGO Power+ LM2001-X lithium-ion powered mower.


  • Powered by a 7.5Ah 56V Arc- lithium-ion battery, but is also available without a battery or with a 4.0Ah or 5.0Ah battery kits
  • The 7.5Ah battery allows for up to 90 minutes of run time per charge which is about 2 miles
  • The mower comes with a rapid charger
  • It can be folded for compact storage in an upright position
  • The mowing deck has a 20-inch cutting capacity
  • Easy to adjust cutting height and wheel height
  • Very lightweight for easy maneuverability, transport, and storage
  • The housing is weather resistant
  • Makes very little noise during use
  • A very contemporary and attractive premium design
  • Eco-friendly operation with no nasty harmful fumes, mess, and smell
  • Sold with a 5-year limited warranty for the mower a 3-year warranty for the battery kit and charger

Greenworks Pro 80V 21-Inch Cordless Lawn Mower

The GreenWorks Pro GLM801600 is yet another eco-friendly, powerful cordless lawn mower which will allow you to mow for up to 60 minutes, or cover an area of up to 1 acre per single charge.


  • Works with an 80V 4Ah battery, which is not included in the package, but it is a versatile battery which is compatible with more than 20 tools offered by GreenWorks
  • The charger is also sold separately but will fully charge the battery for less than 30 minutes
  • The mower can run for 60 minutes per charge
  • The motor is brushless and thus is more durable, efficient, powerful and has a longer run-time
  • The Smart-Cut technology helps to extend the runtime and the performance of the mower by automatically adjusting the power needed for mowing
  • The deck is made of steel and is 21 inches in size
  • The 3-in-1 design of the mower provides you with an option for side discharge, rear bag clipping collection or mulching of the grass trimmings and debris
  • The mower requires very little maintenance and is completely eco-friendly
  • Starts quickly and easily with the push of a button
  • The 10-inch oversized wheels make it easy to maneuver through all kinds of terrains
  • It weighs 62 pounds with an empty bag
  • The device has a very contemporary and eye-catching angled construction made of a high-grade polymer
  • You can adjust the cutting heights to one of the 7 options easily via the adjustment lever
  • A superb option for mid-sized or large flat lawns
  • Sold with a warranty of 4 years

Husqvarna 967622505 Automower 430X Robotic Lawn Mower

Have you always dreamt of having a mower which will automatically keep your lawn in a pristine condition while you spend your time doing other more enjoyable things? With this robotic and amazingly good looking Automower 430X by Husqvarna, all of your dreams will come true.


  • It will eliminate the costs and hassle for hiring a landscaping professional or do the mowing yourself
  • Works well both on flat and on sloped terrains up to 45%, as well as through narrow passages
  • Works via smart GPS navigation
  • Its sports car-like design will become the attraction of your neighborhood and a favorite amusement for your kids and guests
  • It can work in rain and shine
  • You won’t ever have to worry about your lawn being unkempt or overgrown
  • Has a capacity of covering an area of up to 0.8 acres
  • The Lithium-ion batteries charge completely for 65 minutes
  • Very quiet operation (57 dB/A)
  • The smart technology adapts the mowing to the growth rate of the lawn
  • The user-friendly intuitive menu and the large LCD display allows for easy setting and adjustment
  • You can adjust the settings of your mower remotely via your smartphone
  • A boundary wire needs to be purchased and installed to define the boundaries of the area to be mowed
  • You will get alerts on your smartphone if a setting changes or if the mower stops, is moved or picked up

BLACK & DECKER BEMW482ES Electric Mower

If you need a lawn mower that is very comfortable and easy to maneuver, you should try out the Black & Decker BEMW482ES corded mower with a nifty pivot control handle.


  • The pivot control handle provides an extra comfortable grip, easy control, and maneuverability of the unit.
  • The special winged blade will collect the clipping 30 times better than other lawn mowers.
  • You can easily reach beneath shrubs, bushes, or other obstacles with it.
  • Easy start via a single push of a button
  • The cutting height can be adjusted from 1 to 3 inches in 6 height settings.
  • The mower is corded and powered by a12 Amp motor.
  • The cutting path is 17 inches.
  • The rugged wheels are specially designed for easy control of the direction and use in thick grass.
  • The mower weighs 40.9 lbs.
  • Very reasonably priced and sold with a 2-year limited warranty
  • Great for lawn maintenance of areas up to 1/8 acres

Earthwise 60418 18-Inch 40-Volt Lithium-Ion Cordless Lawn Mower

If you want to enjoy listening to the birds singing while you mow your lawn, you should opt for the Earthwise 60418 battery powered lawn mower.


  • Powered by a 40V Lithium-ion battery
  • Two batteries are included in the package
  • Very quiet, almost inaudible operation
  • Has multiple discharge options for the grass trimmings – bagging, side discharge or mulching
  • A useful LED battery monitor will indicate how much power you have left
  • The height of the cutting is adjusted via a single lever – from 1.75 to 4 inches
  • The handle folds for compact storage and has a comfortable ergonomic design and cushioned grip
  • The large wheels (7 inches front and 9.5 inches rear) will make moving through uneven or rough terrains a breeze
  • The deck is18 inches and made of sturdy steel
  • The assembly is very easy and no tools are required
  • Sold at an affordable price with 2 batteries and a 2-year limited warranty

Oregon Cordless LM300 Lawn Mower Kit with A6 4.0 Ah Battery and Standard Charger

Do you want to use an environmentally friendly and fumeless lawn mower for your yard? The Oregon LM300 cordless mower is a perfect solution for you.


  • Powered by a 4Ah battery, but comes in a 6.0Ah battery version as well
  • The runtime per charge is up to 5,000ft.
  • Has a durable high performing brushless motor with a lot of torque and efficiency
  • The battery will hold the charge for a month of storage thanks to the premium cell technology
  • Offers an instant and frustration free start
  • 6 adjustable cutting positions
  • The mower weighs 35.9 lbs. with the battery which makes it one of the most portable options
  • It has a 16-inch grass cutting width
  • The debris bag has a capacity of 13.2 gallons
  • The handle is ergonomic and adjustable for customized comfort

Features to look for when choosing a lawn mower

We have asked multiple landscaping experts and homeowners, and have done a thorough research of the land mower market, in order to sum up the main features which you should look for when you are choosing the perfect lawn mower for your specific needs.

Also, make sure you check out our section about the different types of lawn mowers and their pros and cons, so that you can make an informed decision when buying this essential landscaping tool.

Here are the main features you should consider before purchasing the perfect lawnmower.

The blade width

The cutting blade width determines the mowing path as well as how many passes you will need to make to mow your lawn. If you have tight paths and spaces you need to mow, then you may want to choose a lawn mower with a smaller width, while as for large areas, picking a mower with a wider cutting path will make the job much easier on you.

The clipping bag capacity

In case you want to bag and remove the clippings from your grass, you will need to choose a mower which has a bagging option. The larger the capacity of the container, the fewer times you will need to stop to empty it while you are working on your lawn. But keep in mind, that the larger the bag, the heavier the mower will get as it fills up.

So, buy a mower with a bag which has a capacity sufficient to do the mowing without having to stop to empty it every 10-15 minutes, especially if you have a larger green are to take care of. Then again, check the weight of the garden tool when it is empty and when the bag is full to see if you can handle the weight before choosing the perfect lawn mower for your needs.

The grass cutting height and adjustability

You should look for a lawn mower which has the appropriate cutting height positions for your needs and for the type of grass you have. All of our top picks have adjustable height, so make sure you choose a mower which can easily be adjusted as you are mowing, especially if you have weeds and tough grass patches to deal with for a smooth and even lawn mowing experience.

The noise level

All motors make noise, so if you are bothered by loud noise, or if you have neighbors who dislike loud noises, you should opt for a lawn mower which has a lower noise level.

In general, battery-powered and electric powered mowers are quieter than the gas powered ones, and the machines with the smaller engines will emit less noise, so make sure you check the decibel levels of the different mowers to find the one which will keep your ears and your neighbors happy.

Self-propelled or push

The lawn mowers with self-propulsion make pushing the machine and mowing more tolerable and easy because the engine turns the wheels and gives the mower a push forward to assist you. Of course, self-propulsion mowers won’t do the entire job alone but at least will make the mowing experience easier on you.

If you want a self-propelled lawn mower, make sure to check whether it has a two or all-wheel drive. The all-wheel self-propelled ones are a better option if you have a large lawn with inclines, as it will help you mow the yard faster and with less effort.

Gas or electric

Gas lawn mowers are the traditional mowers which you remember from your childhood. They do have more powerful motors and have a longer runtime, but they do require fuel, as well as quite a bit of maintenance. Plus, if you want to live a greener lifestyle, you may want to switch to an electrically powered mower. These are usually lighter, quieter, require little or no maintenance, and are eco-friendly.

Cutting type

Walk behind lawn mowers deal with the grass clippings in three possible ways. Some bag the clippings in a container, others discharge them on the side back on the lawn, and the mulching mowers will cut down the clipping to small fine pieces which are released back in the soil to add nutrients for your lawn.

There are many mowers on our list which have 3 in 1 cutting options, so you can choose among all three options, depending on your preferences and the season.

Corded or cordless

Electric mowers which are corded will run for as long as you need them to, but you will need to have a suitable long cord, and deal with the fact that you will have to be careful with it, and make sure it doesn’t get damaged or disconnected while you are working.

The battery operated lawn mowers allow for freedom of movement, but the batteries have limited run time, so make sure you pick a cordless mower which has batteries which will last for as long as it takes to get the mowing job done, or get an extra battery kit as a replacement, so that you don’t have to wait for the batteries to be charged.

Thankfully, today there are cordless mowers like the EGO Power+ LM2001-X with a 4.0Ah battery which has a run time of up to 90 minutes per charge or Earthwise 60418 which is offered with an extra battery at a reasonable price.

Price and warranty

Of course, the choice of a lawn mower also depends on the money you are ready to spend on it. We have included budget-friendly and reasonably priced mowers as well as high-end ones, so we believe that there will be a lawn mower on our list to meet everybody’s budget.

The warranty and customer support service provided by the manufacturer is also essential if you want to rest assured that any problem with the mower will be handled in a timely and budget-friendly manner.

The mowers on our list have warranties from 1 year up to 5 years.

The different types of lawn mowers

Reel mowers

Reel mowers have blades which spin in a vertical manner and cut the grass with a scissor-like action. These have 3 to 7 blades, and are considered healthier for the lawn but are not suitable for high grass or overgrown lawns. The manual reel mowers are operated by pushing. They are quiet, eco-friendly, require little maintenance, and are cheaper than the motor-driven mowers. But they require more effort and are slower because there is no engine to help you do the lawn work.

So, reel mowers are a good option for well-maintained lawns which are smaller than 1,000 square ft. and are composed of soft grass types such as Kentucky bluegrass, fescue, ryegrass. But be prepared to cut the grass a couple of times a week with your reel mower if you want it to be able to cut through it properly.

Rotary lawn mowers

The rotary lawn mowers have blades which spin in a horizontal direction, and use suction and tearing to cut the grass. They usually have a single fast-rotating blade. They can be powered by small engines, and are suitable both for well maintained and for unkempt lawns. These are powered by gas or electric motors which are compact enough to help keep the mower light and easy to maneuver. They are also less expensive and much easier to maintain than larger and more powerful lawn mowers. The rotary lawn mowers are suitable for small and medium-sized lawns.

Push mowers

There is little difference between the push mowers and the self-propelled ones, rather than the fact that the latter have transmissions and drive wheels.

If you don’t mind putting in a bit more effort, or want to combine your mowing experience with a bit of an aerobic exercise, you can go for the cheaper push mowers available on the market.

Look for a push mower which has larger rear wheels if you will be mowing an uneven or rough terrain.

Mulching lawn mowers

Mulching which is also known as “grasscycling” means laying organic matter on the lawn to help add nutrients and keep its moisture.

Most of the lawn mowers on our list have a mulching function, which will save you money for fertilizer. It will also eliminate the cost and effort of disposing of the clippings and other garden waste, which is already banned in 24 states in the US in which mulching and composting are being promoted instead of the disposal in landfills. This is because the statistics show that garden waste is taking up 18 percent of 35 million tons of municipal waste and is the second largest component being disposed of.

The self-propelled mulching mowers are the same as the normal rotary mowers but have a mulching function which consists of the clipping being circulated in the housing of the mower and getting cut by the blades until they reach a very small size.

Self-Propelled Mowers

Self-propelled mowers have a transmission which powers either two or all drive wheels. This allows you to put less effort when pushing the mower. Some have set speeds and others have automatic transmission. The high-end self-propelling mowers can drive at a speed of up to 4 mph.

Gas driven mowers

Gas-driven models are still one of the most common types of mowers. They are indispensable for mid-sized and large lawns. Their 4-stroke powerful motors require regular oil and fuel refueling and also require quite a bit of maintenance.

Recently, due to the growing movement for environmental awareness, people prefer the more environmentally options such as the reel mowers or electric powered ones.

Cordless electric lawn mowers

Cordless electric lawn mowers are a relatively new thing when it comes to landscaping tools, but thanks to the advances in the technology, today you can find a cordless mower which is almost as powerful as a gas driven one.

They don’t need to be plugged in, which gives you a greater freedom of movement and maneuverability.

Unfortunately, because they work on batteries, their run time is limited. Most use lithium-ion batteries which are lighter and charge faster than other batteries, and also their power doesn’t drop as the battery drains.

There are both self-propelled and push cordless motors, and we have added the greatest ones in our top 10 list for you.

Corded electric mowers

These are the most affordable motor powered mowers on the market. They don’t have a limit on the runtime like the cordless options, but they are limited to the length of the cable and extension cord used.

Also, wrangling the cable and keeping it out of the way while you are mowing can be a nuisance to some, but still this type of mower is much easier to maintain than a gas mower and it is eco-friendlier as well.

Corded mowers are not so powerful, so they are more suitable for small lawns without too much tough grass or weeds.

Riding Mowers

These fun to use mowers are the perfect option for those of you with very large lawns which cannot be mowed with a walk behind mower. So, if you need more than 2 hours to mow your lawn, you may want to consider investing in a riding mower.

Lawn and garden tractors

Their mower deck size can be different but these tractors can usually cut paths of 38 to 48 inches. Some have power takeoff capabilities and come with optional attachments such as blades for snow moving, tools for snow throwing, snow blowing, aerating, spreading and others. A lawn garden tractor is an excellent tool for farmers who need to do a lot of chores.

If you are ready to invest in one of these, make sure you look for features such as four-wheel steering, high back seats, headlights, cruise control, and 12-volt outlets.

Zero-turn mowers

Zero-turn lawn mowers are popular tools amongst landscapers and golf course maintenance companies. They are very fast and have very precise turning. Still, they can be difficult to operate by inexperienced folks due to the lap bar steering.

They are perfect for large, flat lawns which have no obstacles but be prepared to pay a rather hefty price for one of these mowers.

Robotic mowers

These futuristic mowers work a bit like the popular Roomba cleaners. They will mow your lawn without your assistance and will make sure that it is perfect every day. These battery operated mowers look like little cars which both your kids and all your guests will love. The Husqvarna AutoMotor in our list is our top pick for the greatest robotic mower for 2021.

Tips for proper lawn mowing

Not only will proper lawn mowing make your lawn look great, but it also promotes the healthy growth of the grass.

Here are some tips to follow in order to ensure that you are not hurting your grass, and so that you can do the mowing job like a professional landscaper.

Choose the appropriate mower

Pick a lawn mower which is suitable for your lawn size, inclination and for any obstacles in it. For smaller lawns less than 500 square feet you can use a simple reel lawnmower which is not motor powered and which cuts the grass more gently.

Use a powerful, self-propelled mower for larger lawns, and a riding motor if your lawn is over an acre.

The cordless and corded electric mowers are perfect for small and mid-sized lawns, and a gas mower is a more powerful option if you have a lot of weeds and rough patches of grass, or if you have a larger lawn.

Clean the lawn before mowing it

Yes, this can be a tedious job, but for safety reasons – both for you, your family and pets and for the mower itself, it is always a good idea to use a rake to pick up any small stones, branches, stones and other objects which can be propelled from the mower at a high and dangerous speed during the mowing.

Keep in mind, or mark any areas where there are pipes or other low objects, so that you don’t run into them during the mowing.

Set the cutting height properly

Set your lawn mower to the highest position for your grass type, in order to cut off only about 1/3 of the grass blades. This will allow the blades to develop deeper root systems as they grow. And a deeper root system means better access to all the nutrients and the water which your grass needs to grow healthy and looking good.

More aggressive cutting can lead to shallow root systems due to the fact that you will force the grass to grow the blades instead of the roots. This sort of “scalping” can also make your lawn more prone to growing weeds, because the lower grass blades will not provide sufficient shade to stop weeds from sprouting.

Also, taller grass is much softer to walk or sit on and will help provide more cushioning in case one of your children falls while playing outdoors.

But always check the recommended cutting heights for your specific grass types, because they differ.

Some types like Centipedegrass or Zoysiagrass thrive better on middle cutting settings of the mower while creeping bentgrass and Bermudagrass grow best on one of the lowest mower cutting settings.

In general, zoysia and other warm-season grasses should be cut at a ½ to 1-inch height, and cool-season types such as fescue and bluegrass will thrive properly if cut at 3 to 3 ½ inches.

Mow when the lawn is dry

The perfect time both for you and for the lawn for mowing is in the early evening, when the dew has dried, and when the sun is not so intense.

This will ensure that the cut grass can recover properly until the strong sun on the next day and that you won’t have to do the mowing under the scorching sun.

If it has rained, wait for the grass to dry completely, because mowing a wet lawn can cause uneven trimming.

Also, the wet clippings can clog the mower, or can cause soggy clumps of trimmings on the lawn which will smother the grass and cause yellow and brown spots.

Change the mowing pattern every time

Chose a different mowing direction every time you cut the grass because it can actually learn to lean in the direction of the mowing. This will make the job more difficult for you and can also make your lawn look not as perfect as you would want it to. Because after all, you would like the grass standing straight up rather than slouching to one side, right?

Switching the mowing pattern can also help avoid the formation of ruts in the yard.

Don’t mow when the lawn doesn’t need it

Following a strict mowing schedule may not be the best thing for your lawn. In fact, you should mow it whenever it is needed for your specific grass type, pattern, the season and the growing conditions.

In general, you should mow the lawn more often during the spring when the grass is growing actively, and less frequently in the summer when the growth has slowed down.

If you have set the mower cutting height to the highest position, and your grass stays tall enough, you can mow it on a schedule, but actually, the lawn won’t benefit from this, and neither will you.

Let a new lawn grow properly before starting to mow it

Wait until your new grass seedlings reach a mowing height in accordance to their type. Never cut off more than 1/3 of the blades per mowing session, no matter the grass type though, because this will stress the grass and slow down its growth.

If you have a new lawn from sod, wait for about 2-3 weeks before mowing it, so that the sod has properly rooted itself in the soil. Still, once you start mowing it, be careful not to pull the sod out, and abstain from cutting the grass shorter than 2 inches.

Leave short clippings where they are

If you mow often enough and take off just small clippings, leave them on the lawn.

They will be small enough to break down quickly enough not to smother the grass and to supply the lawn with the beneficial nutrients it needs to grow healthy and beautiful.

Remove larger clippings

If the clippings are larger, you should collect them with a rake, because if left on the lawn they can smother the grass.

Of course, it is a better idea to get a mulching mower, so that you can leave the mulch on the lawn where it will act as a free natural fertilizer for your grass.

As suggested previously, if you mow your lawn often and clip only small clippings, you should leave them on as a fertilizer too.

Keep the blade of the lawn mower sharp

Make sure that you keep an eye on the sharpness of the blade, and sharpen it as soon as you notice signs of dulling and wear. A dull blade will tear the grass and cause ugly brown edges. It will also weaken the grass over time and make it susceptible to insect damage, disease, and stress from weather conditions like heat or drought.

Always clean the blades after each mowing and squirt a little oil on any moving parts to keep them from rusting.

Follow the cleaning and maintenance instructions for the blades and the mower itself provided by the manufacturer of your mower, because some mowers require quite a bit more maintenance than others, such as the gas powered ones.

Use the proper mowing pace and pattern

The proper mowing movement is back and forth, rather than spiraling and running in circles.  Also mow briskly rather than slowly to prevent the grass from being caught up in the blades and clogging them. If you are mowing around obstacles like flower gardens, do two laps around it – one in one direction and the other in the opposite direction.

Use half-lap passes with each new one overlapping the previous one for the finest results, and to avoid having to return to mow an uneven patch once again.

Other useful reminders for mowing your lawn

  • A push mower should always be pushed in a forward direction
  • Make sure you wear closed shoes, rather than open toe sandals or flip-flops when mowing
  • Be watchful for kids and pets, especially if your lawn mower is loud
  • Wear eye protection or at least sunglasses to prevent any debris shooting up to your face
  • If you are mowing down a slope move sideways rather than up and down to prevent accidental slippage
  • You can insert a mower strip on the boundary of your lawn for a smoother mowing experience
  • Keep the children and animals away while you are mowing to prevent injuries from objects flying out of the discharge chute
  • If the blade or chute gets clogged – always turn off the engine and wait until the blades have stopped rotating completely before you proceed to remove the debris!

Final words

Hopefully, our reviews of the leading lawn mowers available on the market for 2021 have helped you make up your mind about the right mower for your needs.

We have picked all kinds of lawnmowers which are suitable for very small yards as well as for large-sized ones. And also, our top picks include all types of mowers – gas, electric, corded, cordless, robotized, and self-propelling and push, so that there is one for any need and budget.

So, good luck with the purchase of your new lawn mower, and we hope that pretty soon you will be able to enjoy and show off the greatest looking and best-maintained lawn in the neighborhood!

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